Welcome to the free lands. The bold lands. The united lands. Welcome to LightClan.


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After loping through an aphotic, muggy, and dense forest, your glistering eyes rest upon a clearing. Bounding for freedom from this caliginous jungle, you push your way through brush and trees. You emerge from the horrid place, to see the most beautiful sight you have ever seen. The sovereign mountain range ahead of you seemed to touch the stars themselves. A pulchritudinous waterfall flowed into a long, winding river from the side of the mountains. A large concavity surrounded by trees caught your eye as you sat down to savor the view.

The oppressive and immense amount of phosphorescent, moonlit land ahead of you looked almost enchanted as you placed a paw onto to the cribriform earth.  Alacrity seemed to fill your body with a heavy dose of optimism as you look around. The many scents of an opulent variety of prey brings a smile to your face. Finally, something to eat. But not only the prey’s scent is around here. The scent of cats is strong here.

A pair of vigilant emerald eyes stares at you through a thick cluster of plants, and the feeling is enough for you to give in. As you swivel around, the unsuspected comes at you. What seems like a streak of ginger fur springs up, and you realise your mistakes. Encroachment on a Clan’s territory meant immediate death, You reasoned. But it was too late, as you felt an acuminate graze to your underbelly.  

“What do you think you’re doing on LightClan territory, mousebrain?” Growled an elegant, yet truculent voice. The voice belonged to a young, mettlesome, and quite alluring ginger she-cat with large green eyes. She descended from above, and bit you quite hard, giving you a deep laceration on your shoulder. You gouged into her underbelly while it was exposed, and she yowled in pain. Recoiling, she resumed her place on the ground as you got up. Assuming an easy defeasance, you sat proudly, grinning.

“Hah! You thought I was done, did you know?” She smirked, seeming as immaculate as if she had never been in battle. “I’m Fireshade, Deputy of LightClan.” She introduced. It surprised you how she was already up. “Cloudstar sent me for you, she said for me to lead you here.” She smiled vivaciously. Her tone of voice changed in a very strange, capricious way. “Cloudstar will be wanting to see you. Follow me.” This is camp.” She said as you approached the familiar impression in the earth. The cat-scent was stronger; it smelled warm and fragrant. Finally, after a tiring journey, you entered the camp. She exhaled with relief as she ensconced on the cushiony sod beneath her. With a grin, she said the following words.

“Welcome to LightClan, home of the United.”

Basic  Information
Theme Song The Valley
Recruiting Status We are always Recruiting
Member Count 37
Status  Active
Youtube LightClan's Official
Species Domestic Cats Only
Open Ranks All Lower Ranks
Religion StarClan

The Valley - COMPLETE 3 hour Warrior Cats P.M.V, M.A04:15

The Valley - COMPLETE 3 hour Warrior Cats P.M.V, M.A.P

Our Theme

LightClan's Build

LightClan's Cats are thin, agile, thick furred, and petite in body structure. LightClan cats fight with smarts, not strength, and can be very tricky to attack. We are great dodgers, climbers, and runners. LightClan's Scent

A LightClan cat's scent is very distinguishable by the aromatic scent of wildlife flora and fresh dew. The scent can be used on an OC page, or during a Roleplay. Description of Camp

(Click on the link above to explore Lightclan's territory!)

A small clearing in a valley filled with thick forest and brush. A river runs on one side of the camp, while the other is walled in by a large mountain. Vines hang from the trees and the sun hits the center, making it glow. If you go through one area, you see a huge hollow log with vines curtaining the entrance. To the right of it, you can see a nursery of bramble walls. The Warriors den is a large, leafy area, and the apprentices are a few moss nests around a large blooming tree. The leader's den is a lichen-draped area with a bit of moss inside for bedding. The medicine cat's den is a humid, jungle area caved into the rocks. There is a large patch where kits can explore around, and when our territory is under attack, where those sheltering in camp can hunt.

