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You open your eyes, finding yourself in a lit, yet dim moor. Trees hover above you, and blossoms fall, drifting onto your pelt. Beautiful flowers wave at you as a cool, refreshing breeze passes through. A river with crystal-clear water runs through the terrain, and you walk towards it. You see your reflection as who you really are, as well as dozens of other cats. You blink, confused but soon forget about it as you notice a path exiting the territory. You walk along the path, and large, green, leafy trees loom over you, a mist sputtering in the small wind. You finally see what looks like an entrance. It is protected by trees, flowers, and cactus. You manage to walk through it, and realize you are now in a tunnel. Then, light bursts into your eyes as you enter a gorgeous Clan camp. Cats with healthy, silky pelts are sitting around, while others are chatting excitedly. You notice they all have warm, welcoming looks in their eyes. They turn to you, and it seems as if they are saying "Welcome to our Clan!" Then, a tall, large she-cat appears on the Highrock, which is sitting on a large slab of wood that has flowers and mushrooms sprouting out of it. Her dark blue coat shines in the sunlight, and her green eyes are twinkling like stars. She meows,"Hello. I am Naturestar, and this is HeatherClan. Here, we treat you the way you wish to be treated. We love you like family, and would risk our lives for you." Her warriors murmured in agreement. "Would you like to join? You are welcome to." You nod, wondering if you had what a cat needed to be in this peaceful Clan. "Follow me." The she-cat leaped off the rock, trotting out of another tunnel through the back of the camp. Her warriors followed. The tunnel opened up into a large, shining arena. Moss was surrounding on all sides, while a sandy clearing sat in the middle. A Highrock sat in front of the clearing. Naturestar leaped onto it. "Newcomer, you will be fighting my deputy, Palemoon. We will judge your fighting skills and determine whether or not you shall be an apprentice, warrior or be kicked out. This is called a Trial." You nod, and the deputy jumps into the clearing. After a long, hard fight, Naturestar finally commands the two to stop. Some of the HeatherClanners vote apprentice, but some vote warrior. After she had a hard look in her eyes, Naturestar finally decided, "You shall be a warrior." You dip your head, and immediately feel yourself being welcomed to the family. "Welcome to HeatherClan." Naturestar purred.


About Edit

===HeatherClan was founded and lead by Whisperthecat, or Autumnstar. Her first deputy was Parkington10 (Asuna), and co-deputy as Wishfuldream (Naturepool). Naturepool then became deputy, and LeDogDX (Palemoon) became co-deputy. After a fairly long amount of leading, Autumnstar stepped down as Autumnsky, to live in HeatherClan as a warrior. Naturepool became Naturestar, and Palemoon became her loyal deputy. ===Then, NatureStar suddenly stepped down as leader and LedogDX became leader of HeatherClan.

Members and Overview Edit

Leader - LeDogDX

Deputy - none yet

Co-deputy - crystal74597

Medicine cat - Faulting

Cats of the Clan

































34 members total (currently still growing)

Also remember that a dogs claw is normally called a claw, BUT it can also be called a nail.

Territories Edit

HeatherClan owns all territories in the server Bakoy only. Please alert me if Bakoy is taken.


Mt. Shiveer


Crystal Sands






Tag Color Edit

Heatherclan's tag color will always be purple, as inspired by the leader's favorite color and the color of the heather plant itself.

Jobs Edit

Each cat in HeatherClan is assigned a certain job. The following jobs are:

Recruiter - Recruits for the Clan

Guardian - Guards the leader and deputies during battle/Gatherings

Spywatcher - Watches anyone suspicious or anyone who seems like a spy, then reports it to the leader

Kitwatcher - Watches all of the kits when the apprentices/warriors are on patrols or at battles.

Patrol deputy - Organizes all patrols and what kind of patrol they are, how many cats go on them and who

Lead fighters - Leads battle patrols and fights off trespassers.

Gathering leaders - Leads the cats where to sit at Gatherings.

Gatherings Edit

Gatherings always begin at Appondale at 3 pm Eastern Time. Three other Clans attend, two allies and one rival.

Allies/Enemies Edit


SwiftClan, ShadeClan, SageClan, CrypressClan

Enemies: ShadowClan

Daily Routine Edit

The daily routine of HeatherClan usually starts around 10-11 A.M.

Begins with:

Hunting and border patrols



Recruiting with newcomers

Clan meeting for daily news.

Punishments Edit

HeatherClan is very strict about cats coming and participating in training, Gatherings, meetings, or just roleplay. If a cat does not come to camp when told to do so, they are punished. If one is impatient during a meeting, they will be punished. Most punishments include extra training and being held up in camp. A cat is required to come to camp if the leader is online. Unless you are on vacation/family, there are no exceptions.

Rules Edit

If you wish to join HeatherClan, you must obey to the following rules:

  1. Always obey the leader, deputy and co-deputy
  2. Treat your Clanmates with respect and loyalty.
  3. No fighting your Clanmates.
  4. Never question the medicine cat or leader.
  5. Always participate in sparring. (kits do not have to if they don't want to)
  6. Do not question the leader's orders, commands or rules.
  7. ALWAYS obey your leader in battle.
  8. Respect any allies or other Clans at Gatherings.
  9. You must always be at camp whenever the leader is online.
  10. You are expected to be role playing in camp whenever the leader is. If you don't, punishment is expected.
  11. Leave no Clanmate behind.

Application Fill-Out Edit

If you wish to join HeatherClan, please fill out the following application and post it in the comments:

AJ Username:

Cat name:



Battle example:

Will you stay loyal?

Are you not a spy? (You will have someone shadow over you if you join, so don't bother lying if you are)

Ally Request Fill-Out Edit

If you wish to be HeatherClan's ally, please fill out the follow application and post it in the comments:

AJ Username:

Clan's name:

Believes in:

Will you ever help us with battle if we need it?

Contact Edit

Contact Wishfuldream on Animal Jam if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Wishfuldream, aka Naturestar, leader of HeatherClan

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