Book Definition Edit

Kittypets are looked after and pampered by Twolegs. They are always, or often, plump, sometimes fat, and well-fed because Twolegs feed them several times daily with dry, tasteless pellets that look like rabbit droppings and soft slop, according to Clan cats. They are soft-muscled and know very little about the arts of fighting and hunting (with notable exceptions). At a certain age, they are taken to be neutered or spayed by the veterinarian, who is otherwise known to the Clan cats as the Cutter. After this visit, they usually become lazy and have no desire to do much.

Any known adult she-cat that is a kittypet cant have kits after the visit to the cutter, therefore most of them are not welcome in small clans.


The life of a kittypet is scorned by Clan cats, and it is against the Warrior Code for a warrior to become one.

Animal Jam Definition Edit

Rogues, loners, or even tribe cats like to visit the public Clan areas such as madjasterxyz's den and complain about the amount of kittypets. Public Clanning areas like this are often referred to as Kittypet Central or KPC for short. Kittypet is often used as an insult on Animal Jam towards inexperienced cats, or those who have not completely mastered fighting and/or hunting, but most cats only use it to insult others who are supposedly bad at roleplaying. It's hard to find actual kittypets, but not nearly as hard to find someone insulting another roleplayer using the term "kittypet."

The Distinctive Kittypet Collar Edit


A kittypet collar.

Kittypets on Animal Jam are known to wear a certain item; the Necklace. Sold at the clothing store for 45 gems, they are known to Clanners as 'collars.' Most felines that roleplay as kittypets wear this collar. No matter the color, this Necklace, if worn, normally signals that they are a kittypet.