Short description // Short history Edit

Hello there, Saluations and Greetings.

My name is Crowstar, and I am the leader of IlluminateClan ... no not ILLUMINATI-CLAN.

But IlluminateClan.

We are peaceful cats in the day, and Warrior cats by night.

Some of the cats who helped this Clan were originally so called 'Kittypets' and got made fun of by the other clans by our calm nature and hugs and love and that gross rubbish.

While we escaped from the other clans and rogues who lived by the sea, they wanted a fight .. so we gave them a fight.

All of the housecats in that small area had grouped up, and fought off the other cats in a giant bloodthirsty battle.

No I am not like that, you may think for that was a long time ago.

For you see, I still have the same scratches from many battles and fights while we defended this Clan.

We still live near the sea, but in a small forest where we hunt and keep safe.

Territory infoEdit

Territories - Mount Shiveer, Adventure Base Camp and Sarepia Forest.

Server - Alps

NOTE -=- (We will sometimes lead a patrol and land in another territory by accident, because we are still learning the Warrior Code.)


Leader : Crowstar (Escorted)

Deputy : OPEN

Warriors : Patchfang -Formerly Littlefang- (Geniuspanda)

Medicine Cat : OPEN 

Medicine Cat Apprentice : OPEN

Apprentices : OPEN

Kits : OPEN

Queens : OPEN

Elders : OPEN

Guardians : (Protect the frozen water) OPEN


MallowClan - A Clan led by Smokestar, and will always help protect this Clan by a promise from Smokestar.

Flow - Neutral friends, but only for shelter.

Shadow of Large Tree - Also for shelter.

Foxspot - A loner.

Item // Clothes Code - created by Codywife1Edit

You can only wear items a normal warrior would would wear on Animal Jam.

Fox hats - Worns - Swords - Bow and Arrows - Spike collars/Necklaces - Flower crowns (Member medicine cats only) Lei (Non member medicine cats only) Gloves - Scarves - Tail armor - Bone armor - Elf armor - Feathered Masks - Just patterns/Just colors - Flowers - Horned leg pads = ITEMS YOU SHOULD WEAR

These are the items a warrior SHOULDN'T wear on Animal Jam

Sparkly pink clothing - Dragon/Bat wings - Suits - Ballet Shoes - Rainbow armor - Top hats - Skirts - Fancy clothing - Butterfly wings - Bow - Bunny hats - Shoes - Beret - Horns = ITEMS YOU SHOULDN'T WEAR

The Code of IlluminateClanEdit

1 : Do not kill another Cat from clan, unless leader says so.

2 : Please do not steal prey from other Clans and put it in the Preyplace, for this is called theft and if you do so then you will have to look after the Elders for 2 moons (Search for ticks, force them to eat herbs and prey when sick)

3 : Do not plan attacks with other Clans on your clan, or else you will be exiled.

4 : Do not plan to kill the leader or deputy, for you will be exiled.

5 : Do not lie to the leader or deputy about important subjects (The preyplace is being poisoned, another cat is planning to kill the leader etc)

6 : Kits and Queens do not go to Gatherings, if one seen there will be taken back to their clan.

7 : Don't kill a kit or apprentice, if you have then you will be reported to the leader and could be exiled.

8 : Do not take a kit out on a patrol, for this is not the kit's fault but your fault for accepting them into it.

9 : Every clancat should report to the leader if something strange is going on.

'10 : 'Respect all the Cats, even if they are a silly kit.

Form To Join (Partly from Mallowclan and created by -Lily-Edit


The Rank I would like:

Cat's Name:




Roleplaying Example: (Like sits down on tree branch and meows very loudly)


Credit to Codywife1 for helping with the page, and Escortiah for the idea and main parts.