I am Blaine, also known by the user Kabbege. I've been a role player since 2011, I was here with many of the other greats. My Kik is Mushy_Potatoes.

My Retired OC'S Edit

Aamon: Aamon is a gargantuan Wolf Hybrid, consisting of Dire-Wolf, Red-Wolf, and other breeds. Aamon was born to two wolves, whom he has no memories of. He was born in a litter of 6, but killed all of his siblings by the age of 4 moons. He is a wrathful, vengeful, insane, strong, and uncaring coldhearted canine. His hatred doesn't stop for anyone, other than his dearest friends. His worst flaw is arrogance, and obsessiveness, and his envious personality. When Aamon fights, if he does too much damage he goes into a killing frenzy, insanity sweeping his whole mind; and he can't stop until the wave of insanity crosses his mind.

Creekfall: Creekfall is a Chocolate and Tar colored tomcat, who is very sweet, strong, and handsome. He has one brother; Larksong, and no parents. He's a strong warrior who is quite loyal, and loved Shiftingstar, before he left Tropicalclan.

Cerberus: Cerberus is the father of Keres, whom is the Alpha of the Hounds Of Chains. He's a monumental jet black great dane, who has a terrifying temper. His hatred consumes him, making him extremely hard to be around. If he doesn't like you he won't pretend to, he'll come at you with full force making you feel so miserable that you wish you could just sink into the earth, disappear, and never come back.

Current OC'S Edit







Every Clan/Pack/Tribe I've Ever Been In Edit


Clans- Edit

  1. Riverclan {Heatherthe28th}{SighingofLion}
  2. Shadowclan{Skunk1027}
  3. Savageclan{XxLionoftheSouthxX}
  4. Windclan{Saberfang}
  5. Brookclan{Lillyrocks1}
  6. Bloodclan{TheForgottenRogue}
  7. Skyclan{Kabbege}
  8. Tropicalclan{SighingOfLion}{Cloudfall010}{Sparkyy}{Sparklepet1356}
  9. Witheredclan{Sighingoflion}
  10. Lakeclan{Nightmaric}{101HH}
  11. Endlessclan{Communicatings}

Packs- Edit

  1. Unholy{Earthz}
  2. Chained Canines{Bluesar12}
  3. Northern Stride{XtornoxLoveo}
  4. Hounds Of Chains{AmazionianHunter}
  5. Dauntless{Oreofur}
  6. Cynical Enigma{Kabbege}
  7. Monarchy Of Hounds{Kabbege}
  8. The Hollows{Whitememory}{Xtornoxloveo}

Tribes- Edit

  1. Awakening Of The Deadly Sins{Dreadedthescarletibis}
  2. Tribe Of Rushing Waters{????}
  3. Tribe Of Endless Silence{Kabbege}