This is a religion I came up with myself that can be used for roleplaying. Feel free to use this for your group. The Horizon religion believes in two afterlives, The Blue Horizon and The Blood Horizon. In this religion, every star in the sky represents a deceased follower who has passed on to The Blue Horizon.

The Blue HorizonEdit

The Blue Horizon is located in the Northern skies around the North Star. The North Star represents the creator of Earth
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and The Blue Horizon, North. North is portrayed as a pure white tom with massive, pure white, angel-like wings and amethyst purple eyes. His pupils are light gray, and the irises are purple and appear to have stars in them. North is the ruler of The Blue Horizon and judges the souls of deceased felines. The Blue Horizon is an endless plain with few trees and several lakes and rivers. Once in The Blue Horizon, you live forever and never get hungry or tired.

The Blood HorizonEdit

The Blood Horizon is where followers go when they go against The Blue Horizon, have killed for pleasure or anything else
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related to that. No one knows where The Blood Horizon is located. The ruler of The Blood Horizon is a tom named South. South is a solid black tom with massive, bat like wings. His irises are blood red and his pupils pure white. The Blood Horizon is a forest covered in a blanket of fog so thick, you can't even see your own paws. You wander this forest alone for eternity if you disobey North and The Blue Horizon. It is also possible to sell your soul to South in exchange for one wish. If you sell your soul, when you die, you will automatically be forced to join South's army. Deamoras often collect those souls.

What Happens After You Die?Edit

The Blue HorizonEdit

You will wake up in the same place as where you died, but a massive staircase appears. This staircase is made of the brightest shining stars. At the top of the staircase is a massive gate made from golden star dust. The felines who have died climb this staircase and at the top, there is a silver feline with gorgeous, silver wings and beautiful, blue eyes. Depending on your gender, it could be a she-cat or a tom. If you are a she-cat, this feline is a tom. If you are a tom, this feline is a she-cat. This feline will lead you to North. North will then give you your wings. You will then live an eternity in The Blue Horizon.

The Blood HorizonEdit

You will wake up in a foggy forest. There is a clearing not too far away. In this clearing is South. South will then attack you. If you survive, you will be forced to wander the foggy forests of The Blood Horizon for eternity. If you don't, you suffer an eternity of darkness and confusion. If you beat South, you are offered to join his army of demons. If you join this army, you are forced to listen to South and do whatever he tells you to.

The Tribal CodeEdit

This religion has a set of commandments that all followers must follow and obey in order to make it into The Blue Horizon. If you break one of these laws, you can ask North for forgiveness, or you can make up for your wrong doing. These laws are called The Tribal Code.

1.) You do not have to kill to win your battles, unless absolutely necessary.

2.) Never trespass on another group's territory.

3.) Kits or vernals shall not become apprentices until the age of 5 moons.

4.) Honor every animal killed for food.

5.) The leader's word is law

6.) The deputy cannot kill the leader for power. They must respect their leader and obey them unless otherwise. A deputy can kill the leader if the leader is selfish, greedy, violent and leads the clan, tribe or pack onto the path of destruction.

7.) The leader must listen for advice from North and obey the commandments. They are not more superior than the other felines, but equal, for they are all feline.

8.) Respect your clan/pack/tribe mates, for they may be the ones to save your life.

9.) Always try your best and never settle for less than your best.

10.) Remain loyal to your clan/pack/tribe. Do not double clan or betray them, for they are your family.

11.) All felines are considered equal, no matter the circumstances.

12.) Never settle for the soft life of a Cage Toy or Kittypet.

13.) Challenge all trespassers.

14.) Every feline is equal, no matter the sexuality, gender, rank, or sex. Everyone is to be treated with respect.

Key BeliefsEdit

Horizonism has three key beliefs. Please keep in mind that these are just beliefs and that not everyone will believe them or agree with them.

1.) War is never the answer.

2.) Every feline was created by North. Every feline is precious in his eyes, even if they follow the Blood Horizon.

3.) Every life is precious and must be protected.


A feline is only reincarnated when they have unfinished work that must be done, or they died before they could fulfill a prophecy. When a feline is reincarnated, they are reborn as a kit. They loose all memory of their past life, but they still have their wings. When a feline is reincarnated, they can usually leap higher and run faster than other felines. They are also slightly stronger and more wiser, having obtained knowledge from their past life. Felines who are reincarnated cannot physically fly nor do their physical have wings, but their souls have wings. If a feline simply wants to visit the mortal world, they must first ask North for permission. They then get sent down through the StarTree, which is a twisted tree with leaves that look like stars. The feline wakes up under this tree in their spiritual form. Live felines cannot see them, but they can interact through dreams and prophecies.

Seraphins and DeamorasEdit


When you get into the Blue Horizon, you have the opportunity to become a Seraphin, an angel like creature. Only the purest of souls can become Seraphins. Seraphins are guardians and soldiers for North. They are also the guardians of the Blue Horizon. All souls are given wings, but Seraphins are given much larger wings and sometimes halos. A halo is the source of a Seraphin's power and immortality. If they loose their halo, they fall. If their halo is destroyed, they die. It is very rare for a soul to become a Seraphin. Most Seraphins are created by North himself and are created in his image and they reflect purity and holiness. Seraphins can possess a vessel, but only with the consent of that vessel. A Seraphin's true form is so pure and perfect, mortal feline souls cannot handle it and their eyes are often burned out of their skulls. Seraphs often possess vessels to communicate with the living.


Deamoras are servants of South. They are demon like creatures. All Deamoras were once feline, but the terrors of the Blood Horizon transformed them into merciless, demonic creatures. They have the ability to possess the living whenever they want and are powerful. They are weak compared to Seraphins however. A Seraphin's true form is so powerful, Deamoras are often killed or blinded just by looking at them. They also collect souls that have sold themselves to South. They can also buy souls for South.

North and SouthEdit

There was once a spirit whose name was Nebulus. They are the creator of the universe and the stars. Because they are a spirit, they have no gender or pronouns. Nebulus created two more spirits, North and South. They were brothers. North was the older and wiser brother who loved his creator with all his heart and obeyed his every order, while South looked up to North as an idol and strived to be like him. They ruled the universe peacefully until Nebulus went missing. North took charge and took control of the universe himself. South began to get jealous. He wanted the universe to himself. Despite South's ambition for power, he still loved North. North eventually created felines. He ordered South to love the felines more than he loved him. South was enraged. He believed that felines were abortions, flaws, and insects that were expendable and deserved to die. South refused to love the felines more than he loved North. North got angered and cast South out of The Blue Horizon and into The Blood Horizon. South was enraged at this point. He began plotting to over throw North and defeat North and his army of Seraphins. South created his own army of monsters and Deamoras. To this day, South buys the souls of felines so he could make them into Deamoras.


This is a list of groups who are following Horizonism, or Horizonists. Feel free to add yourself, just please follow this format. The reason this is in the middle of the page is because I can't add this to the bottom without deleting the symbol.

Format: Group Name – Leader's Name (Leader's Username)

50/50 of DuskClan - Stormstar (Pumkintader)

The Vicious Fluff - Clover (cloveaw22)


The star represents the entire religion as a whole. The dark areas of the star represent South and The Blood Horizon. The light areas represent North and The Blue Horizon.

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