Camp Tour05:36

Camp Tour

Above is a tour of our old camp!
  • Brightpaw has been killed by a dog. May Starclan light her path.
  • Skypaw has gone missing. We can't assume anything, and we will have warriors searching for him. We wish Skypaw good luck.
  • Cloudstar has kitted! Fireshade will take over while Cloudstar nurses her kits.
  • Our ally, Blizzardclan has disbanded. Their former leader: Shatteredstar has joined Lightclan as Taintedstream!
  • If you're name is Ashpelt, with the username of animaljam3321, please speak to Cloudstar or Fireshade. You have been inactive for over a month, without notifying us!
  • We have a new recruit! Silverclaw!
  • We are happy to welcome Smokepaw to Lightclan!
  • Featherpaw has been removed from the wiki page for being an inactive poo and for unbuddying his own clan leader.
  • Silverpaw has left Lightclan :(
  • Ashstar, Greypool, Badgerclaw, and Oakflower have left LightClan. May we remember them as loyal members to the Clan. Cloudsong will be Ashstar's Successor as Cloudstar, and Fireshade shall be the new Deputy. Emberpaw and Brightpaw will be assigned their new mentors by Cloudstar.
  • We warmly welcome Pantherkit and Mosskit to Lightclan!
  • Sageleaf has left Lightclan. May Starclan light her path.

Giphy (3)-1

Some of Our Warriors Sparring .3.

Here are some of the activities our clan does when we are not following the basic schedule. Think of these as little breaks/games from the basic roleplay, while still keeping your skills in tact.</div></div></div></div></div>

Sparring Edit

In case you don't know what that is, is a battle between clan members. We will separate into two teams and the team that defeats the most cats wins. Sparring is a great way to prepare yourself for a battle with an enemy clan/pack/group. Here are the rules of sparring: 1. Kits/Queens are prohibited in participating in sparring events. It is much too dangerous to put the youth and the mothers of our clan in a situation similar to a battle/raid. 2.Sparring does not cause actual wounds. If you die during a match, your OC is not dead. Please do not use sparring as a source of drama 3. Do not powerplay during sparring matches. Powerplaying is prohibited ANYWHERE in LightClan. Please don't try to take advantage of a fake battle, this is good practice for a real battle.

Battle Plan Edit

We will gather all our warriors/allies to plan for the right time to land an attack/raid when we are at war with another clan (Which is quite rarely). Battle Training is also involved when an upcoming battle is happening. Full Moon Gathering

A full moon Gathering happens every month, where we either invite or compile 3 other Clans to join us. They may not always be allies, but we will always have the one-night truce. 

How a Gathering Usually Goes Down:

 Sometimes we do silly stuff and talk, and other times it is more serious, and we converse about prophecies and the like.  We will always start with an introduction, where the Leaders share their name and their Clan. Once this is completed, the gathering will commence. A silly gathering will always be with allies, but we will also have serious gatherings.

Rules For a Gathering:


You must remain silent during the announcements/introductions


Only 2 or 3 apprentices are allowed to the gathering.


You must state ahead of time if you won't be attending a gathering. If not, we will instead invite someone else to come with us.


Kits are forbidden to come to gatherings.

That's about all the rules you must follow.

Scroll down on information on how to enter a Gathering Application if you are interested. WE DO NOT accept 'Battle Requests' Similarly to how we do not accept 'Enemy Requests'.

Apprentice Testing Edit

This is when all the apprentices are gathered with all the mentors, and their skills are put to the test. Once they have been evaluated, they may be considered for ranking up. Please don't powerplay during this, as we say when we are sparring. Don't try to use this as an opportunity to show off. Please stay realistic and realize that you are an apprentice.

This gives you a basic idea of when and what we do during roleplay. If there is any confusion, let us know.

==Here is LightClan's Roleplay Schedule  == (PST or Pacific Standard Time, please convert if you are in a different time zone, we do not want any confusion) 

Monday - Thursday: Usually 4:30 - 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM depending, I may not be on. 

Friday: 4:30 - 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM, also depending. 

Sat - Sun: All day (Ashstar will not be on all day however). 1 Moon = 1 – 2 weeks depending on how fast the roleplay is going.   Daily Schedule  4:30/5:00 - 4:45/5:15 = Clan meeting/attendance: These can run for any amount of time, but Clan Meetings are usually talking about Updates in the roleplay, and run from 5 – 12 minutes. 4:45/5:15 - 5:00/5:30 = The first patrols are sent out, Apprentice Training, those left behind may battle train, talk, hunt, or rest.

