General Info: Edit

Name: Jalex

Homename {NameGivenByOwners}: Jingle

Gender: Female

Species: Feline; Felis Catus.

Breed: Toyger and Slight Munchkin.

Age: 1 year and 2 moons old.

KP Info: Edit

Born in a: Vet Hospital.

Time that was Born: 8:00

Mate: Lonely.

Kits/Litter(s): None.

Mom: Rabbit..

Dad: Kangaroo....

Siblings: Only child.

Appearance: She is a beautiful sleek shecat, with a furry, shiny, silky pelt. She has beautiful, pearly ice blue eyes, like ice. Her pelt consists of grey splotches, a white base, and a brown underbelly. She has a spikey collar made of diamond.

Description: Jingle is a nice and sarcastic cat, and is shy once you approach her. She is a slightly good fighter, having strong and sharp teeth. She lives with two rich two-legs in their nest, and loves to sneak off and hunt.