Koi The Pun Master

I may act selfish, but everything I do is for a reason, everything I do is for those I care for

Name: Koi (The Pun Master)

Nicknames: KoiFish (Like only one person ever calls me that-)

Species: Felis catus (Basically a cat with a fancy word)

Breed: Munchkin

Gender: Female


Pack: Pack of Faded Memories led by Kashra/XxFadedMemoriesxX

Past clans or packs: Stormclan, Pack of Silhouted Skies, and many small clans that only lasted for like a day


Mate: No mate. Very bonely. No one likes humerous people. They are too sternum

Mother: Zorian

Father: Darth Vader

Offspring: Im currently a kit what the heck-

Grandmother: Nixen. Nixen is everyones grandmammy

Friends: Kitsune, Kashew, Sirrico, Acacia, Sinatri, Kasai, Kazure, Sakura, Nixen


Koi is a munchkin cat, so her legs are just really short and stubby. She has medium length fur that's brindled dark rusty red, but not red enough to be abnormal. Her rusty colored fur is dappled with soft white spots, her underbelly is coated with fawn brown fur. She has bright and sharp yellow eyes

Koi's History:

Literally just made, so nothing has happened yet

Interests: Puns Undertale Undertale Puns