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Welcome! Edit

Hello, fellow roleplayers, and welcome to HailClan! I am Hailstar. HailClan is a traditional Clan, with around ten members. If you'd like to join, read through most of the page, then comment with an application in the comments!

  • HailClan Members: There is a new HailClan leader. May everyone welcome Fallenstar as the new leader of HailClan! I, Hailstar have stepped down from the position, but reside in StarClan instead of serving my Clan. I think the Clan page will continue to be in most of this format, the POV being you guided through HailClan by the Clan's founder. Congratulations, Fallenstar! And since I will be in StarClan, best luck to all of you down here.

Introduction Edit

You'll need to get an idea of the Clan you're getting into, though it's nothing bad. Continue reading.

You touch your nose to the water of the Moonpool, and fall alsleep instantly. Spots of light dotted all around you, and a picture comes into focus. Stars ripple all around you, dancing as if alive. Through all the shimmer, you spot a Clan camp, cats leaping about playfully, sharing tongues, and chatting. A few warriors just returned from a hunting patrol, jaws stuffed with prey. Light shimmered in bright beams through the trees that surrounded the camp. Through everything, a huge chestnut brown tom with jagged stripes leapt up onto a towering stump in the center of the camp. Cats gathered around him. You took a step further in the dream, pawsteps glowing behind you as you lifted your paws off the ground. As soon as you got close enough the hear what the tom was saying to his Clan, you were reeled backwards, left and right, backwards, away from the camp, away from it's territory, and through the forest, being hurled backwards to the path to the Moonpool. As soon as you reached the cavern where the Moonpool lay, you burst from your dream.

My dream showed me the way to that camp.. I have no where else to go, since my old Clan disbanded. You shook your head. I guess I'll just go to that Clan. StarClan showed me the way, so it must be the right thing to do.

Unsteadily, you placed a paw in front of the other wearily. You exit the cave, and head into the forest. As you walk, painful memories of your Clan's disband throbbed their way into your head. I had so many friends in that Clan, you thought sadly to yourself. And now we're all separated. When I see them, it'll only be for a few heartbeats. No more hunting, no more fighting together, matching each other blow for blow, no more training or patrolling. You trekked through the forest, breaking into a run.

Branches whipped at your face. You hoped that this new Clan would bring you hope, a family, and a place to call home. You halted, panting, too tired to go on. Suddenly, something whipped at your face. You rubbed your paw against your stinging cheek to see blood smeared on it. "Show yourself! Who's attacking me?" You demanded, though not even sure you could take a fight in the state you were in. Another shape rippled in front of you for a second, then disappeared, and another slash appeared on your face, raw and bleeding. "How did you do that?" You yowled.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared beside you. It belonged to no cat, no visible cat, at least. You jumped, startled, and looked at where the shadow started. Something rippled there, the faint outline of a cat. Quicker than lightning (literally), the cat had you pinned down, revealing itself. The tom from my dream! "You're, you're the... the.." You croaked. The cat only waved his tail for silence, leaping off you in one swift bounce.

The chestnut tom twitched his whiskers, then disappeared in a ripple. He was gone for a second, then reappeared behind him. "And what would you be doing here?"

"I...I.." Before you could even come up with an answer, two more cats appeared beside him, almost out of thin air. One was smaller than the tom, fluffy, grey, and black-splotched. The other had a brown underbelly and a black coating on top of her.

The tom's eyes were filled with concern. "I smell disband." He muttered, sympathetically looking at you. He waved his tail, and the two other she-cats flanking him disappeared, and reappeared on either side of him. "I've gone through it, believe me."

"Who are you, though?" You mewed.

"Hailstar, nothing more, nothing less." He replied, and whipped himself into the undergrowth. The two she-cats whipped in after him, pushing you forwards, making you match their zipping pace. They raced through the undergrowth, everything going by in a blurr. Your jaw hung open with amazement as you came to a shady clearing, on the other side of a river flanking a wide gap in the earth, a giant crevice.

"How do we get across that?" You gasped.

