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Hello! This is dedicated for all those owl lovers on Animal-Jam, who read one of the BEST book series, Guardians of Ga'Hoole. So, let's get started

Tree of Ga'Hoole-





The Tytonic Union of Pure Ones

High Tyto-




St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls

Rogue Smiths

About... Edit

The Tytonic Union of Pure Ones is made up entirely of Tytos- Barn Owls are considered the most "pure" of all the owls. The Grass Owls are next, followed by Greater Sooty Owls. Then, Lower Sooty Owls are considered the least pure out of all the Tytos.

St. Auggie's is an "academy" for owls, who's parents supposedly neglected them- but they were really just owlnapped.

How to Join Edit

Send me, (s29094storage) a jag saying "Owls are Awesome!" or leave a comment saying...

Name (ex- Zyliuq)

Species (ex- Barn Owl)

Location (ex- Tree of Ga'Hoole)

Username (ex-s29094storage)

Seeya soon c8

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