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The battle may be bloody .. but that kinda works for me.
Ivory, official form

OC Status: Active

Ivory against her enemies

Appearance Edit

Ivory is a small 2'11 inch wolf-dog, with a red spike around her neck. She has a thick pelt with rare blue eyes to go with it. Ivory has silverish blue as her main pelt, which turns silver when the Moon-dog comes out. Her mother-dog was an American Eskimo and her father was an Red wolf and Dire wolf mix. She likes being clean and tidy. She always washes the blood after a meal and can't stand mud.

Personality Edit

Ivory is a dignified, serious, merciless, unpredictable and protective wolf-dog. She often thinks herself more as a wolf then a wolf-dog. She has developed her protective attitude from her mother, because American Eskimo dogs are wary and protective of their owners. She got her unpredictable, merciless, dignified, and serious attitude from her red wolf and dire wolf father.

Special abilities Edit

Ivory is a good runner despite her being about 75 percent dire wolf, 20 percent american eskimo and 5 percent red wolf. Ivory has a special way of climbing. When she gets on the first branch, she does not climb to the second one because when she was a pup, she did that and she hurt her leg. As such, she jumps to the second branch. She loves swimming in pools of water, a quick attack. She likes to use her claws more in a fight. Her bite force is 1899 because of her dire wolf and red wolf heritage.