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It was pleasant, that day. Slightly warm, and very windy. The newly formed dew collected on the leaves of the lush forestry, and the place seemed to teem of noise, vibrant songs of the jays and songbirds, chirping of crickets and rustling of mice. The two cats walked together, but there was an undeniable tension, a collective animosity between them. The she-cat cat, with her wild curly fur, passionate dark gold eyes, and tense stature spoke first when they were far enough out.


"We both want power, Teaspill. Look around you, we need to be the pioneers and make a new path, and engrave our history here on our own." The sharp tongued, slick furred tom thought, maybe he hadn't much in his past, but he did now. "You're right.. Go on." There was a troublesome glint in his dark grey eyes, and the she-cat noted that. "We could make our own clan.. The two of us and the rogues from the two-leg place. Right here, right now... This new territory is teeming with opportunity, we just need to take it." Her confident grin drip with ambition and newfound passion- Passion for a clan that they'd make.


"Equal leadership rights? It could work.." He met her eye contact and after a brief pause, the she-cat, ever so eager to speak, gave the final question. "What should it be named? And our ideals?" Teaspill spoke quickly, as though he'd always had these ideals, these messages, this passion. He looked up to the forest's canopy, and closed his eyes.


"JayClan. For the blue jay. It is aggressive, passionate, it takes what it wants, what it needs, and never backs down... Like us."


Founded 10/25/17
In Game Founders Ourayz & Beenalongtime
Clan Founders Teastar & Seastar
Current Leaders Sablestar & Redstar
Status Active & Recruiting
Orientation Light
Classification Feral Felines
Occupation N/A
Severance Dark Blue
Beliefs StarClan
Server ?
Member Count 59/70




  1. slyfox454
  2. kawaiistrawberry1
  3. artziekittyx3
  4. Kitsunemikuz
  5. Allieisnice89
  6. Kodah123
  7. Clairelou11
  8. J0hnnycake
  9. Sovietwind
  10. Blueblessing
  11. papayacat
  12. Froakiefro
  13. xsnowfall
  14. Snowpaw1122
  15. Awesomehoops
  16. fxadingchoes
  17. Snowpatch101
  18. Starryskiezz
  19. Krisalynn3380
  20. Toothless860
  21. Risingstorm
  22. Fadingcourage
  23. Seal73087
  24. Discrete
  25. Cooljamgirl99841
  26. Iceclaw1147
  27. jlb2016
  28. Longears505
  29. Cooljamgirl
  30. Carouselxx
  31. meeper2
  32. Jammer9nzgy
  33. Icy76549
  34. Toeshe1
  35. Bluesky40
  36. Wolvespartylol
  37. GalixyWolf23
  38. Fadedflamess
  39. Wammer17
  40. Bayleyboo392
  41. Fox703
  42. Rivercoast
  43. Qweengummy
  44. Gracedia
  45. Sleepyspirits
  46. Noviegirl
  47. Valory185
  48. Thefizzyfanta
  49. Horizenz
  50. Dinonica
  51. Wolf21707
  52. Piedpiperrr
  53. Screamsaber
  54. Leohasnosarcasm
  55. iijayycat
  56. Chocolatebarz456
  57. Lizzy2025b
  58. Iampan
  59. Øasisleaf



[3/15/18] - Carmineshade and Appledusk are promoted to deputies. Congratulations! We know you will serve JayClan well.

[3/10/18] - Newt unfortunately steps down from the medicine cat rank, resulting in Pei-Ling being promoted and choosing a new apprentice. Congratulations to Lilypaw!

[3/8/18] - Seastar unfortunately leaves JayClan, and Mothstar steps down. Sablestar is declared JayClan's new leader. May StarClan light Mothstar and Seastar's paths, and congratulations to the new leader.

