Description: Kiara, (Pronounced Ky-ara) the antagonizing delinquent, has a stocky, yet intimidating, muscular frame. Her pulchritudinous, golden coat shines like a blazing fire as the sun hits her pelt, frigidly gorgeous. Her eyes are a particular shade of immense ember, dimly staring at her prey with a vacant expression. With a devastating and savagely jawline with the bite force of 1,000 psi, she looks brutally feral. Lacing her jaw, her large fangs can tear the flesh with such adroitness, its frightening. Clearly, a nightmarish-warrior in battle.


Born into this world on the pulchritudinous proximity of the dry African plain. Water holes lacing the outer rims of the valley. It's Alluring, spine-tingling scent that made your nose twitch with anticipation. It was not an oddity that this one golden lioness had picked the valley to have her cub. Unlike most, Kiara was born without the complexity of a pride. No rules. No safety. No one except herself and her mother... The only instinct, was survive. Survive to tell the others you made it. Survive to protect. Survive to uphold the name of being a Lioness. Though this wasn't clearly the case.

Catapulting swiftly upon her mothers back, she gnarled at her spine. Content and happy, the mother Lioness whisked her tail to and fro, widening her jaw so you could see her devastatingly large fangs. There was a few rustles in the bushes, the delightful smell of raw meat mixed with something strange... Something, new? And the bellowing roar of what seemed like another lion. The Mother ignored it, swiftly taking the thought to the side and exquisitely sauntering after the smell. Her cub decided to follow her, unbeknownst about the heterogeneous scene about to take place. Alluring both the mother lioness, and the contently hidden cub in the lush fedora, they finally made it out of the preserve.

The anonymous vehicle parked in front of the fresh-kill was unknown to both the Lioness and the Cub, for they had never seen one in their own preserve. It all happened swiftly, and with frightening adroitness. Everything seemed to flash before her eyes, and the Mother Lioness roared furiously, two dark shapes ran out of the vehicle, something that smelled particularly like fire held in one's, what seemed to be "hands." The Mother swiftly took one by the leg, clamping her savagely jaw around its skinny neck, wrenching backwards. The light of a billion fires burning in her eyes, she fought ferociously to protect her only cub... to no avail. The dark shape with the fire-stick had made a shrieking noise, aiming the fire-stick at the adult Lioness's callused head. Her pelt layered with the blood of his fallen comrade. All Kiara heard was the devastating bellow of the fire. And her mother's incommensurate roar. Every thing became black, the darkness surrounding her mind like a heterogeneous Murder of Crows.

All she remembered from that point was her mother's hemorrhage of a body limply laying in the creature's "hands." Bellowing something else to his comrade and pointing at the small cub, one creature picked her up, she yowled, aggressively indulging her claws into his armored skin. Quickly dropping her, he covered the wound with his shirt, the flesh torn to the bone, it sauntered away.The others chuckled hardily, taking her inside a small cage and transporting her on top of a steaming locomotive. She yowled and screeched, knocking her minuscule paws against the metal bars defectively. Pain etched her heart, she curled into the corner of the metal box and let the tears fell helplessly from her eyes.


(Key Point) Personality:

- Tough Lover

- Angered Easily

- Hostile/Territorial

- Hates Humans with a Dastardly passion.