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We gotta clean you up, pup and give you some training of the marsh of gold.

Appearance Edit

Kamaria is an Akita. She looks a bit like a American Eskimo, except for her long, silky fur. She is like the Akita breed because of her massive size, and is heavy in weight. Kamaria is extremely strong. Her bite force is 360 and she uses her paws more then other dogs. She favors her left paw more then the right paw. Her height is 26 inches tall, being two feet and two inches. She towers over the smaller dogs. Her body shape is all akita, and so are her bones, muscle and jaw.

Personality Edit


Like the moon which is the meaning of her name, she is unpredictable. She is ruthless, merciless and rules her pack with a iron paw. She is also elegant, proud and sometimes a mother figure to pups like her, and also tough. She dislikes immature behavior. She very fond of her home, calling her pack's camp the marsh.

Despite having a soft spot for pups, she doesn't take misbehavior lightly as other alphas would have. Blood and death is common in her reign. It is not common for her to assert her dominance in any situation and to make sure rules are obeyed. She deals with every broken rule with a violent action, and she is to be feared.