Anatomy seems to be the most popular debate topic among roleplayers these days. There are multiple anatomy phrases that aren't used correctly and/or completely made up. Some roleplayers claim to know true "latin" and use this "latin" in their roleplay, yet some of it proves to be fake. This does not mean all roleplayers use incorrect anatomical phrases, some are just uninformed on the whole topic. This page's purpose will be to inform roleplayers of true latin anatomical terms which can be used in roleplay. Please feel free to add to/edit the page if you see any mistakes, incorrect terminology, or any other typos.

Simple Coverage Edit

Eyes: Oculos, Gena

Ears: Auribus, Auris, Oricula

Nose: Nares, Naris, Nasus

Jaws: Faucibus, Fauces, Faux, Ingulvies

Teeth: Dentium, Mordices

Tongue: Lingua

Paws: Unugula, Pes

Tail: Cauda, Coda

Claws: Unguibus, Unguis

Pelt: Vellus, Paellis, Cutis

Throat: Iuglo, Jugulum, Gutter

Skin: Cutem

Skeletal System Edit

Skull: Calvariae Locus, Calvaria, Calva

Neck: Collum, Conlum, Conlus

Spine: Spina

Ribs: Costa

Chest Plate: Pectore, Sternum

Shoulder: Humerum, Scapula, Umerus

Upper Leg: Humerus

Lower Leg: Crus, Tibia

Knee: Genu, Anacala

Haunches: Clunis

Circulatory System Edit

Veins: Venae, Vena

Arteries: Ateria

Blood: Sanguinem, Cruor, Caedis

Heart: Cor

Organs/Other Edit

Stomach: Venter, Alvus, Aqualicus

Intestines: Intestina, Ile, Ilium, Cavia

Lungs: Pulmones, Latus

Liver: Iecur, Hepatia, Jocur

Kidneys: Renibus

Bladder: Vesicae, Vensica

Brain: Cerebrum

Trachea: Respiramen

Esophagus: Gulam

Flesh: Carnem, Caro, Pulpa, Carnicula, Viscus

End Note Edit

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will give you the best answer I have. My apologies if some of the terminology is not correct or if words are mispelled. Happy Roleplaying!

~Akili, Primicerius of Tail Hunters