" The Moon-warriors descenants live in the darkest of woods. While packs prefer the light of the Sun-dog, we see night and darkness as beauty. As you sleep in the Moon-Dog light, her trap is affect as your death will be in her light. Follow us now, live in forever victory that been promise by the Moon-Dog or die in her light". Talia while speaking to her pack.

Intro Edit

You played with your litter-mates in the pack. Many dogs were here, and you knew that. You felt warm and safe in this protected pack, and you couldn't wait to start training. You splashed in the water in the dry marsh while the adults talked and trained. Your litter-brother ran ahead of you. His sleek, well-fed pelt shone

in the small amount of light.

A booming but demanding voice made you stop. "Pups training, now". You felt your play and turned to your alpha. Her long, reinforced cougar claws gleamed as she gave each paw a lick. She glared at you. "Are you ready to learn the basic battle moves?" Your tail wagged eagerly.

Your Mother was on her warriors duties as usual. She had been on her duties ever since you were three days old. You ignore that fact and Alpha was watching the pups perform battle moves. One pup lunged and bit your soft underbelly. You reared up and slammed your paws on the pup's back, sending her rolling. You lunged at another pup, knowing that the Haunted Blood will one day depend on you and the other pups for its survival.

Welcome:Talia Edit

Husky's face

" We stare death in the face and move forward".

Welcome to the Haunted Blood. I'm Talia, a small but extremely strong American Eskimo. Alpha, Leader, dominate, commander whatever you call me, it is my duty to make sure my canines feel secure in my pack. I expect you to come here with the knowledge of anatomy or be willing to learn. I will be accepting only a few non-freechatters. Yes, you may call me cruel for me making the dam leaving the nursery after three days of birth, but the pups need to prove that they are strong, for any weak pup will be abandoned.

We are linked to the Moon-Dog. Special ceremonies must be performed under her light. We have Night of Battles, which happens on a full moon. On that night, I pair up two canines, who fight until one loses. The loser is at risk of being exiled at the end of the night. A canine exiled and that second to next exiled canine is omega makes sure that all weakness is expelled.

If you're exiled and want to rejoin, then you have to join after a full moon-dog's journey.

Camp tour Edit


Is covered in dense fog and red trees (soon), and is another place where Canines socialize.


This is where Canines train. The Hollow is a large hollow that appears to be scooped up by a big paw.


It is on the first floor to the left. The Nursery is where newborn pups and monarchs stay. However, the Monarchs won't be there for long- in three days they return to their normal duties. This is testing the pups to see if they can survive.

Medicine-canine denEdit

This den is on the first floor as well and is only for emergencies. Russet expects her canines to deal with their own wounds or it a sign of weakness or vulnerability. Canines that go to the medicine canine den too much for their minor wounds will be exiled for weakness.


Is the second floor, this is a popular place where Canines socialize. This is also where the prey is eaten and where Kamaria does meetings.

Haunteds and apprentices denEdit

This is on the third floor of the den,and is the highest den. Haunteds and Apprentice sleep here but barely get any rest, for they often doing training.


They sleep in the clearing.

Spikes and Reinforcements Edit

We wear spike collars with animal teeth and claws to protect our throats in battle. Apprentices get theirs when they become apprentice to a mentor, while Pups don't get one. As for reinforcements, you must reinforce your claws with animal claws.

Rules and Auditioning Edit

We require you to audition for the Haunted Bloods. We test your anatomy and fighting skills. It normally takes at least a couple of days of careful calucation.

  • You must know at least basic skeletion and muscular of a canine as a apprentice. Not knowing it means falling behind and increase the chance of being exiled for weakness.
  • When you audition or join your not allow to be in any other roleplay. For your loyalty must be just on the pack. If you have a mate outside the pack, fix the promblem or Talia will fix it for you.
  • Be online often. We need many canines as possible online.
  • You need to be willing to practice anatomy. You be tested on the anatomy you learn, so practice or be exiled.
  • Take the pack seriously. Just because you got a spot in the pack doesn't mean you can goof around. There are others that will be willing to take your spot.
  • My word is the law, if you disobey my rules. I don't mind punishing you harshly nor even finishing you off if your offense is serious.
  • Monarchs must leave the nursery after three days of birth. They may tend to their pups during the day and sleep with them.
  • If you're exiled by being the weakest canine during the Night of Darkness, then you be treated like an intruder, so do not cross our territory if your exiled.
  • Do not train anywhere else expect the Hollow, that why it was made for canines to train at.
  • Attend pack meetings; any reason to fail to come is punishable.
  • Pups are apprenticed at 2 month of age and become Warriors at 5 month

Pack photos Edit

Pack Members Edit

  • Talia, Alpha and is a american eskimo
  • Rage, the Beta and is Talia's mate
  • Blade, third in command
  • Fang
  • Shade
  • Crimson
  • Fluffy
  • Kila
  • Leaf
  • Soul(is a pup)
  • Persa, is a young pup
  • Lucky or Omega

Pack's mythological stories Edit

Moon-Dog's glory Edit

In the dawn of time, the Moon-dog and sun-dog despised each other. The Sun-dog was much bolder,older and bigger then his younger sister the Moon-dog.

Moon Dog
The Moon-dog felt like the Sun-dog had his light around to much and sent his Sun-warriors to tense the Moon-warriors and the Moon-dog. When the Earth-dog and the sky-dogs started the Storm of Dogs. The Moon-dog saw this as a chance of revenge, sending her Moon-warriors in the thickest of battle. The moon-warriors fed up with all the tensing the sun-warriors did won the battle.

The Sun-dog was force to go to sleep at night and go to sleep early at autumn and winter.

Mentoring and Training Edit

Mentors are assign to each Neopythe,the maxium is two for each Mentor. Mentors are expected to train their neopythe, to be fully loyal. Neopythes are apprenticed at 2 months of age, when they learn easist. It important for neopythes to be fully healthy. Training includes Tree climbing, swimming, scenting, hunting and battle. If you have any training suggest,suggest in the comments.

Punishments Edit

Each punishment has a violent action, the higher your crimes the higher the punishments gets.

  1. You get a muzzle scar