5:00/5:30 - 5:15/5:45 = Patrol rotation

5:15/5:45 - 5:25/5:55 = Sparring match OR Monthly Gathering

5:25/5:55 - 6:00/6:40 = Break time. (Roleplay is kind of On/off during this period of time)

6:00/6:40 - 7:00 = Patrol rotation, new recruits, possible raid, battle plan

7:00/8:00 = Wrapping up, end of roleplay.

167826 nature-cats-animals-1280x960-wallpaper 56

This is LightClan's Code of Conduct. You must follow this, and if any of these rules are broken, you shall meet a consequence, even a fatal one in extreme circumstances.

  • No spies, double clanning (Unless under moderation, or with permission from Ashstar) or any other kinds of role players that fall under the "Traitor" category.
  • If you have a mate from another clan, and you'd like to stay with them if they are expecting kits, you are allowed to join them as long as you promise to not speak about our Clan.
  • We believe strictly in the warrior code, and if it is broken, you will be punished.
  • Warrior Code:
1. Defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life. You may have friendships with cats from other clans, but your loyalty must remain with your clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.
2. Do not hunt, or trespass in other Clan's territory
3. Elders and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted and fed the elders.
4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Thanks Starclan for its life.
5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.
6. Newly appointed warriors will keep vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.
7. A cat can not become deputy without having at least mentored one apprentice.
8. The deputy will become the clan leader when the leader dies of retires
9. After the death of retirement of a deputy, a new deputy must be chosen.
10. A gathering of all 4 clans is held at the full moon during a truce that lasts for the night.
11.Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.
12. No warrior may neglect a kit in pain or in danger, even if that kit is from a different clan
13. The word of the clan leader is the warrior code.
14. An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win his battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or it is necessary for self-defense.
15. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.
  • Please follow the dress code. If you break it once, you will be reminded. If you break it twice, there will be consequences, and we will go to extremes, such as banishment if you do not listen.
  • If you mistreat other members of your clan, there will be punishment.
  • Please wear your tag color when in camp or with your clan. It's fine if you don't wear your tag color when not roleplaying.
  • As long as you know how to roleplay properly, and give up your past ways, we are welcoming to loners / rouges / kittypets.
  • Do not look down upon a clanmate because of their past. The past is the past and they are one of us now.
  • Respect those with a higher rank than you, especially your Leader and Deputy.
  • Don't EVER harm your clanmates, EVER, especially Kits, Elders, and Queens.
  • The leader's word is law, if you disobey what your leader says, you will be punished.
  • If you are a Warrior, Apprentice, Deputy, Leader, Queen or Medicine Cat, you must either: Report to Ashstar if you are leaving for an extended period for reasons such as you're moving, grounded, going on vacation (or vaycay), work trips, or you're starting school and need to catch up. If you have left without notice, you will have 5 weeks before you are removed from the allegiances. Kits and Elders have it differently, for they do not need to be as active. As long as you have a verified excuse, you will stick on the Allegiances (Dawnkit is currently one of these people).

Night clan meeting collab 5 by ace warrior cat-d6fox8b

This is the heiarchy of all the cats of the Clan. Respect levels should run throughout, but certain ranks may have more authority, therefore you should listen to them.

Leader (x1)Edit

The leader is the head of the Clan. They make important decisions, guide the clan in battles, and speak on behalf of the clan during Gatherings. This rank is the highest on the Heiarchy, and should be treated with the most respect.

Name Username Mate Apprentice(s) Theme Song Description
Cloudstar Racheltheccl Flametail Nightpaw and Stormpaw Wildside

A snow white she cat with a missing right eye. Her remaining eye is a brilliant shade of blue, and she is incredibly kind.

Deputy (x1)Edit

The Deputy is the assistant to the Leader. They fill in for the leader when the leader is inactive or busy. The Deputy is Second on the Heiarchy, and should be treated with serious respect.

Name Username Mate Apprentice(s) Theme Song Description
Fireshade Fireorigami Speckledstorm Smudgepaw

and Amberpaw

To The Bone

A ginger she cat with a cream underbelly and bright green eyes. She is incredibly good at sneak attacks.

Medicine Cats (x2)Edit

Medicine Cats are the Healers of the Clan. Apart from helping tend to ill or wounded cats, they often speak with StarClan to recieve prophecies

Name Username Apprentice(s) Theme Song Description
We are currently in need of a medicine cat! View application formats near the bottom of the page. Apply down in the comments to become Lightclan's medic cat. Keep in mind you must be experienced with herbs to take this job. Send a buddy request on animal jam to the user Racheltheccl, and she will interview you for the job!

