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First things first, coming up with a name. I don't know what order you follow in the art of oc making, but I usually do names first.

​Does your mom hate you or something?Edit

Gorey, dark themed names are some of the most over used names I see on the wikia. Wether they are traditional names such as Bloodfang. Tribal names such as Teeth that tear through fur, or just plan names such as Gore. Your mother must've hated you to name you these bloody names. And it is all to intimidate? Intimidation is wrong. Don't use it. Here's a good example

Bloodfang. Why is name blood fang? His fangs are always bloody? That's not a good health habit in my opinion if you want pearly white teeth like mine. Although Bloodfang is a bad name because of just the word "Blood". Who would name their child after a red liquid. Ok I could understand as you meaning "Lifeblood". But blood is always taken as, "I kill so blood is always around my muzzle?". So you never clean off the blood just to show that your intimidating? I don't think so.

Here is a better name to sound interesting

Changing the purpose of the name- My oc is named Bloodfang because they bleed at the gums some times.

Changing the prefix- Sharpfang

Shadow is the best name!Edit

Well no, its not. In the warrior's world, Shadow, moon, sky, star, paw, thunder, wind, and river are forbidden. Unless your clan doesn't follow those traditional rules. Unless you area  certain rank youc can't have star or paw as suffixes, for the rest, you can't have them as prefixes at all. Nor can you have them as prefixes.

All though are some exceptions. In the book series there are cats that break these rules. Skywatcher and Halfmoon are two examples. Although sometimes it depends on what clan your talking about. Preferedly, these names are given to special cats such as medicine cats, and are usually important.

Althought people use the name Shadowfang just to intimidate and they could be just a regular warrior. Although she just depends on how you look at it and how your clan thinks of sacred names.

Kittypet Name!Edit

There is nothing truely called a kittypet name. Some people think the name Lion, Tiger etc. shouldn't be in the warriors books because the cats have never been introduced to the species.  Since in the books they know what most big cats are, its ok to name your cat afer one of them. What about exotic animals or farm animals? Those are fine too if you have a story to go with it.


Peacockfeather. This cat might of been formally named Peacock. Maybe because they were a former kittypet and their twolegs really liked playing Skull girls! When they became apart of a clan, they decided to keep their name. How cute

For farm animals, any one of them is an exception, even Chicken. Because in the books there are farms. Cats even know what a cow and a horse is. So its alright to go ahead and make a few Chicken named cats. Watched yourself get teased. Its going to be fun.

Pro Tip:

Make sure the oc's name matches their traits, personality ,or description.


For the last time, unless the cat is albino, it doesn't have red eyes. Bi color eyes are rare, but they are fine since ya know this is the oc world and everything has too look cool. 

​I'm a ligerxsabortoothxdirewolf yall! And I'm 20 ft. tall!Edit

ahaha no. That hybrid is impossible. I admire your imagination, but people need to stop making  all these crazy hybrids. Althought cat wise: none of those a breeds. Many believe being bigger is better. Well sometimes its not. A cat's build and desgin all affect their stats. A big heft cat can't carry itself or have a high amount of stamina at the same time while being a complete speedster.

Example: My name is Omenstar. I'm  a maine coone x lynx x norwegian forest cat x serval and I'm 4ft tall. I'm really fast and strong! Thats why I became leader. HOLD UP. ​

Your oc cannot be fast and strong and be huge at the same time. That combination probbaly can't grow that big anyway. Thats called being a coward by mixing all those large breeds together and making them fast. And may I mention again lynx and servals aren't breeds. They are species by them selves. You should breed a  lynx and cat in my opinion, if you do mix something in there that isn't going to ruin its hugeness like for

Example: Lynx x Himalayin.  Now lets revamp Omenstar shall we. My name is Omenstar. I'm a Himalayin cat x lynx and I'm the pretty much he size of a regular cat. I'm quite fast and stealthy but I lack strenght. Thats much better. If you have trouble decided the breed of your cat, maybe you should ask some people what they think based on their personality.

 ​The Color PurpleEdit

I admit to saying that it is alright to have cat's with purple eyes. Although red eyes are different story. Red eyed cats can only happen when you end up with an albino cat. And albino's are usually sleek white. Pink eyes are also unexceptable eye colors, they really don't make sense, unless your cat has pink eye.Edit


Purrsonality Edit

Get it? Purr? No? Ok..

Normally people make higher ranking ocs more vicious and intimidating. Although they need to make a soothing leader sometimes. Nobody hardly ever plays an underdog or weaker character. And when they do, they become strong all of sudden. I usually like making oc's personalities diverse. One is hot-tempered and likes to boast about their strength, but inside their a big sweet heart. One is shy but has a knack for killing fish. One is sweet-tempered but very lustful toward the opposite gender and really wants them to herself(SPIDERPAW COUGH).

The personality needs to have ups and downs. Each cat has their own weakness. While one of my ocs is strong, she is very slow compared to other cats which makes her an easy hit. While one of my ocs is smart, she isn't very strong.


Get some love geez.

History Edit

Ok. This is were I get nasty. If I hear one more tragic history that has to do with one oc killing their parents, I'm going to laugh. So make a tragic history, it has to be tragic. But don't have all your ocs have the same backstory. Spare atleast too to a comfortable life. Even if they are orphans. Probably just say, your parents are imaginary clan mates or something.

Although you can always have a bad history that effects your character. For instance: A cat who was raised in a barn by a pair of loners. He thought his life was perfect until two legs came and destroyed the barn. Then he ran off to join a clan. His parent's death effected him to when they were mentioned he would get really offended but he kept growing strong and he vowed to help any motherless or fatherless kit.


Mary Sues Edit

Name: Moonkit/paw/pool/star

Gender: Female

Personality: She is really shy. She is the great great great( so many greats) granddaughter of Firestar. She is a medicine cat. She is really cool and every cat likes her despite her shyness. She is the most powerful cat In the clan and hunts all the food and fights all the battles while the rest of the clan sits back and be dill weeds

History: Her parents died in a fire. This made her swear vengeance on the clan that started the fire. She killed the wiped out the entire clan just by swiping her claw

Gary Lue Edit

Name: Dark/paw/soul/star

Gender: Male

Personality: he's emotionless and stale and is the most evil cat in the forest. He killed 666 cats and kiledd 777 dogs.

History: He's from the Dark forest

Don't be like A Gary Lue or Mary Sue kids


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