"Simple." Hailstar flicked his tufty tail. "Watch and learn." Hailstar seemed to ripple in the air. His picture faded to a faint blur of chestnut brown.

"But how are you doing that?" You question, beaming with curiosity. It seemed impossible to do. Whenever Hailstar slowed himself down, he seemed to get about twenty times faster.

Hailstar touched his tail to your chest. "Slow your breathing down. Slow yourself down. Be as slow as you can be." He instructed. You slowed yourself down, and felt yourself to ripple like Hailstar in slow-motion. "When everything else has slowed down, you can be as fast as you can be, like lightning."

Everything slowed down, but you remained able to move fast. "Amazing.. How will it help us get across the...?"

Before you finished speaking, Hailstar had whipped himself like before across the river in that ripply thing he did to become faster. You copied, and made it across safely, too. The two others followed behind. You gulped as you stood by the canyon, worried about having to cross it. But Hailstar leaped across it in a single bound, in a single heartbeat, rippling in the strange secret move. You slowed yourself down, and time seemed to slow down. You pushed off the cliff with your hind paws, keeping your breathing the same, slow and steady. Just as you leaped off the cliff, you touched down on the other side, next to Hailstar. "Well done." He spoke. "Welcome to HailClan."

You frowned sadly. "I..I..I can't.." You backed away.

"Why not?" Hailstar seemed to speak as if he thought there was no reason in the world not to join HailClan.

You explained your situation. "My Clan just disbanded... I'm.. I'm afraid if I join another, it'll just disband, too.."

Hailstar laughed like a cat coughing up a hairball. "Disband?" He spoke. "HailClan? Oh, no. That's not happening, newcomer. I know the pain. HailClan will never, ever, and I mean never disband." Hailstar beckoned with his tail to the camp entrance.

"Never disband?" Your eyes opened wide. It's got to disband at some point. You reasoned. "Well, I guess I'll join. I hope that that's true, though, Hailstar. And...?"


"Can you teach me how you... disappeared?" You asked, wanting to know every secret of how HailClan could outwit their enemies and foes.

"Certainly. First, you must..." He meowed.

You trained until sundown, learning all secrets of HailClan. That night, you went to sleep, curling up in a nest, in a HailClan den, in the HailClan camp, in HailClan territory, watched over by the Clan's ancestors sparkling up high.

News Edit

Attention, HailClan Members! Welcome to the News Section of HailClan's page!

New Member- Please welcome Moonfur into HailClan!

New Alliance- LochClan- Our fifth ally, led by Cloudstar (Skolly)!

I, Hailstar, need to announce something very important to the Clan. I will be announcing this news to the Clan on Saturday, February 13th, 12am, Hawaiian Time, so that time zones will hopefully not interfere. If you can be present, please do be, HailClanners. This is an announcement that will leave every cat aware of HailClan's new future.

Sad News- HailClan is losing a member today- Cloudpounce is leaving HailClan to create another Clan. We hope everything goes well in his new Clan. May StarClan light your path, Cloudstar.

Main Info Edit

Leader- Fallenstar (tipy43)

Deputy- TBD

Medicine Cat- Amberleaf (Stormy990)

Clan Type- Traditional

Theme Song- Battle Scars by Paradise Fears

Motto- "Speak softly, but carry a big stick."/"You can't rage-quit from life."

Prey Type- Reptiles (No Snakes Unless Necessary), Birds, Small Mammals,

Prey Status- Very Scarce, Skinny, and Pathetically Thin

Season- Darkest Time of Leaf-Bare

Training Grounds- The Training Tree (Paws'n'Claws)

Beliefs- StarClan (You may have your own religions, as well, but please no Dark Forest related beliefs..)

Sacred Meeting Grounds- Moonpool

Current Camp- Deep Leaf-Bare Camp (An enchanted hollow)

Member Count- 9

Allegiances Edit

Leader: Fallenstar (tipy43)

Deputy: TBD

Medicine Cats: Amberleaf (Stormy990)

Shadowflame (roio11930)

Warriors: Boltpelt (Wolvesandtigers78)

Crystalheart AKA Crystal (twinkle2238)

Mapleshade (queenny1st)

Moonfur (silverfang5)


Queens: None Currently.