Elite Warriors (Unlimited)Edit

Elite Warriors, or Senior Warriors, are the most trusted warriors of the Clan. They are respected as the examples to the Clan. They often lead hunting patrols and the suchlike.

Name Username Mate Apprentice(s) Theme Song Description
Shadow Xxtwisted Rosefall N/A Hall Of Fame

A muscular, grey tom with grey spots and reddish brown eyes.

Willowpelt mintcake465 N/A Stonepaw and Skunkpaw Firework

A grey and white she-cat with pale green eyes. She is kind, and is an exceptional fighter.

Rosefall Peachyyblast Shadow Amberpaw N/A N/A

Warriors (Unlimited)

The Warriors are the majority of the Clan. These cats fight, hunt, protect, and do other duties serving their Clan. They should be respected by lower ranks.

Name  Username Apprentice(s) Mate Theme Song Description
Flametail Goldwishes N/A Cloudstar Good Time Flametail is a ginger colored tom-cat. He has a tan

undercoat with emerald green eyes.

Yellowflame Mangoash N/A N/A Unbelievable A lemon, grey, and white colored tom with faded green eyes.
Taintedstream Lilthecat N/A N/A N/A
Silverclaw Tigerlilly277 N/A N/A Fireflies A charcoal colored she-cat with shades of gray, and tints of blue. She has gleaming emerald eyes.
Ashpelt Animaljam3321 N/A N/A Superheroes A grey striped tom with blue eyes, he is bold and true to his clan and the warrior code.
Braveclaw Wolfina22 N/A N/A Sorry About Your Parents A black, dark and light grey calico she-cat with brown eyes
Owl Midnightadagio Smokepaw



Leafpelt Plant Life A brown tabby tom with green eyes.
Moondusk missdiamondsparkle Brightpaw N/A Lionheart A black and white she cat with amber eyes.
Foxface Timekat N/A N/A Stay Fairly small orange tuxedo (Orange main w/ white underbelly, white muzzle, white ear-tips, white paws, and white tail-tips) she-cat with green eyes.
Blizzardfeather xxroseblossomxx2 Emberpaw N/A Tear In My Heart A white she cat with blue eyes and very long, luxurious fur.
Speckledstorm Sparklestrike Skypaw Fireshade Take Me To Church A handsome black and white speckled tom with amber eyes.

Elders (Unlimited)Edit

The Elders are the retired members of the Clan who are much too old to carry out a Warrior's duties anymore. They should be treated with great respect, and should be taken care of well.

Name Username Mate Theme Song Description
Raincloud Darktemptations Lostflower (Deceased) Wolf

A battle scarred, brown tabby tom on the verge of death with green eyes and a broken leg.

Queens  (Unlimited)Edit

The Queens are the mothers of the Clan. They each work together to nurse and care for the youth. Queens may also have a partner to help them raise their kits. This "Helping Hand" can either being a close friend or their mates.

Name Username Helper Mate Theme Song Description
N/A N/A N/A N/A Walk Unafraid A smoky light grey she cat with dark blotches and Blue-Green eyes.
Cloudstar Racheltheccl Flametail Flametail Wilside A snow white she cat with a missing right eye. Her remaining eye is a brilliant shade of blue, and she is incredibly kind.
Leafpelt watershredder N/A Owl Can't Stop the Feeling A gray she cat with tan spots and green eyes.

Apprentices (Unlimited)Edit

The Apprentices are the trainees of the Clan. They carry out duties, similar to the warriors, and train with their mentors.

Name Username Mentor Theme Song Description
Amberpaw Dezpai Fireshade Sit Still Look Pretty A white she-cat with orange spots.
Skunkpaw Punxers8 Willowpelt The Real World A black tom-cat with a white stripe down his back.
Stonepaw katfishz Willowpelt Happy Stonepaw is a light gray tom-kit with darker spots and green eyes.
Smudgepaw Cclr3 Fireshade Smile

A gray tom-cat with white spots and brilliant blue eyes

Stormpaw Palimabean Cloudsong Eyes Wide Open Stormpaw is a gray and white cat with bright green eyes.
Nightpaw Eliana90012 Cloudsong Try Everything A black and gray she-cat, with a tan under belly, and bright green eyes.
Darkpaw Cclr2 Leafpelt

(temporarily Owl while Leafpelt is in the nursery)


A gray tom, with a black stripe along his whole body, and amber eyes

Smokepaw Jameth234 Owl N/A Smokepaw is a gray tom with scorching amber eyes.
Emberpaw xxfireblossomxx Blizzardfeather Wonderful

Emberpaw is a feisty, and sweet she-cat with fluffy fur, and a black, orange and white pelt.