[3/3/18] - The nefarious group of rogues has made another attack on JayClan. Luckily, JayClan is triumphant in the end.




physical attributes


mental attributes

Naming Your Character

When you name your character, prefixes such as 'Gargoyle' or 'Candy' will not be allowed, as cats have not witnessed such in the wild. Please ensure your character's name is realistic and sensible.

  • Antipathy
  • Amber
  • Apple
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cherry
  • Cedar
  • Cocoa
  • Clover
  • Crescent
  • Carmine
  • Doe
  • Dale
  • Deer
  • Eugene
  • Echo
  • Forest
  • Finch
  • Fang
  • Grievance
  • Hare
  • Heather
  • Horizon
  • Hollow
  • N/A
  • Jinx
  • Kestrel
  • Lance
  • Little
  • Lily
  • Mocha
  • Mist
  • Magnolia
  • Milk
  • Milky
  • Mute
  • Night
  • Owl
  • Orange
  • Ox
  • Pale
  • Pei
  • Python
  • Petal
  • Pike
  • Quiet
  • Robin
  • Red
  • Roman
  • Rapid
  • Spike
  • Sugar
  • Shade
  • Sage
  • Shell
  • Swallow
  • Sparrow
  • Tip
  • Thimble
  • Tranquil
  • Thorn
  • Tiny
  • Thistle
  • Thaw
  • Umber
  • N/A
  • War
  • Whisper
  • N/A
  • Yasmine
  • N/A


1. All warriors must abide by The Warrior Code.

2. Activity. You are required to be active when you join! If you haven't been active for over 2-3 weeks without explanation, you will be removed from our roster. Activity is important when it comes to roleplaying. It is completely understandable if you are busy, though- just be sure to notify our leaders.

3. Loyalty. Once you join JayClan, you are expected to stay loyal to us. If you join and leave a day later that isn't necessarily called 'loyal'. This also goes for double-grouping; double-grouping is strictly forbidden in JayClan, as your main focus as far as groups go should be JayClan.

4. Respect. Respect everyone of all ranks. In roleplay, you can be rude as long as you don't actually mean it out of roleplay. If something you had said in roleplay has offended soneone out of roleplay, please apologize and don't continue with the argument. Though, if it is out of character, the council will deal with the situation and decide potential consequences.

5. Leaving. You are allowed to join and come back, but you will be under a 2-week-trial if you have recently joined. If you leave within 2 weeks, you won't be allowed back into our rankings until another 1-2 weeks. This may vary depending on your reason to leave.

6. Character creation. When creating your character, please note that it must have a valid name, balanced personality, and reasonable appearance. Your character shouldn't have unnatural pelt colors, be a mary sue/god mod, or have a name in which cats don't know about. (e.g.: Pursepaw is a pink she-cat that is kind, caring, brave, attractive, and sometimes rude.)


Cats of the Clan

LEADER [1/2] DEPUTY [2/2]

Leaders are the head of their Clan. Their personality is the same as their Clan's and describes how their Clanmates treat others. The word of the Clan leader is law, proclaimed by the warrior code, and all other Clan cats must obey them. They have their own den, and are assisted by a deputy in their tasks. They are responsible for the whole Clan, calling Clan meetings, appointing cats to new ranks, and making the toughest decisions.


A deputy is a warrior who is second in command to the leader, aiding them in their tasks and replacing them immediately after their death or retirement. Also, when the leader is ill or unable to perform their duties, the deputy will take the leader's place until they recover, and they will take their place at Gatherings if the leader is absent and cannot attend.

Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Sablestar slyfox454 Female Kestrelpaw -
Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Carmineshade Rivercoast Male - Lilypool
Appledusk Noviegirl Female - -

Medicine Cats are Clan cats who treat diseases and injuries, and who receive directions and guidance from StarClan. They have their own den in their Clan's camp, where they sleep, store herbs, and treat wounded or sick cats. They are deeply respected by their Clanmates and few cats dare to argue with them.

