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The hollows, used for tribe of hidden hollows only
Message To Bears- Walking Through Woodlands INTRO

QUOTE: "We are smart and clever cats, you cannot see us through the large oak trees, if you find our scents we will make it disappear. We are Hiddenclan!"

introduction: I've been walking for moons, having no prey, or something to drink, i've remember the day how my family died from badgers I wanted to save them, but.. I didn't want to risk my life so I.. left.  Now, I am lost, middle of the forest trying to find shelter and prey before leafbare comes. Then, I saw a three figures they were in a group, I remember rumors about a clan that rule this forest, so I kept walking hoping they didn't see or found my scent but then one of them look at my direction with a strict glare as their eyes glow, I saw a bush and hid myself. 'I don't want to die, I don't want to die!' I thought. I hear footsteps coming in closer, I was shaking in fear then.. I heard a voice.. "I know your in there, I can smell your scent, come out and we won't harm you!" someone said in a calm, but strict voice. I didn't know what to do, I don't want to get killed, so I followed their order and walked out the bush slowly, then I saw a black shecat with bright purple eyes narrowing your eyes towards you, "What are you doing in our territory? Didn't you know we own the part of this territory?" she demanded. Then you saw another cat walking towards you, "Darkflight, don't be rude to him/her their probably lost and need shelter!" you saw the black shecat rolled her eyes "Sorry Moon dust, I just want to protect our territories, so we can have prey till Leafbare comes." Moon dust gave a glare at Darkflight, then to you, "Now, what are you doing in our territory in the first place?" she asks you calmly. I started to talk "Well, my family die from badgers, and I have been seeking for shelter, prey, and water, but now that Leafbare is coming I don't know if I could survive even on its first day.." I explained to them, as my ears lowered down  Then, I saw a orange tabby tom with black markings, his dark emerald eyes glowed "Oh, hello Fallstar!" Moondust dipped her head to him. "Hello, I see you found the rogue who was roaming in our territory hm? Well then, I am Fallstar, leader of Hiddenclan, our warriors have found a rogue scent that maybe belong to you, now why are you in our territory?" Before you could re-explain everything again. Darkflight interrupted, "Well, this cat parents die from badgers and was looking for shelter" she explained to him. "Hm, I see, well then, you don't have to wander around the forest anymore I could offer you to stay in our clan, would you like that?" Fallstar offered kindly. I thought of the offer that he gave me, it is true that I won't be wandering in the forest anymore, if I joined their clan to learn their ways to become a warrior. I looked at the three cats then I agreed their offer, "Yes! I will join in your clan, I want to learn your ways so I can survive!" I meowed cheerfully, as my eyes gleamed with excitement "Very well, I will show you the way back to Hiddenclan camp. Also, What is your name?" I began to follow Fallstar and the others after hearing the question, I look at the leader "Well.. My name is..


1) Double Clanning: Yes, most clans likes to double clanning. If you don't know what Double clanning means I will tell you. Double clanning is when two clans form into one clan that helps and survives so that means there will be two leaders and two deputies so Hiddenclan doesn't allow that if we catch you seeing double clanning even if it looks like your double clanning we will give you a warning and you will have a moderated punishment.

2) What kind of AJ animals do we use?: In Hiddenclan we are allow to have any type of cats as warriors, bunnies as kits, foxes or bunnies as apprentices if you use any of these animals that doesn't belong to this rule please switch to these three animals that we are allow to roleplay.

3) PowerPlaying: We see many people power playing when they roleplay at Sarepia Forest in the sever call Aldan but we don't accept it in our clan if you don't know what is power playing here is a example :Stonefur opened his wings as he flee the battle then he swoops in clawing one of his rival warriors back and killed him/her one hit: That is a example if we see you or someone that looks like power playing you will get a one warning, if you get that warning you will get a punishment!

4) Being Active: Being active is very important for Hiddenclan, as well keeping the wiki page alive and not forgotten. Many clan wikis have been loosing members because their clan isn't active enough. If your not active, then our clan will just not be one it will just be forgotten like the rest.

5) Killing: If you really want to kill someone in Hiddenclan roleplay, please tell the leader (Fallstar) or the deputy (Moon dust) if you want to kill. If you kill someone without asking permission to them we will immediately give you a vital punishment and we will not forgive you what you have done to him/her

6) Drama: Ah, drama our sixth rule part for Hiddenclan. Everybody loves drama even people who doesn't roleplays! But, not for Hiddenclan! Drama is a big part of our rules, if you or someone else starts drama everyone will just be part of it and then our roleplay will end and we don't know what will happen next! So, please do not start drama or we will give you two warnings!

