"Be Brave. Remember that bravery is not the lack of fear but the ability to move forward in spite of fear." ~Kuma

About Edit

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Name: Kuma

Gender: Male

Species: Pantera leo

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Breed: Albino lion

Age: 3 years

Theme song: Sound of silence - Disturbed

Voice: This

Statistics (Out of 100) *I thank King for giving me this idea!* Edit

Strength: 89%

Intelligent: 97%

Speed: 99%

Hunting: 99%

Defence: 80%

Leadership: 70%

Self-Control: 99%

Belief: 0%

Confidence: 85%

Flexibility: 70%

Climbing: 50%

Swimming: 50%

Heart(love): 100% If its my mate

Family Edit

Mother: Lariel (Passed) (Queen)

Father: Ari (Killed) (King)

Brother(s): Night (Dead) (Cub)

Sister(s): Crimson (Alive) (Warrior)

Offspring: None

Mate: None

Personality Edit

  • Calm
  • Kind
  • Tough
  • Smart
  • Fast
  • Strong
  • Caring
  • Trustworthy

Strengths Edit

Kuma is a great lion, he is calm when it comes to something big and important. He is very smart when he is hunting or fighting. He usually has a map of strategies in his mind, either it is for battles or hunting. He cares for everyone in the pride. If he does something wrong, he usually brings it to something good again. Kuma's father was a great king in a different pride. Before Kuma got kicked out, his father taught him right. Training day and night to become like his father. Till this day Kuma is a well trusted lion.

Weaknesses Edit

Kuma may seem like he doesn't have any fears or weaknesses. But he has always been afraid of drowning. When he was cub, him and his father Ari was at a stream. One minute they were safe, next they got attacked. Ari got attacked. The lionesses from a different pride tripped him, and stepped on him, digging there sharp claws into his chest and stomach. Moments later Ari lied there in the water, not breathing or moving. Kuma and his family were devastated. Till this day Kuma still tries to swim when he is free but whenever he touches the water he has that bad memory of his father.

Backstory Edit