"Sometimes keeping quiet is the best decision." Edit

Theme song~ To be decided.

Status~ Active.

Basic Information Edit

Name~ Kazaria

Species~ Felidae (Big Cat)

Breed~ Puma Concolor (Cougar)

Gender~ Female

Age~ 57 Moons (5 Years, 5 Months)

Current Clan/Pack/Tribe~ Contemporary N/A

Rank in Clan/Pack/Tribe~ Contemporary N/A

Parents~ Unsourced

Siblings~ Unsourced

Kin~ Unsourced

Initiates~ Currently, not a soul.

Acquaintances~ Currently, not a soul.

Description Edit



Kazaria is a very colossal cougar. She possesses an ecrueed coating that is finely decorated in henna accents. This mesmeric color commingles into an ochre underbelly. Kazaria's eyes obtain a very dark, umber color, which stunningly resembles chocolate. She also acquires a sepia, ebony colored mark that commences from her forehead and branches off to curl around her muzzle.



Kazaria is very jubilant, and attentive. She takes this personality to her advantage, comforting her initiates when they're in a sorrowful mood. When needed, Kazaria can become solemn in an essential matter. Although her peppy behavior may prove her harmless, do not underestimate Kazaria, for she can become malicious and intend to do malevolent deeds, but do not fret, as this is not habitual.