Introduction Edit

You elude from a brawny feminine (muscular female) with an ivory (white) underbelly who seems to be gaining speed. The Stygian (very dark) setting seemed to play into the mood just as the feminine ascends (leaps) to you. Suddenly you're pinned down, squirming until you feel eponychium scathers (claws) by your throat. You gulp plangent (loudly) and look at who is on top of you. Deep navy blue eyes glare into yours. In her mouth she held borage leaves, putting them on your epigastricinguinal recticulum (muzzle), telling you that you need them. You looked at her with a face that asked "are-you-kidding-me?" She gave a small smile and got off. Your fever continued to grow and you refused to take the leaves. The feminine clearly was annoyed by your actions.

"Eat it you mousebrain," she spat. "if you die it's not on my account."

You simply roll your eyes. Soon enough, your enveloped in darkness. When you reawaken, you're in a nest in what looks like a secluded area and you can hear talking.

"Indeed, but I promise, I just attempted to help them. They're forever in my debt for saving their life anyways." You hear the voice from before.

"That better be the case, Soul." A deeper, louder voice boomed.

The two speaking enter the den. Herbs were scattered among you. As you look up you notice the colossal, ebony masculine (extremely large, black male). He towered above you and Soul, the feminine with the voice you noticed before came out from behind a tree, her tail slightly wrapped around it. She purred.

"Welcome to IntrepidityClan. You are forever in my debt, and with that, I want you to join. You don't smell like a clan, and that means you're a rogue. I don't really like them but something about you gives me a feeling that if you stay.. we'll grow stronger and much wiser, and to add, increase of courage within in this clan." She held out her paw, "join us or turn the other way and die. Either it is you who allows your blood to splatter, or you can stay with a family. Because once you join IntrepidityClan, you become a forever-lasting friend."

*Soul (former clan cat) would've added complete advanced vocab but because some of the apprentices are still learning, she did not add it completely. Simple disclaimer. Sorry :3

Clan Rules Edit

  1. You MUST follow the warrior code.
  2. Absolutely NO doubleclanning.
  3. No attacking other clans without a good enough reason.
  4. Respect the clan.
  5. No ending others without permission from one of the top ranks (leader, co-leader, deputy, co-deputy, and commander of battle). By this, either the leaders agree with the deputies and you are granted permission.
  6. Do NOT cause drama or you will be punished.
  7. Follow the clan's rules, or you'd be in violation of rule 4.

Punishments (It all depends on how bad) Edit

  1. Torn Ear
  2. Humiliation
  3. Exiled
  4. Cleaning the Elder's den
  5. Sleeping in the apprentice's den

Ranks Edit

Username Name Rank Gender
Alexablah MeadowEye Co-leader Shecat
Has Left :3
Princess2923 WinterSword Co-Deputy Shecat

of Battle

Abrielle8 SorrowClaw Warrior N/A
Beautydidi Ivy Warrior Shecat
Hannah20723 GalaxyPelt Warrior Shecat
DuchessDu DewFlower Warrior Shecat
Animaljam48229 BrambleClaw Warrior Shecat
Beachbummer MidnightClaw Warrior Shecat
Spiritlily16 LightningStrike Warrior Shecat
Tundrawolffy EchoSong Queen Shecat
Medicine Cat
Ajajajowls (Soul's "Acorn")


Medicine Cat Shecat
WarriorCats0707 MistPelt Medicine Cat Shecat
Spiralycloud Spiral Medicine Cat


Konko99 Silverpaw Apprentice Shecat
Icy76549 Mountainpaw Apprentice Tom
xxShadowLovexx Kani Apprentice Shecat
Nightlily31 Nightpaw Apprentice Shecat
Nicole2076 Snowypaw Apprentice Shecat
HaileyThe37 Graypaw Apprentice Shecat
Amarc1 Silverpaw Apprentice Shecat
Bluestar78 Badgerkit Kit Shekit
zuzuaaliyahrainbow8 StoneHeart Kit Shekit
Aquamarine9123 Hollow Kit Shekit
Caroch430 Rose Kit Shekit
Silver7D Sorrow Kit Tom
Apc2004 Dawnkit Kit Shekit
Littlebeauty16 Ebony Kit Shekit