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A fair-sized, yet intimidating muscular female White Tiger. Gorgeously patterned stripes lace her frame, strikingly pulchritudinous. Cerulean, ice-like orbs burn into your soul, voyaging into the thrashing fire you are yet to release. Knife-sharp, glass-like talons indulge on your flesh, tearing it apart bit by bit until you can no longer hold the pain that she unleashes upon you.

How: She was not born glacier white due to genetic obliteration, but by immoral testing by circus freaks. It seems, she was taken into a circus and her fur was dyed for a particular show for the children. They a simple bottle of bleach(it had been filled with white dye), and dyed her fur. The stripes sunk through the paint-like texture of the dye when they cleansed her after the show. It had been unfortunate that her fur did not thoroughly cleanse.

Back Story: An oddity was her birth, for instead of being born in the tropical, pulchritudinous proximity of the jungle, she was born in the southern climate of New-York. Her mother, as known before, gave birth to her in the complexity of the zoo. The zoo is anonymous, for animals cannot read. All Kyoki knows was chubby hands grasping her, and pulling her close. She was provided with mimical care, and solitute. Never did she know that she would be trained and shipped to the iniquisitious world of the circus. Two years of auspicious training, and glorious raw meat, she was shipped to the circus. Unfortunately, the circus plan did not go well. She was left a sinuous direction, never figuring out where she was. Never had she been shown love, only tremulous petting and feculent orders. Luckily, she escaped. A casual circus day passed, or more like an ataxia of one night. The circus individuals, for some reason, decided it'd be quite interesting to dye her white for a particular trick called the snow trick. They dyed her, but she snapped right in the middle of the procedure. All of the people w her whom had shown her fearfulness and utter felonious ordering were murdered and gormandized upon that night. She caused chaos throughout the circus. Blood was left on her gorgeous, white dyed pelt, never to be distinguished into a cleansed pelt. Now, she lives where she rightfully belongs, in the wild. Several felines take under her power with the same insanity, hunting the fathomless, dreaded depths of the forest beyond.


- Ruthless

- Savagely

- A Tough Lover

- Defensive/Militaristic

- Purely Organized.

- A pure animal that voyages through life only to survive

Strength: Kyoki has an approximate bite force of 1050 psi. The ability to shatter and/or crush bone. Strength is typically her main priority, for she can apply a colliding paw to your cranium and knock you out cold. Her running velocity isn't that high, but her versatile in gladiating is quite interesting. She has a myriad of ways she can vituperatively extirpate you.

Status: Kyoki has taken the spot of being the leader of The Tribe of Cryptic Nightmares.



Unknown: Died giving birth to Kyoki


Anonymous. She never knew who her father was.


Kiara: Adopted cub founded by her when she escaped the circus.
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Nightcore - Dance With the Devil