Kahrijaak is a female African Wild Dog with a long blue spike collar. Here's a picture I dre

Kahrijaak walking the path of dreams.

w (when I used a green long) for better visuals. First off I don't bother with mates so don't even think about romancing me. I will probably murder you. =3 Secondly here's her main personality: Silly, Unserious, Clever, Uncautious, Annoying, Sassy. She hates cold weather, which is her main struggle living in a mountain range pack. Snow is her downfall, because seriously, try introducing an animal used to warm weather to a cold climate. They don't mix. She was imported into America from Kenya, stolen away from her family for the pleasure of some rich guy. Well she killed him in his sleep and ran off. Just her luck she met Ivory, the Alpha of Canines of Sanguine. And the rest of her tale remains to be seen to by destiny.


Kahrijaak yawned and stood up, stretching her legs on the warm African sand. She stepped forward and accidentaly padded on one of her sisters' tail. Her head shot up from her sleep and turned to look at Kahrijaak. The African Wild Dog pack was closely packed together in a rest. 45 dogs in total in a broken circle formation, dozing in the rising sun. Kahrijaak, embarassed, pinned her ears to the back of her head. "Sorry, Quarel!" She whispered. Quarel stood up, careful not to wake her mother, Remedee. She smacked her paw down on Kahrijaak's forehead, as per usual for the yearling pups. "Next time look where your going!" She yapped lowly. Their heads snapped around at a mostly brown Wild Dog, much bigger than the pups, yawning and flexing. His name was Cronos, Quarel and Kahrijaak's father's grandfather. His graying muzzle was tinged with white furs here and there. He stood and leapt silently over Remedee and the pups and landed next to Xander, his grandson. The old African Wild Dog nudged the leader of the pack, jostling him awake. 


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