Cheetahpaw pieceofchicken N/A Heart Attack <span style="font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;line-height:22px;"WIP."

Kits (Unlimited)Edit

Name Username Littermates (Foster) Parents Theme Song Description
Mosskit lilybilly19 (Unknown) N/A N/A A beige colored she-kit with white splotches and warm yellow eyes. Her fur is soft and silky, like moss.
Pantherkit Djcreepix N/A N/A N/A A blue kit with black stripes. He is incredibly playful!
Adderkit Moonhope (No Littermates) Owl and Leafpelt Headphones A brown and pale yellow tom-kit with shimmering dark green eyes.
Honeykit Phaffi Lionkit and Sunkit Flametail and Cloudstar N/A A cloud white kit with large honey colored spots. She has bright yellow eyes, and her personality is sweet like honey.
Sunkit Pinecat Honeykit and Lionkit Flametail and Cloudstar N/A Sunkit is a sun/ fire colored kit, with white splotches. He has subtle orange eyes, and is very handsome. His personality is bright and sunny like the sun.
Lionkit Brightbells Honeykit and Sunkit Flametail and Cloudstar N/A An unusually small kit who is a third the size of his brothers. He is tan colored, and has green eyes like his father. He has a ring of color around his neck which makes him look like he has a lion's mane.

Giphy (2)-1

If you break the rules, here are some of the consequences that follow


  • If you are an apprentice, your Warrior ceremony will be held a moon back.
  • For a Warrior, you will have to attend every patrol.
  • Apprentices; Helping take care of Raincloud
  • Warrior; Downgraded to Apprentice for a day (If you are misbehaving like a child.)
  • All ranks; Held back to camp for ____ sunrises
  • Apprentices; Cleaning the nursery
  • Kits; A thorough scolding if they have done something they have not supposed to (Ex: Messing around in the medicine cat's den and eating herbs.)
  • For Apprentices/Warriors who don't listen to the higher ranks (leader, deputy); A thorough scolding.


  • Double-Clanners; First made to choose which clan they should stay in. Then they shall have an ear torn. If they choose to ignore this, they will automatically get exiled.
  • Harming of a Warrior/Apprentice of their clan; An ear taken off.
  • For sharing secrets between clans ALONG with double-clanning; an ear taken off.
  • For being extremely childish/ uncooperative/ not serious, and after being warned on SEVERAL occasions, exile.
  • For harming ANY kit, automatic exile.
  • For killing a clanmate, tortured, then exiled.
  • For killing a kit, immediate death.


Here are the links to the clans we have made alliances with. Please look below if you are interested in becoming an ally with us. This is Currently Work In Progress, We've only listed a few other clans.


Cat fight animated for warriorkittylover by flightwarrior-d4hgqbx

This is a list of LightClan's enemies. These can be rouges who betrayed us, or cats from the other clans.

  • Spottedpelt, our ex medicine cat who betrayed us and let the warrior numbers drop
  • Rock, for double-clanning behind our backs and breaking Cloudsong's heart :,(


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Here are LightClan's hunting territories:

  • The River ~ Temple of Zios, a temperate rainforest with a beautiful blue river. This area's prey includes: Trout, carp, minnows, chubs, snakes, including adders, crows, and various birds and mammals. Prey is thriving here.
  • The Highstones ~ Mt Shiveer, a large mountain range in which the valley Camp is placed in, this area's prey includes: hares, finches, mice, rabbits, and voles. Prey is less lush, so this area is a last resort for hunting, yet it's a nice place to hide.
  • The Waterfall ~ Kimbara Outback, This area is more commonly used for training apprentices, since the ground is stable and smooth, perfect for battle training. This is the waterfall that feeds into the River. this area's prey includes: trout, carp, water shrews, and minnows. Prey is also quite common here.

