Art by BlueGray122

"Sometimes you have to run before you can walk."


General Information


Name Breakdown:


Violet-: For her strange and unusual violet eyes

-paw: For her time as a novice, learning about how to be a warrior

-kit: For her kithood, and being less than six moons old


Huntress: For her willingness to hunt for a new life after her old one was destroyed

Current: Loner; Previous: Kit, Novice
Current: Nowhere; Previous:
Moon Clan Banner
29 moons (approx. 2.42 years)
August 4th
Kit: Violetkit; Novice: Violetpaw; Loner: Huntress
Theme Song:
Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes (Audio)

Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes (Audio)

Mentor: Swiftfoot, December




Name Relation Appearance Trust Percent Thoughts
Ravensong Father Black with a dark gray undercoat and yellow eyes 95% Ravensong? I know that other cats don't even know their father. But I did, and I loved him. It broke my little novice heart when I heard he died...It broke even more when I realized it was my fault. Oh, Ravensong, if you're up there, in Serenity...can you forgive me?
Silentmist Mother White with a light gray belly and mint-green eyes 65% I loved Silentmist, but...she more acted like a queen than a mother. Argh, how do I put this? She did her job, but she acted like it was a job, not something she liked. I knew she cared for us. She just struggled to show it.
Snakestar Brother Black with a dark gray belly and lighter stripes 55% Snakestar? He always was...the brawly type. I wasn't. He would tackle me, encourage me to attack and play, but I never wanted to. Then...well, I guess he left and became leader. I don't know why. When I saw him, that one time, I asked, but I didn't get an answer.



Name Appearance Trust Percent Thoughts
Swiftfoot Dusky gray with black tabby stripes 59% Swiftfoot was my mentor - she may not have been for long, but I learned from her in the few days she was. We crossed paths once, and she said she became a loner too. But the memories were too much, for both of us, so we left.
Fadestep Black with one light cyan eye and one yellow 70% Fadestep? I met her on her territory. I was hunting, and then chased by rogues...She was very angry at first, but she's saved my life...three times, now. I'd say she's a friend.
Celeste Cream with a white forepaw and tail tip 45% I don't think I'd think Celeste as a friend...but she did give me prey, and allowed me to sleep in her camp. I was okay the next day, and she didn't really talk much...she's really just an acquaintance.
Rainysong (star) White with light gray patches 60% Rainy...I haven't seen her in a while. But when I did - when she was Rainypaw, and for a short time Rainysong - I enjoyed having her near. *She sighs.* But the past is past. Maybe one day I'll see her in Serenity.




Huntress's pelt is dark gray with lighter gray stripes and a white underbelly.


Her eyes are a bright violet.


Huntress is relatively skinny.


She has a crippled back left leg[1], a long scar running down her left side[2], and two notches in her left ear.


Huntress's scent is distinguishable by the mint and rose combination.

Overall Description

Huntress is a violet-eyed, well-muscled dark gray she-cat with lighter gray stripes, a white underbelly, and a mint-and-rose scent.





With the accident gone wrong as a novice and her bad leg confining her talents, she's a gloomy cat. She hardly ever smiles, haunted by her past and the present.


Despite her bad leg and her gloominess, she is a very loyal cat at heart, willing to fight for her friends and family.


Huntress is a shy cat, though not quite an introvert. She usually avoids interacting with other cats.


She's quite caring and compassionate if a friend confides in her. She'll listen to them and comfort them to the best of her ability.


Huntress is basically the definition of self-doubt. She never thinks she's good at anything and constantly puts herself down. The reason is mostly because while trying to make her father happy, a rockfall killed him, which Huntress blamed herself for.


She's an adaptable cat; she adapted to her leg and, while she still lacks the abilities of a warrior, can still survive on her own. She also adapts quickly to unfamiliar terrain, although she does not have a true home, so everywhere is unfamiliar terrain.

Overall Description

She is an easily-adaptable, self-doubtful, shy, gloomy cat, but at her heart she's loyal and compassionate.





- Huntress, after the rockfall killed Ravensong


At a young age, Huntress was a very bouncy kit, much unlike her current self. Originally called Violetkit, her bright traits (compassionate and loyal) were seen much more often. She loved her father, Ravensong, and always wanted to be with him, pouncing on him at dawn and wanting to spend all day with him.

A Surprise Gone Wrong

The day came when she became a novice. After receiving her new name, Violetpaw, she was assigned Swiftfoot as a mentor. One day, soon after becoming a novice, she decided that she wanted to surprise her father. Flowerpaw, who was her friend and a Shaman Novice, showed her a cave but warned her not to go on the top with her father, because the cave would collapse.

Violetpaw forgot the warning and showed him the top, however, and neither noticed when the dust fell. When the rocks started coming down, however, Ravensong shouted to run. She did, but not before one of the rocks came down on her leg, breaking it. She managed to get back to camp despite this, aware her father's life was on the line.

Violetpaw retrieved Flowerpaw and the leader at the time, Thornstar, to come and see. She attempted to help get Ravensong out, but her leg prevented that. She ended up having to be carried back, and awoke to Flowerpaw sadly teling her that her leg was broken and would take a while to heal, and it had to be set back in place. When she asked about her father, Flowerpaw told her he died. Deeply upset and sad, she ran away.

A New Life

Violetpaw ran into two cats, one named December, one named September. December immediately took an attraction to the little novice and asked her what her name was. She then called herself Huntress, thinking that while Violetpaw may have killed Ravensong, Huntress didn't.

December then decided to stay with Huntress and educate her on how to survive, even though they were leaving. September left without her sister. Huntress then inquired about her leg, to which December attempted to help heal but couldn't. She said that it was likely to be like that for a long time, and then offered to help her work out something to help move normally. Huntress agreed.

Huntress and December grew rather close. December admitted, one day, that she had once had kits, but they died. She didn't say how, only that Huntress felt like a daughter to her. One day, close to the end of Huntress needing December, a tom came by. December spat at the tom to leave, but he didn't. He introduced himself as Falcon and revealed he was the father of December's kits, and then told the story of how they died. The two were fighting - Falcon wanted to keep them, to take care, while December didn't want to part with them nor join his band. They fought, and a hawk swooped in and picked the kits up. He then inquired if Huntress wished to join his group, which she declined, announcing that "As long as the moon stays in the sky, I will not part with her."

Huntress did end up leaving, one day, after December insisted that she lived her own life. She sadly said good-bye and parted with the cat she felt as though was her mother, and then moved on. Although, without December, she didn't have anyone to comfort her, encourage her, and so she fell down into the pit of gloominess and self-doubt. She still travels around, and there's a chance you may bump into this she-cat travelling in your territory.




Interesting Facts

Huntress's warrior name would have been Violetgaze[3].

Violetkit and Rainypaw were friends, but when Rainypaw was about eight moons, she stopped going to visit Violekit. She apologized when Violetpaw became a novice, and they made amends.

She stars in two stories, If Violetpaw Stayed AU and Mistake.

Her theme song was originally Apologize by OneRepublic, as a way of what she thought everyone back at home thought.




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  2. Revealed in a roleplay, caused by December
  3. Revealed in If Violetpaw Stayed AU