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How to ensure a queen is healthy and kitting properly

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  1. Try to keep the queen inside the nursery or out in the clearing; Do Not let them outside of camp on patrols.
  2. Keep the cat comfortable.
  3. Keep her hydrated and eating a lot of fatty prey such as rabbits, plump shrews, and squirrels.
  4. Ensure the queen eats plenty of Borage before and after kitting.
  5. When they kit have plenty of needed herbs such as raspberry leaves, narcissus
  6. Keep the Queen comfortable with the pain, rub her belly and give her Narcissus for contractions.
  7. Kitting process



    1. Make the She-Cat as comfortable as possible, with only the cats she chooses to be allowed in the area
    2. Make a big and soft moss nest for the soon-to-come kits
    3. Allow the Queen to grasp a stick in jaws, so she can bite down when in pain
    4. The first contractions should stretch out through 1 hour at the most, try to give her Narcissus for the contractions.
    5. After 1 hour of contractions, the labor begins and the first kit should be born
    6. Clean off the kit and place them on the moss nest, having another cat keeping an eye on them
    7. Prepare for the other kit, who should arrive in 10 minutes to 1 hour
    8. Once all the kits are born, immediately return them to the mother, if conscious (she may go unconscious from the pain)
    9. Make sure both the kits and Mother is healthy
    10. Let them both rest after a long, hard labor
    11. Credit to the skyclan med.

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