We hunt in the server Comet.

LightClan territories

Our Territories


As many know, medicine cats hold a lot of responsibility in a clan. This is why this section is created, to help and train medicine cats and their apprentices.

Medicine cat code

1. A medicine cat may not fall in love or take a mate.
2. A medicine cat may not have kits.
3. A medicine cat may only retire when their apprentice is ready to take their place.
4. A medicine cat shares dreams with only StarClan.
5. A medicine cat may only discuss dreams, prophecies, etc. with their leader or other medicine cats at the monthly meeting; dreams of an otherwise prophetic nature should not be disclosed to any outside parties, or any other cats in the Clan.


Alder Bark: Bark from an alder tree is good for healing toothaches.
Blackberry Leaves: This herb is good for bee stings.
Bindweed and sticks: Makes splints by placing the stinks along the leg and tiring them together with some bindweed
Borage Leaves: This herb is used to treat fevers. It also helps nursing queens bring up their milk supply.
Burdock Root:This herb is used to treat infections, and is especially good for rat bites.
Catmint (also called catnip): This herb is good for treating whitecough and green cough.
Catchweed: pull of the burrs and it helps poultice stay on cats
Celandine: This herb is used to ease pain. It can also be used to treat injuries of the eyes.
Chamomile: This herb is used to calm a cat in the case of a nervous breakdown or severe shock.
Chervile: This herb is used to treat bellyache.
Chervile Root: This herb is used to keep away and treat infections.
Chickweed: This herb can be used as another treatment for greencough.
Coltsfoot: This herb can be used as another treatment for whitecough. It can also be used to ease a sick cat's breathing.
Comfrey: This herb is used to put broken bone on the right path for mending.
Daisy Leaves: This herb is used to soothe aching joints. Traveling herbs
Dandelion Leaves: This is another herb used to calm a cat in the event of a nervous breakdown or severe shock.
Dock Leaves: This herb is used to treat nettle stings. Its juices are also good for soothing sore paw pads.
Elder Leaves: This herb can be used to help treat sprains.
Feaverfew: This herb is used to cool feverish cats and treat headaches.
Fennel:Relief from hip pain
Goldenrod: This herb is used in poultices to treat aching joints and stiffness. It can also be used to treat severe injuries.
Goosegrass: This herb is used to stop bleeding from a wound.
Horsetail This herb is used to treat infected wounds.
Ivy Leaves: carries herbs
Juniper Berries: This is another herb used to treat bellyache. It can also be used to calm a cat in the event of a nervous breakdown or severe shock.
Lamb’s ear: gives cats strength.
Lavender: This herb is used to treat coughs and fevers. It can also be used to calm a cat in the event of a nervous breakdown or severe shock.
Mallow: This herb is used to fight infection. It can also be used to treat bee or wasp stings.
Marigold: This herb is used to keep wounds from getting infected. It can also heal sores.
Mint:Covers sent of the dead.
Nettle Leaves: This herb is used to keep down the swelling of a wound.
Nettle Seeds: This seed is used to counter the effects of weak poisons.
Oak Leaves: This herb is used to stop bleeding from a wound and to fight infection.
Parsley: This herb is used to stop the initial flow of milk in nursing queen. (After kits feed, a queen's milk still flows, and this herb is used to dry it up so it can be saved for later.)
Poppy Seeds: This seed is used to numb pain and help a cat sleep. Giving a cat more than two seeds may negatively affect their health, so be careful.
Ragwort Leaves: This is another herb used to treat aching joints.
Raspberry Leaves: This herb is used to ease pain during a queen's kitting.
Rush: helps keep broken bones in place
Snake Root: This herb is used to counter the effects of poison.
Tansy: This herb is used to treat coughs. It can also be used to heal wounds.
Thyme: Yet another herb used to calm a cat in the event of a nervous breakdown or severe shock.
Tormentil: This herb is good for treating wounds and countering the effects of weak poisons.
Traveling Herbs: These herbs are eaten by cats before making long journeys, such as ones to the Pool of Shimmering Light. They keep away the pangs of hunger and give a cat strength. Traveling herbs contain, sorrel, daisy, chamomile, and burnet.
Watermint: This is another herb used to treat bellyache.
Willow Bark: This herb is used to numb pain
Willow Leaves: This herb is used to prevent cat’s from vomiting.
Yarrow: This herb is used to make a cat vomit. This action expels poisons from the body. makes poultice for cracked pads.