Kits: Silverkit (Djolly18)

Spottedkit (Austrailiagirl59226)

Note: Silverkit will become an apprentice soon, mentored by Fallenstar.

Remember: HailClan is always accepting new members.

Ranks Edit

Who does what in the Clan is very important. A few extra jobs for different ranks in the Clan is all that's changed from the original Warriors books.

Leader (1/1)

"A leader is a warrior who is highest in Clan Hierarchy. The leader is responsible for everything that goes on in the Clan." - Warriors Wiki

Tasks and Privileges of the Clan Leader

  • Oversee the daily operations of the Clan and give orders
  • Speak on behalf of the Clan at Gatherings
  • Lead the Clan in battles
  • Appoint new apprentices and assign them to mentors
  • Appoint new warriors once they've finished their training
  • Appoint a new deputy if the former deputy has died or resigned
  • Counsel with the deputy and the senior warriors and listen to their reports
  • Discuss prophecies and omens with their Clan's medicine cat, and listen to their advice
  • Solve conflicts between members of the Clan
  • Dealing with politics/conflicts that happen out of the Clan
  • Decide if a non-Clan cat can join the Clan
  • Exile Clan members who severely broke the warrior code or who present a danger to the Clan
  • A leader is also expected to carry out warrior tasks, like going on patrols or mentoring apprentices
  • Call Clan meetings if necessary for the good of the Clan
  • If deputy is absent, organize patrols for them

Current Leader- Fallenstar

Deputy (0/1)

"A deputy is a warrior who is second in command to the leader, aiding them in their tasks and replacing them immediately after their death or retirement." - Warriors Wiki

Tasks of the Deputy

  • Assisting the leader in their tasks; they are a sort of "apprentice leader"
  • Assigning border patrols, listening to their reports and assigning hunting patrols
  • Organizing warrior trainings to keep up their skills
  • Making reports to the Clan leader
  • Substitute for the Clan leader on Gatherings and in battles if they are unavailable
  • As a deputy is also a warrior, they are expected to carry out warrior tasks as well (patrolling, hunting, mentoring etc.). They do not have a den of their own, but sleep with the other warriors

Current Deputy- TBD

Medicine Cat (2/3)

"Medicine cats are Clan cats who treat diseases and injuries. They also receive and interpret omens and prophecies from StarClan. They are highly respected cats by all the Clans." -Warriors Wiki

Tasks of the Medicine Cat

  • Knowing all of the herbs and store a supply of them in their den
  • Treating wounded and sick cats
  • Assisting queens while they are pregnant with kits, giving birth, or nursing them
  • Check up regularly on the health of Clan cats, (especially queens, elders, and kits)
  • Visiting the Clans' sacred place (The Moonpool) at every half moon to seek guidance from StarClan
  • Interpreting prophecies and omens and sharing them with the Clan leader
  • Upon the death of the Clan leader, accompany the deputy to the Moonstone or Moonpool to be appointed as the new leader
  • Training an apprentice as the Clan's next medicine cat
  • Bearing the knowledge of basic battle training in case they need them
  • To visit StarClan when in a crisis that requires direct communication with StarClan

Current Medicine Cats- Amberleaf, Shadowflame

Warriors (5/Unlimited) (Needed)

"Warriors are adult Clan cats who feed and protect the Clan. Their duties are extremely important to the overall survival of the Clan." Warriors Wiki

Tasks of the Warrior

  • Providing defense and security
    • Border patrols
      • Marking borders
      • Evicting or chasing out trespassers
    • Camp security
      • Stand guard and raise the alarm if invaded
      • Protect the camp in the event of attack
  • Providing food for the Clan in the form of fresh-kill
  • Serving in offensive operations
    • Perform preemptive attacks against other Clans, either to eliminate a specific threat or to carry out another objective defined by the Clan Leader
  • Mentor warrior apprentices