7) Having fun: Just have fun roleplaying in Hiddenclan and see what Starclan takes you! P

Small Punishments:

  • (Appretinces) Find ticks for Elders and Queens
  • (Appretinces) Clean the Elders and Queens Den
  • Sleeping outside of camp
  • Having no prey till night falls

Moderate Punishments:

  • Suspension
  • Getting embarassed by the whole clan
  • Having a scar on back, ear, and eye
  • Being kick out or banished from Hiddenclan for 2-4 days
  • (Appretinces) Won't let you have your true warrior name even if it is your final segment

Vital Punishments:

  • Being killed by one of the warriors
  • killed by a badger or a fox
  • Eating Death Berries
  • Being drowned by a clanmate you knew for a long time
In Hiddenclan we want our pelt colors and clothing items to be realistic if you use any of the colors or clothing items that doesn't belong to the list please switch them out or change the colors if you want to add any more clothing items please tell the leader Fallstar, or the deputy Moondust so we can add them into our page.
Pelt for Hiddenclan

Pelt colors

Eye colors for Hiddenclan

Eye Colors

Allow Member clothing Items:
  • Spring Flower Crowns Flower Crowns
  • Skull Helments
  • (Member) sword
  • Elf Armor
  • Golden Bow and Arrows
  • Spartan Armor
  • Jammaliday
  • Elf tail armor *
  • Skullys *
  • Flower tail
  • Feather tail
  • Leaf necklaces
  • Elf bracelets
  • Spike wristbands
  • Leg armor
  • Elf tail armor
  • Flower tail
  • Feather tail
  • Allow Non Member clothing Items:
  • Fox hats
  • Head flowers
  • Raccoon Hats
  • Worn Blankets
  • (Rare) Bow and arrows
  • NM pirate sword
  • Moon Necklaces
  • Pinecone Necklaces
  • Jamaaliday Scarfs
  • Ribbon Scarfs
  • Worn Spike Wristbands
  • Freedom Bands
  • Horned Bracelets
  • Any type of NM glove.

LEADER: The leader is the first commander of Hiddenclan, he/she will risk their life even it if means loosing all nine of them to protect their clan from any threats. The leader gets their nine lives from a moonstone from their Starclan Ancestors that have die many moons ago from Hiddenclan.

Name Username Gender Mate Appearance Lives
Fallstar Thunderhawk256 Male Midnightheart A orange tabby tomcat with black markings and has dark emerald eyes, also has a dark grey underbelly. 2/9

DEPUTY: The Deputy is the second command for Hiddenclan, the Deputy will help make decisions with the leader. If the leader is not here. If the leader looses all of her/him nine lives they will take over and go to the moonstone to touch their nose to meet their Starclan Ancestors after receiving their nine lives from Starclan.

Name Username Gender Appearance Apprentice
Moondust Rozzie961 Female A young silver she cat with white spots, green eyes and a dark grey under belly None

Medicine cats: Are cats who help and heal those who are injured and wounded. They also have a strong connection with Starclan and walk with them in their dreams. Also, receive visions, omens, signs or prophecy's.

Name Username Appearance Apprentice
Tornleaf Asiberianhusky A light grey tomcat with dark grey markings,dark brown underbelly and has brown eyes. None
Moonclaw Penguinwarriors5 A tomcat with white fur and dark grey markings and a black underbelly, has pale eyes. None
Lightningfur Cats56b7 A dark blue tomcat with pale blue markings and has a blue underbelly. None

Warriors: Are tomcats and shecats not expecting any kites and will defend and protect the clan by honor and the warrior code.