Non-Herbal Medicine:

Cobwebs: Cobwebs are used to stop bleeding.
Honey: Honey is used to treat sore throats, coughing, infecting, and gives energy.
Mouse Bile: Mouse bile is used to make ticks release their grip on a cat.
Wild Garlic: Rolling in this herb can help to keep infection out of wounds. It is also good for rat bites.

Other Non-Herbal Treatments:

1. Gently nipping a cat's spine or poking it hard with a claw tests to see if the backbone is broken. If the subject does not feel the nip or poke, then the spine is broken. Many times a medicine cat will have to poke/nip the subject multiple times in different places to find the break.
2. Licking a cat's fur can help clean wounds, comfort/calm down a shocked or grieving cat, and warm a cat who has become very cold. (Lick the cat's fur the wrong way to do this. The last method is most often used on kits.)
3. Soaking moss in water and holding the dripping moss before a sick, injured or weak cat makes it easier for them to drink. Soaked moss can also be used to cool feverish cats.
4. Rosemary or mint can be used to lighten the death-scent of a dead cat before burial.
5. Using nectar, honey or mouse blood can make herbs sweeter and more appealing to cats--therefore making it easier to take the medicine.
6. Holding a swelling wound in cold water takes down swelling. Cats can also soothe scraped pads by soaking them in water.
7. A cat with weak or hurting muscles/bone can take part in water therapy. Have them wade in water that is not too deep or shallow, and eventually they'll get stronger.
8. Having a sick cat wail or yowl keeps their lungs and chest clear of mucus.

Taking Care of Your Herbs:

Here is how a medicine cat should keep their herbs fresh and useable.
--If any herbs are wet, leave them out in the sun until they dry.
--Gather fresh herbs when your stock gets low.
--Leave enough of the herb on the plant you use for gathering it so it can reproduce
--Check your store often and throw out old herbs or herbs that have lost their healing qualities.

Other Herbs To Keep in the Medicine Den:

Note: ONLY use these herbs for self-defense against a cat who is a danger to all the Clans, or if a cat from your own Clan asks for a quick, painless path to StarClan while on his or her deathbed.
Holly Berries: A poisonous berry. Cats die almost instantly if they are consumed. If consumption if not intentional, use yarrow to get the berries out of the cat's stomach.
Deathberries (Yew berries): A poisonous berry. Cats die almost instantly if they are consumed. If consumption is not intentional, use yarrow to get the berries out of the cat's stomach.
Fox glove: A poisonous seed that can cause death right after being consumed.
The berries listed above can also be used as traps for dangerous predators. (Snakes, mountain lions, foxes, badgers, etc.) Stuff a piece of fresh-kill with these berries and set it near the predator's den. They will die quickly and painlessly.


A big Thank you to and , without the creators of these websites this section would not be here.

Please copy and paste the forms below. Please don't fill out false applications, I am not fond of that. It spams the comments.

How to Apply to LightClan.  ''If you are interested in joining LightClan, please write in the comments:

- Name
- Desired Rank
- Username
- Description of your character
- Past clans / packs / tribes (we will not accept you if you have been involved in any enemy clans) 

Once you have done this, I will reply to your comment and add you to the page.


How to Submit a Page Editor Application:

If you are interested in contributing to this page (You must be a LightClan member), please fill out:
Do you promise to only make serious additions / edits? -
Do you promise to only post appropriate things on this page? -
Username -
Roleplay Name -

How to Submit an Alliance Application: If you are interested in forming an alliance with our Clan, please copy and paste and fill out in the comments below.

Clan/Pack/Group Name -

Leader(s)'s Name -

Leader(s)'s Username -
Member Count -

Ability to Swap Territory? -

Gatherings? -

Questions/Comments/Any More Info We Need? -


Similarly to how we have rules on behavior, we have rules on how your avatar should appear in game. Use these as important guidelines!

Acceptable fur/eye colors:

Fur colors -
Fur colors

Acceptable Fur colors

Eye colors -
Acceptable eye colors in Lightclan

Acceptable eye colors

Head Items 

Head Flowers, Skull Helmets, Fox Hats (primarily kits), Eyepatch (for one eyed cats) or just nothing.