Current Warriors- Boltpelt, Crystalheart, Mapleshade, Moonfur

Apprentices (0/Unlimited) (Needed)

"Apprentices are Clan cats six moons or older, training to be a warrior (or sometimes a medicine cat) under a mentor. An apprentice becomes a warrior once their mentor or Clan leader thinks they have learned enough." - Warriors Wiki

Tasks of the Apprentice

  • Training, hunting, and patrolling
  • Looking after elders, mostly ensuring they have clean bedding and are tick-free
  • If there are no elders, they look after the queens instead, changing their bedding, and ensuring they are tick-free.

Current Apprentices- 


Camp Tour Edit

The humble HailClan camp. Welcome, and enjoy the tour.

Tour Updated For The Deep Leaf-Bare Camp (But not the pictures, sadly, which I am working on..)

Greetings, fellow traveler. I am Hailstar. What's that? You want to see the HailClan camp? Well, I'm it's leader- It shouldn't be a problem. We're very close to the camp. It is the darkest time of leaf-bare, so we have temporarily moved our camp into an underground cave system. I also must mention that HailClan sorts it's dens by the color of the flowers in the nests. Move along now. You don't want to get greencough. Quick, through these ferns. The winds getting worse. Ah, here we are. The HailClan camp! Do you see the thick undergrowth surrounding the camp? It is very thick, even this time of leaf-bare. No wind ever comes through, no leaves even grow on the bushes this time of year, but it's just so thick by itself it'll keep out wind. No snow ever gets here either: look above us. A huge, thick tangle of branches. Nothing's getting through there!

This little clearing is only less than half of the real camp. Only two dens sit up here. Right over here is the warriors den. It's entrance faces the hole the leads into the main camp. Take a peek inside! Very dark and shady for sleeping, yet very insolated and warm! It just makes you want to curl up and sleep. And look, as I said before, we sort our dens by the colors of the flowers in nests- The Warriors Den flower color is black.


The Warriors' Den

And on the other side of this clearing is the apprentices' den! Sadly, we currently don't have any apprentices, but almost 6-moon-old Silverkit will be sleeping here in a few sunrises! Look at the back of the den- it's built leaning against a huge tree! And for the sides of ther den, it's barracaded with sandy rocks that have been smoothed down by the river. No one can scratch themselves on those giant pebbles! And notice the flowers in the nests are blue.

This is a WIP


The Apprentices' Den


The Medicine Den


The Elders' Den


The Nursery

Schedule Edit

Now you know what to expect on what different days. HailClan will benefit and become more organized from this.

Weekdays- Most people are busy with school and homework, so the roleplay times are 5pm to 8pm.
Weekends- Lots of roleplayers usually are not very busy during Saturday and Sunday, so the roleplay times are anywhere from 7am to 8:30pm. Usually not as late or early as these times, but I tend to get up early and go to bed late.

Time Zone- Eastern Time

Patrol Times- Dawn Patrols- 3 warriors, goes out at 9:45-10:00 am, Hawaiian Time Time/ Sunhigh Patrols- 3 warriors, goes out at 2:45-3:00 pm, Hawaiian Time/ Dusk Patrol- 2 warriors, goes out at 6:45-7:00 pm, Hawaiian Time

Territories Edit

This is where we hunt, where get the food and herbs we need to survive. Thank StarClan for this land.

Sarepia, Zios, Canyons, Appondale, Kimbara, and Mt. Shiveer on Elbe

Sarepia is The Forest, Zios is Marshlands, Canyons is Eaglehaven, Appondale is The Plains, Kimbara is HotSands,and Mt. Shiveer is Highpeaks.

The training grounds is Claws’n’Paws, AKA the Training Tree.

The Moonpool is the small pool in Epic Wonders.


Click on this, you can't read a thing from here...

Our campgrounds is the undiscovered land that has a safe ring of mountains around it. If it is taken over by twolegs, (made into a new land of Jamaa) we will move our camp to the undiscovered land directly south of the Plains (Appondale).

