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It seems to be a thing to make a page for your character, so I thought might as well do this. It's mainly going to be based on my own experiences + the drawing is a little old... EDIT 12/10/15 finally editing this in over a hundred years

  • Honeydew
  • 21 moons
  • Female
  • Maine Coon mix
  • A largely built cat, sporting white and ginger markings along with striking green eyes.
  • Loner, former Tribe cat.
  • +kind, +friendly, +protective, ~soft spoken, ~clumsy, -strict, -fearful, -doesn't easily trust others
  • +snuggling, +sun rises, +company of others, +water
  • -loud noises, -dogs, -mud, -dark places
  • Honeydew was born into a small litter, consisting of two kits that were blood- siblings to her, a shekit who their mother named Basil and a tom who was named Robin. And another tomkit, who at first she didn't know wasn't part of the litter; Dexter (Look up Dexter(oc) to know who that is if you don't already). As a young cat, Honeydew didn't know the difference between either, so she accepted Dexter as her brother very quickly. (still a wip)

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