"Aucun éclat de beauté plus brillant que celui d'un bon coeur"

【La Vie en Roses】


"La Vie est Belle, mon amour."


Status: Alive/Active

Clan: Timberclan Reborn

Rank: Warrior

Previous Ranks: Co-Deputy, Rogue

Mentor: N/A

Apprentice: N/A

Name: L’an vie en Roses

Nicknames: Vie (Everyone), Rose (Certain people), Mon Amour (Lowe)

Zodiac: Taurus



Species: Canis Lupus

Breed: Grey wolf x Timber wolf

Mother's side: 50% Timber Wolf

Father's side: 50% Grey Wolf

Looks more like: Father

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female



    : Base 

    : Undercoat 

    : Markings 

    : Pupil 

    : Iris 

"Vie la Vie"


Positive Traits: Rose is a very comationate she-wolf. Her main joy in life is helping others, even if it means getting hurt in the process. She prefers a quieter life, and loves to have time to just be herself.

Negative Traits: Vie can be very pessimistic. She can often see the worst in things. She has troubles with being french, sometimes, often mixing her native language with her english.



Status: Taken/In love

Mate: Lowe

Currently Attracted To: Lowe

Previously Attracted To: Hiroshi

Sexuality: Heterosexual


Name | Relationship| Nicknames | Trust Rate | Status 

Les Roses | Mother | Maman  | 100% Deceased

'Pierre' | Father | Papa  | 95% Deceased | 

La pluie de la nuit | Brother | Pluie, Nuit | 90% | Deceased

Sora | close friend| N/A | 60% | Alive

Raissa | Friend | Raissa  | 70% Alive

Lowe | Mate/ closest friend | Monsieur Louie, Louie, Mon Amour (My love) | 100% | Alive




【Turn Ons

Physical: Vie finds larger, stronger canine strength attractive. She‘s Into the more-so handsome side of life, yet she’d never judge one by looks alone. She’s looking for someone who would be able to protect her; and their family, if it came to it.

Mental: Vie‘s Into the males who can balance out her personality. Ones whom are gentle and sweet, but also know how to be strong and firm. She thinks that males whom are awkward around youth are adorable! 

【Turn Offs

Physical:  She’s not, looking for a weak, small male whom can’t rpotect her. Vie’s not one who can fight, so she needs someone to protect her, if it came to it.

Mental: She’s not looking for someone whose head strong and too cocky for his own good.



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• Vie was born in France, but was shipped to Canada where she was thrown into a zoo.