(If this wasn't any help to you, please look at: How to Make a Clan! and hopefully it'll give you more information if you are stuck.)

Step-by-step guide of how to make a successful Clan. Edit

Alright. If you are planning on making a Clan, the first thing you need to do is decide on the name.

Names to choose from: Edit



Windclan-(This can be made into Breezeclan)

Riverclan- (This can be made into Streamclan)


If you want to do something unique, either choose yourself or look for different Clans unrelated to the books' Clans.

Your Leader name/Ranks: Edit

Once you have decided on a Clan name, you need to decide your name. The way these are chosen are usually related to the Clan's name. For example, if your Clan name is 'FireClan' then you could either be Firestar or Flamestar. If you do not want to be a Leader, you can choose an Elder, Warrior, Apprentice, Kit, Queen or Medicine cat name.(Deputy is optional.)

If you wish to be the leader, you must pick a first part of the name (a prefix) and combine it with the rank names. Leaders will always have 'Star' at the end of their names. So lets say I chose my first part of my name to be 'Moon' and I want to be the leader so I would be 'Moonstar'. If you are a Warrior/Elder, you will have a name such as: (First part combined)- Feather, Claw, Tail, Eye, Ear etc. Apprentice would be a prefix which is then combined with 'Paw'. Kit is the same but with 'Kit' as the last part.

Dens: Edit

Depending on your Clans name, results in some sort of Den. If your Clan name is 'Flameclan' I would advise using:

  • Greely Hideout den
  • Volcano den
  • (Maybe) Haunted House.
  • Liza's Garden


Though, if you have 'Breezeclan' these would be a better example:

  • Cosmo's Den
  • Small House
  • Enchanted Hollow


A tough Clan leader! Edit

Once you have advertised, (Advised to do at Sarepia instead of Jamaa -Kittypets/Non roleplayers might turn up rather than 'cats'.) show you Clanmates you are a tough leader ready for anything! Also make the Clan excited/exciting by:

  • Making Allies
  • Making Enemies
  • Ambushing/Attacking
  • Going to Ally meetings
  • Creating exciting news

Before you start off... Edit

Make sure you have done everything! And again, if this didn't help you, check out the link at the top. If THAT didn't help you... I don't know. But I would also advise making a Wiki page about your Clan! This will help a lot. If you're not sure how to make one, (setting it out) then look at Clans on Wikia. If you can't find anything that helps ask fellow friends :3. You can join a live chat and ask, or simply question on Animal Jam. Thanks! ~Eclipse~