[medicine cat=★]

Medicine cat apprentices are taught about healing techniques, such as how to care for a sick cat, or what herbs and medicines do. They are usually taught in the medicine cat's den, or outside the camp when they gather herbs. They also learn how to interpret signs from StarClan.

Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Yasminewater kawaiistrawberry1 Female - Paleshine
Pei-Ling Froakiefro Male - -
Sugarbreeze papayacat Female - -
★Lilypool bluesky40 Female - Carmineshade
Name Username Gender Mentor Training Progress
- - - - -

A senior warrior is a warrior who is older and more experienced than the others, but has not decided to become an elder yet, and would rather serve their Clan as long as they can. Senior warriors are given respect, and are often asked for advice by the Clan leader.

[senior warrior=★]

Warriors make up the majority of the clan and have been trained in the ways of fighting and hunting in addition to the ways of the Warrior Code. They are charged with the responsibility to feed and protect those cats who are elderly or unable to spend time out of camp.

Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Paleshine artziekittyx3 Male Sequoiapaw Yasminewater
Forestfire Snowpaw1122 Female Milkpaw Mochaspill
Name Username Gender Apprentice Mate
Dalepath jlb2016 Female Lavenderpaw -
Mochaspill xsnowfall Male Whisperpaw Forestfire
Grievancedismay Jammer0b41d Male - -
Tiptoe Sovietwind Male - -
Deerthroat Iceclaw1147 Male - -
Owlfeather Carouselxx Male - -
Nightflame longears505 Male - -
Pythonfang meeper2 Female Carminepaw -
Mistwhisper Discrete Female - -
Cherrywhisker Jammer9nzgy Female - -
Cedar Toeshe1 Female - -
Shadesong Crispyflake Female - -
Harefoot Mimi0311 Female - -
Sagewhisker Wolvespartylol Male - -
Thorn Pip8775 Male - -
Cocoacrunch Horizenz Female - -
Shellheart Wammer17 Female - -
Heatherblaze Bayleyboo392 Female - -
Magnoliarush Fadedflamess Female - -
Ambermoon Fox703 Female - -
Warcry rainbowdashfriendship Male - -
Lancewing Qweengummy Male - -
Pikefin Shadowfall22 Male - -
Clovermist alypup1230 Female - -
Tinyblaze Unicorndasher10 Female - -
Blackshade dom31065 Male - -
Jinx Realinvasion Female - -
Quietsong Magentarain Female - -
Oxstring Dinonica Female - -
Crescentshoulder Wolf21707 Male - -
Echostream Screamsaber Female - -
Thistlestrike Leohasnosarcasm Male - -
Sparrowleap iijayycat Female - -
Roman snowpatch101 Male - -
Horizonfall Cooljamgirl99841 Female - -
Brownpelt Strawberryfizz7 Female - -
Rapidfire Lizzy2025b Male - -
APPRENTICE [9/10] KIT [8/10]

Apprentices are Clan cats six moons or older, training to be a warrior under a mentor. They learn the ways of the warrior code and warrior duties during their training. An apprentice becomes a warrior once their mentor or Clan leader thinks they have learned enough.


A kit is a cat under the age of six moons who is still living in the nursery with their mother and littermates. Kits are usually very mischievous and energetic, and are known to bother warriors and elders. They are the youngest members of the Clan and are to be treated with care, as they form the Clan's next generation.