A note for the Forest: We do not own the wooden pathways, only the forest floor.

Rules Edit

You had better learn this list; rules keep us civilized, and organized, and united.

  • Follow the warrior code
  • Never leave a clanmate behind in a battle. We don't want to turn into a bunch of mouse-brains, now, do we?
  • Anatomy is allowed, but please keep it to an understandable level when roleplaying with the Clan. You can take it to the top when fighting in battle for confusion, though.
  • When I say “Roleplay mode on” or something like that, it's time to act serious
  • When I say “Roleplay mode off” or something like that, you can be derpy again
  • No drama allowed unless you discuss it with Hailstar first, and he says its a go
  • No purposefully attracting attention
  • No super powers/powerplaying (Unless a prophecy has been received about you, but you must have permission from Hailstar first, and he asks you, you don't ask him. Anyways, a very uncommon situation that probably won't happen.)
  • Follow the leader’s commands
  • You may double clan, but only with an ally. If you were double clanning with an enemy clan, and we faced each other in battle, things would get hairy. Also, if that allied Clan broke the alliance treaty with us, basically, not our ally anymore, you'll have to choose- that Clan, or this Clan.
  • Do not start unnecessary skirmishes
  • Have a basic knowledge of Warriors (The warrior code, fighting, clan hierarchy)  
  • Hunt cat sized prey
  • If you are a medicine cat, please have a knowledge of herbs, and use them. Don’t just say, :heals in an instant nn:
  • Our religion is StarClan
  • When I say, “Night Roleplay,” that means it is now dusk, and you should act accordingly.
  • When I say, “Dawn Roleplay,” that means it is now dawn, and you should act accordingly.
  • When I say, “Sunhigh Roleplay,” that means it is now sunhigh, and you should act accordingly.
  • We accept canines and wolves, though cats are preferred
  • We will ally/be enemies with canine and wolf packs
  • Use your common sense (Unless Hailstar says "Roleplay mode off).
  • We will accept people who are new to the roleplaying world, but not people who are new to the Warriors world. Cats who need roleplaying lessons will be apprentices, and will be taken for a visit to the ThunderClan camp for good roleplaying examples.

Punishments Edit

Punishments Include The Following:

  • Trust throughout the Clan with you lost
  • Sleeping in the Nursery/Apprentices' Den (If a Warrior.)
  • Ear Torn
  • Being Teased by Kits/Apprentices
  • If a warrior, going back to apprentice duties
  • Apprentice/Warrior Ceremony delayed
  • Dust kicked in face by Clan leader
  • Going for a swim in the river (If you already don't like swimming)
  • Eating a fish (If you don't like fish)
  • Forced to roll in animal scat
  • Taking care of a specifically grumpy elder (With lots of ticks)
  • Forced to drink salt water from the sun-drown place
  • Waiting last for fresh-kill
  • Not eating (If the rule 'Do not eat on hunting patrols' is broken)
  • Tail yanked
  • Bringing prey to every single Clan member before eating
  • Not being able to leave camp for a matter of sunrises
  • Guarding the camp for one whole sunrise
  • Taking care of elders all by yourself
  • Fighting a grown cat and not being able to react to their swipes (They will keep their claws sheathed so they will not seriously injure you)
  • Exile (If the situation is very serious)
  • Death (If the situation is very, very, very, very serious)
  • Two or three warriors playing cat and mouse with you, chasing you all over the territory until you slowly die (If the situation is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, serious)

Most of this is not listed in any particular order. And we would never give any of the physical punishments to kits or younger apprentices, as it would be very cruel to slice off a young kit's ear, and let it suffer before healing it. The last three punishments listed would rarely happen, unless you continued to break a rather serious rule, such as double-clanning.

Form for Joining Edit

So, you'd like to join, would you? Fill this out, and we'll see what we think about you.




AJ User

Are You A Double-Clanner? (It's fine if you are, just read the requirements in the rules above, and list which clan/pack/tribe you also side with)

Past Clan/Tribe/Pack (If you have one.)