Name Username Gender Mate Appearance Apprentice
Midnightheart Ralove Female Fallstar A young black she cat with dark grey markings and has dark blue eyes. None
Angelclaw Angelclaw169 Female Blackfur A young grey she cat with dark grey makings and a white underbelly and also had light blue eyes. Shiverpaw
Moonpaw's Asharooo Male None A young black tomcat with white markings and has unusual orange eyes. None
Poisonivy Bedazz1ed Female None A young light brown she cat with black markings and has unusual purple eyes. None
Swiftfoot Bluecottoncandygirl Female None A light dark brown shecat with even darker brown markings and has a light brown underbelly, also has blue eyes. None
Sunheart Brightstar74 Male None A orange tomcat with black markings and has blue eyes(adopted son of Fallstar). None
Mistyheart Cuteflorababy Female None A young shecat with light grey markings and has dark grey markings and has a white underbelly and has blue eyes (daughter of Angelclaw). None
Cleverheart Elliegarseeyalater Male Moonsky A orange tomcat with a white underbelly and has yellow eyes. None
Wishflower Fallenwish12 Female None A light grey shecat with dark grey markings and has a white underbelly(can't see). None
Silverpool haloloverxox Female None A black shecat with grey makings and has a white underbelly and blue eyes. None
Tigerclaw ja50412 Female None A orange shecat with black markings and has a white underbelly, also has light blue eyes. None
Tinycloud Kitties3356 Female None A young she fox with a orange pelt and has black eyes. None
Moonwhisker Lukerocks342 Female None A light brown shecat with dark brown markings, has a white underbelly and black eyes. None
Stonepelt Midnightwolf Male None A black tomcat with grey markings and has black eyes. None
Glimmerpelt Petkin5101 Female None A young black shecat with dark grey markings and has dark blue eyes.(daughter of Fallstar). None
Fallclaw Pinkiepie54328 Male None A young orange tomcat with black markings and has a white underbelly and has green eyes.(Son of Fallstar) None
Braveclaw reindeerpowersneaky8 Female None A senior black shecat with dark blue eyes. None
Shadowheart Santillan Female None A pale shecat with dark grey markings and has a white underbelly. Also has green eyes. None
Moonsky Savvybananna Female None A young dark grey shecat with white/black markings and has yellow eyes. None
Poppyflame Savvybananna Female None A young orange shecat with black markings and has yellow eyes, also has a white underbelly. None
Thornthunder Thornthunder Female None A light grey shecat with white markings and underbelly and has dark blue eyes. None
Darkflight Thun8902 Female None A black shecat with purple eyes and has a moody personality. None
Blackfur Yellowlab77 Male Angelclaw A young dark grey tomcat and has black markings, also has a white underbelly. Has dark blue eyes. None
Firesky Female None A young orange shecat with black markings and has green eyes(daughter of Fallstar). None
Moonheart Petshop3 Female None A grey shecat with dark grey markings and has a white underbelly, alos has blue eyes. None
Clouded stream Pug20061 Male None A young black tomcat with dark grey markings, also has red markings and can see despite the way he looks. None
Skullfire Jammer9n1bh Male None A black tomcat with grey markings and has dark green eyes. None

APPRENTICE: Are young cats who learn and train under the warrior code and the clan. Will become warriors when the time comes.





Shiverpaw Rozzie961 Angelclaw A young light grey cat with dark grey markings and has blue eyes.
Aloepaw Lightsun84 Moondust A young orange tomcat with a white underbelly and has golden eyes.
Sunpaw Majorchuck123 Fallstar A young orange tomcat with black markings and green eyes. (Son of Fallstar)

NURSERY QUEENS: Are shecats who are expecting or having kittens and don't do their warrior duties. Will stay with the kits in the nursery den until they become apprentices.





Midnightheart Ralove Ashkit and A dark grey tomcat with black markings and green eyes(Son of Fallstar) and
Moonsky Savvybananna n/a

Elders: Are retired cats who tell stories to the young kittens and pass down knowledge and wisdom to the next generation.








How long?

What type?

Foxcloud Kawaiifox120 forever Kicked out
Allypaw Popycorn14 forever Left
hi can I join sorry I be I posted here I just wanna join my user is forestpaws2000 and Ima She Cat I don't have a name yet though


Clan Name


Leaders name

Ally or Enemy?

Twlightclan Bluestarlover38 and Fiarwolf3 Shadestar/Snowstar Neutral
Midnight Empire Uninfected, Aerodynamicz, Darksided Izaya, Insomnia, Mavericks Ally
The Clan of Waking Moonlight Moonshadow1011 Moonstar Ally
Doveclan Littlewaffle1206 Echostar Ally
Shadeclan Dr141 Silverstar Ally
Driftingclan Littlecheetah Lunastar Ally
The Pack of Clear Skies Smog xxdasher1xx Ally

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