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Hawkstar Edit

Back Story Edit

Hawkstar was born in DawnClan, at that time led by Snowbird and Firestar. He out lived many of DawnClan's leaders just when he was part of it. Now DawnClan is ruled by a shecat name Finchstar. Hawkstar is now leader of The Pack of Echoing Rivers.

Information Edit

Names: Edit

Kit Name- Stormkit Edit
Apprentice Name- Stormpaw, Hawkpaw Edit
Warrior Name- Hawkeye Edit
Deputy Name- Hawkeye Edit
Leader Name- Hawkstar Edit

General Information- Edit

Mother: Edit

Honeywhisper (dead)

Father: Edit

Hawkfrost (dead)

Siblings- Edit

Leopardeye- alive- Co-Deputy of The Pack of Echoing Rivers

Mate(s)- Edit

Cinderstorm- deceased- DawnClan warrior

Kit(s)- Edit

Featherbreeze- dead- formerly of DawnClan, warrior in The Pack Of Echoing Rivers

Current Pack/Clan/Tribe- Edit

The Pack Of Echoing Rivers (formerly Riverclan, disbanned)

Age- Edit


Personality- Edit

Hawkstar is straight forward and doesn't normally keep secrets from anyone. He is usually very calm and rarely gets mad or angry. He enjoys battling and sparring.

Status- Edit


Origins Edit

Name(s)- Edit

  • STORMKIT- Hawkstar and Leopardeye were born during a thunderstorm, but only Hawkstar was named after it.
  • STORMPAW/HAWKPAW- A hawk had attacked camp. Stormpaw (Hawkstar) attempted to kill the hawk before it reached any kits, he only got it to fly away with a scared wing and Stormpaw with a scared eye. That night he was given the name Hawkpaw.
  • HAWKEYE- His scar on his EYE (* hint hint * nudge nudge*) from the HAWK (* again hint hint * nudge nudge*), was formed into Hawkeye. Hints for the HAWK scaring his EYE= HAWK EYE
  • HAWKSTAR- Every leader has "star" at the end of their name.