Neck Items 

Leaf Necklaces, Ribbon Scarves, Spiked Collars, Jamaaliday Scarves or also nothing.

Back Items

Spartan Armor, Pirate Swords, Normals Swords, Jamaaliday Bows, Bow and Arrows, Worn Blankets (for medicine cats ONLY!) or nothing.

Leg Items 

Silver Gloves (For Non-members only), any gloves in general, Elf Bracelets, Leg Armor, Freedom Bracelets, or nothing.

Tail Items (Should Concern Kits Only!)

Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor, Phantom Tail Armor, or Elf Tail Armor. (FOR KITS ONLY!)

(Warriors, Queens, Kits, Deputies, Leaders, Apprentices, Med Cat apprentices, and Medic Cats may also wear Elf Tail Armor. )


Warriors (and Medicine cats):
Wolves only.
Foxes, and wolves.
(Bunnies for small, or young apprentices only)

Bunnies only.
Name Tag (Ignore if you are non member):
Color: Yellow

Leader ~ Star
Deputy ~ Lightning Bolt
Warrior ~ Howling Wolf
Apprentice ~ Paw
Medicine Cat Apprentice ~ Leaf
Medicine Cat ~ Flower
Elder ~ Tiger
Kit ~ Bunny
Prisoner ~ Phantom
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 8.38.45 PM

Here is a good example of dress code!


LightClan has certain rules for naming your OCs. Please read this if you are interested in joining, as it is sort of like a kind of dress code.

When creating an OC, please make sure your name follow this assortment of rules.

#1 Please don't name your Character after any character from the books

< #2 Make sure your OC has a unique name to all the cats in the clan. Look above at the allegiances to find which names are taken.

#3 Don't name your character after a religious subject, like Jesus or Allah.

#4 Make your name realistic and appropriate! We will not accept any names that sound domestic, like Princess or Sparkles. Also, childish names like "Pikachu" or "Billy Joe" Will be denied for OBVIOUS reasons. This also proves you are not serious enough. Also anything rude or offensive will be denied. Please don't test us or push the limits.


This section of the wiki is dedicated to the rules and information for the youth of the clan! It's currently work in progress, so be patient!


Dawnkit having an explore in the flowers

Nursery Rules

Our goal in LightClan is to make kits feel as free as possible and for them to have fun, but we have to be reasonable on their limitations. Kits shouldn't be confined to the nursery for six moons, yet they shouldn't be in the dangers of the world outside. We don't want any more death/drama!

Kits under one moon of age must be accompanied by their mother/an older cat.

Underaged apprentices are prohibited.

Kits may not leave the basic grasp of our territory. They must not leave Racheltheccl's den during the roleplay. This is not confined to camp, however! We have a safe patch north of the prisoner's den for kits to explore. A warrior/queen/apprentice must stay there though in case of fox attacks and other accidents.

Kits may have a theme song, as long as it's reasonable for a kit. Remember, we want you to have fun!

We will take in abandoned kits, because it is against the warrior code to leave them in danger. Silver will gladly care for them.

Kits in bad condition will not be apprenticed at six moons. We will wait for them to heal before they are assigned a mentor.


Nursery Activities ==

We really don't want our kits to be bored. The last thing we want is for them to run away and get bitten by a snake or suchlike. There are some indoor and outdoor activities for the kits listed below. Outdoor means outside one of the dens in camp.

Mossball - Outdoor - Mossball is a game to help our kits gain the agility and muscles they need for their apprentice training once they reach six moons.

Stories - Indoor - Raincloud loves visits from kits! He will gladly tell a story upon request. He's pretty active, and will tell stories such as LightClan Family Trees, our Founding Four's Story, and suchlike. This will give kits some knowledge of the clan, along as a nice source of entertainment.

Mouse and Warrior - Outdoor - Where two kits roleplay as a mouse and a hunting warrior. (Got this idea from BSP and Leopardkit and Patchkit X3) Make sure not to argue! Everyone needs a turn.

Exploration - Outdoor - An Apprentice, Warrior, or Queen will take a group of kits who would like to explore the top corner of camp (The Misty Forest).

Vine Bat - Indoor or Outdoor - A long and sturdy vine hung from a wall for kits to bat around or play with. Also helps kits gain upper body strength.

Should it be a warrior duty to recruit daily?

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