Desired Rank (Do not ask for the rank of deputy.)

Roleplay Example (If desired rank is medicine cat, treat a wound)

Appearance (In allegiances form, Ex. White she-cat with dazzling green eyes and a bushy tail)

Time Zone

Personality (Optional, though preferred)

History (Optional, though preferred)

Dress Code Edit

Hey, we can't dress like pink princess kittypets. That's not what we are. Part of who we are is what we wear.

Head: Fox hats, raccoon hats, or nothing

Neck: Spikes, leaf necklaces, or nothing

Back: Stone swords, swords, bows and arrows, longbow, crossbow, worn blankets, or nothing

Legs: Elf leg armor, leg leaf armor, elf braces, any natural colored glove or nothing

Tail: Elf Tail Armor, Mummy Tail, or nothing

If you think something should be added to the list, just ask!

We don't allow brightly colored pink apparel

Keep your pelts natural colored, please! And blue is allowed, for there are blue-furred cat species.

Allies and Enemies Edit

Allies are a treasured, valuable thing to have. It's also good to know there are friends even outside your borders.

Fill in either of these applications if you’d like to be allies or enemies. Post in the comments, please. Another note, if you ask to be either one, you are asking. We have the right to decline, of course, but not that we would turn down a strong alliance.

Allies Form Edit

Clan/Pack/Tribe Name

Canines, Felines, or Other

AJ User

Your Cat’s Name


Will You Help Us In Time Of Need?

Enemies Form Edit

Clan/Pack/Tribe Name

Canines, Felines, or Other

AJ User

Your Cat’s Name


How Strongly of Enemies Do You Want To Be?

We have 1 ally, LochClan (Cloudstar-Skolly).

Required Animals Edit

The usual. Not the most exciting, heart-racing thing on the page, but it's still part of us, and deserves to be here.

Note- You do not have to follow the notes in parenthesis. If you are a more sleek warrior, you are not required to be a snow leopard.

Kit: Bunny (Traditional), Lynx (For the larger, older, stockier kits)

Apprentice: Fox (Traditional), Tiger (The larger non-member apprentice), Bunny (the smaller non-member apprentice), Arctic Fox (For the furry)

Elder/Warrior/Deputy/Leader/Medicine Cat: Wolf (Traditional), Snow Leopard (For the more sleek), Arctic Wolf (For the furrier, stronger, and more stockily built), Snow Fox (For the small and furry), Cheetah (For the lithe or skinny)

Name Tags Edit

Out name tags represent shards of hail plummeting from the sky, just like us. We strike when least expected, though not ever unnecessarily.

Our name tags are chestnut (brown), like HailClan's founder's pelt, Hailstar's. with a lightning bolt, representing how we are like hail falling from the sky; we strike at the most unexpected moment, and when we make contact, our attack hurts more than expected, like hail. Go outside in a hailstorm. When the shards hit your head, they hurt more than you expected, right?

Special Battle Skills and Moves Edit

Just like all other well-known traditional Clans, we have our own special battle tactics and ambush procedures that require cooperation and teamwork.

  • The Hailstorm Strike (A team effort)- Move silently through the forest using tail signals as communication. When the enemy is sighted, one cat will go out in front of them, pretending to be weak and wounded. The cats will think they have the upper hand, and become overconfident. Then, the cat pretending to be weak will dart in front of them, and rake their claws down the flank of one of the cats, then dart away into the underbrush, out sight. The enemy cats, caught off guard, won't be expecting the HailClan cats next move- they all flood into the clearing, catching the enemy cats by surprise.
  • The Advanced Belly Rake (Close combat)- Rear up to crush the cat you are fighting, but slowly enough that they can rear up to meet you, locking you in the upright lock, a traditional battle move. Before the cat can get a good grip on you and flip you under them, let go of their paws, and slide under their belly, raking you claws down their fur. Slide out from under their belly, and, an additional part, put on paw on their back, and shove them to the ground.
  • The Advanced Backspring (Close/Ranged Combat)- Based off the complicated move in the Warriors books. Leap backwards, and push off a surface behind you with your back legs, springing right at your opponent. Aim for their head, and knock them to the ground by their head. This should knock them unconscious, or at least get them off the battlefield. The original one is just bounce off a tree, and knock them to the ground. If you hit their head instead, it would do much more damage.
  • The Slip (Close combat)- While fighting, leap backwards, but pretend to slip on a stone. As your opponent looms over you, jump up, hitting the underside of their jaw. If you hit hard enough, they may loose a tooth. Once you hit their chin, jump away from them, in case they fall on top of you, pinning you down, making you very vulnerable. (This battle move was inspired by a very painful, unpleasant experience of mine with a marble counter..)