Name Username Gender Mentor Age
★Tunnelpaw Toothless860 Female - 6 Moons
Umberpaw Icy76549 Female - 6 Moons
★Sequoiapaw Clairelou11 Male Paleshine 6 Moons
★Milkpaw Thefizzyfanta Male Forestfire 6 Moons
★Eugene J0hnnycake Male - 8 Moons
★Tranquilpaw Jammer0b41d Female - 6 Moons
★Whisperpaw Kodah123 Male Mochaspill 6 Moons
★Swallowpaw GalixyWolf23 Female - 6 Moons
★Kestrelpaw Piedpiperrr Male Sablestar 8 Moons
Name Username Gender Guardian Age
Thimblekit fxdingechoes Male Paleshine & Yasminewater 1½ Moons
Orangekit xSnowfall Female Shadowblossom 1 Moon
Robinkit Cooljamgirl99841 Male Dalepath 2 Moons
Littlekit Gracedia Male - 1 Moon
Petalkit Sleepyspirits Female - 1 Moon
Fangkit Chocolatebarz456 Male Finchsong 3 Moons
Mutekit Iampan Male - 3 Moons
Hollowkit Øasisleaf Female Deerthroat 3 Moons
QUEEN [2/5] ELDER [0/5]

A queen is a she-cat that is expecting or has recently given birth to a litter of kits. Though known to be overly-protective of kits, queens usually are compassionate and kind, and in many cases they have been known to convince their mates or Clan leaders to take in cats in need of help.


An elder is a Clan cat that has served their Clan faithfully, but has now retired. They are wise and are held in high respect by the other cats; their counsel and knowledge is sought several times, even by Clan leaders, though they are often described as grumpy. They do not have to catch their own food, nor do hunting patrols or fight, except to defend if necessary.

Name Username Gender Litter Mate
★Milkyway Valory185 Female - Newtspot
Forestfire Snowpaw1122 Female Expecting Mochaspill
Name Username Gender Former Rank Mate
- - - - -

The Banished are the cats that have formerly resided in JayClan, but have been exiled for their actions. These felines are exiled in and out of roleplay.

Name Username Wikia Username Reason
- - - -


Group Name Leader's Name Deputy's Name Orientation Member Count Territory


VultureClan Cougarstar & Thistlewing Fernclaw Neutral 28 Flint Ally


Name Summary Time(s) Cats Included



Location: J0hnnycake's den

Jay thing

hint: click the blue jay!

  • Placeholder


  • First roleplay session
  • raincloud is angery
  • Roleplay session
  • Seastar receiving her lives
  • Training session
  • Gathering with CrescentClan
  • Socializing
  • Ginger and Lemon Talking About The Sun
  • When You Leave Ginger, Lemon, and Dawn Alone
  • Snowstorm plot
  • burn
  • Rogue plot
  • sacrifices have been made
  • peter pan cosplay
  • Valtines (Dance) Disaster
  • GayClan
  • Tidal and Firepit's wedding
  • Dale and Beat's Wedding
  • Rowan's and Berry's Wedding
  • Winter Festival
  • When you leave Finch, Tranquill, Lily, and Clover alone.
  • Don't leave the clan to Finch, Clover, And tranquill



Mute 1/2
Missing Limb 0/3
Partially Blind 1/2
Fully Blind 1/3
Partially Deaf 0/3
Fully Deaf 1/2
Polycaudal 1/2
Polydactyl 0/1
Blind & Deaf 0/1
Paralyzed 0/3
Partial Heterochromia 0/2
Full Heterochromia 1/2


Name Limitation
Paleshine Fully Blind
Grievancedismay Full Heterochromia
Umberpaw Mute
Tranquilpaw Fully Deaf
Kestrelpaw Polycaudal




The Council is formed from the Clan's Leaders, Deputies, Medicine Cats, and Senior Warriors. These felines are chosen to represent the Clan during gatherings and etc. They take part in discussing important decisions for JayClan.

Sablestar N/A N/A N/A Baseo Pei-Ling
Paleshine pixel Hereherehere N/A N/A N/A


Joining Leaving Alliance Plot

Character Name:
Personality (please provide balanced traits):
Desired Rank:
Roleplay Example:

Character Name:
Reason for Leaving:
Areas of Improvement:

Group Name:
FIC'S Username:
Reason for Alliance:
Previous Interactions:
How Will Each Side Benefit:

Plot Name:
Minor or Major:
Characters Involved:
Dates (please provide dates for all timezones):



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