More Moves coming soon!

Mentoring Notes Edit

For those of you facing the challenge of mentoring a warriors fan new to AJ roleplay style, don't fret- look here!

As you may have seen above, for those of you who are mentors, HailClan accepts cats new to the roleplaying world. As your job as mentors, you must teach them how to roleplay.

Take them for a visit to Majasterxyz's ThunderClan camp and show them many examples of roleplaying, maybe even have them observe the different kinds of roleplaying, and what you can use to cover up your actions. Some people use Vv blah blah blah vV, while others use : blah blah blah :. You must teach them how to be a very unique, descriptive roleplayer.


Try to encourage your apprentice as much as possible

Teach them about words that make your words blocked, and how they can slow you down in a battle

Tell your apprentice about double-clanning, and it's consequences

Tell them how to fight without using 'nn' (HailClan Rule of NN: We usually do not use nn, though if our opponent, training or real unsheathed claws fighting, is using nn, we will, too.)

Teach them how to be fluent and descriptive with their roleplaying (Ex. "Don't start every single sentence with,

':: the tom/she-cat blah blah blah ::,' and tell them how to not get into that habit of starting your roleplay with the same word, as it makes things boring

Hopefully this was helpful to you mentors out there teaching roleplay!

Quotes Edit

The quotes I have chosen to represent HailClan. Most are very bold and brave, and show others what HailClan is like.

HailClan Original Quotes Edit

"I want nothing more than this fighting to stop. I say this not because I am weak and afraid to use my claws, but because I have the courage to put them away." -Hailstar

"I guess we're all immortals until we die." -Hailstar

"It's no big deal unless you make it one." -Hailstar

"We're warriors. That means courage, loyalty, and honor, as well as sacrifice. When sacrificing yourself for the good of your Clan, it is not sacrificing. It is being a warrior." -Hailstar

"When you feel like you're about to fail, then you're halfway there!" -Fallensky

"In the end, you'll only regret things you didn't do." -Fallensky

Chosen Canon Quotes Edit

"Fight loyally, and with courage. That is all your Clan asks of you." -Ivypool

"Loyalty is what exists now, not in the past. Loyalty has to be proved every day, in every of fresh-kill brought back for the Clan, every claw mark on our enemies, every patrol, every training session." -Firestar

"We have let the warrior code rule our hearts. The death of a warrior does not mean victory." -Hollyleaf

"This will not be the end of the Clans. As long as I have breath in my body, the Clans will be safe." -Jayfeather

"The time has come to fight our greatest enemy. We can fight alone, or we can stand together." -Firestar

"The warrior code guides us through the dark times, the cold and the hunger. And the good times seem all the sweeter for it." -Whitestorm

"The warrior code never changes." -Littlecloud

"The warrior code is more important than any cat's life!" -Snowbird

"The warrior code isn't something you stick to just when you feel like it." -Mousefur

"I will honor my ancestors in StarClan, but not those who have ever waled in the Dark Forest. Guide my steps wisely, warriors of the past. And warriors of now." -Bramblestar

"After all, the Clan means more to a cat than real kin." -Bramblestar

"Warriors die, but the Clan survives." -Yellowfang

"I have traveled so far and loved so much, and yet I am still following the Sun Trail, heading for my new hunting grounds." -Gray Wing

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