Introduction Edit

Trudging through the whiteout, your fur pushed harshly backwards from the headwind, your paws numb. Nothing to be seen out-front, you keep moving forward all hope lost of finding shelter. You breach something broad, muscular, and what seems to be a tone of grey. You aren't entirely sure what it is, so you decide it was just some rock, so you kept on.

Your direction turned as you breach another tall, yet thin object, more of a tanish color now. Your eyes flick aside, in confusion. You reluctantly turn the opposite direction, boggled. Sauntering onward, another form stood ahead, but you couldn't recognize the color from the snow batting into your eyes. Now, surrounded by the unknown... well, whatever they are, you look all around , nothing but utter white and four silhouettes, surrounding you.

Your tall ears perk as you hear a familiar sound, to be what seems like a growl. One of the forms to the right, staggering forwards, as it ascended at you, it's large teeth baring, blood stained. You shut your eyes tightly, preparing for pain.

After a few seconds, there was nothing but the strong sound of wind, and the nipping pain of the rough snow hitting you. All you heard was a strong, masculine voice yelling, ''Lucifer, stop.''

Your left eye shot open, looking around, your tense body easing up slightly. Treading noises coming toward you. The sound of paw steps right behind you. You turn only to see a large, light grey and brown wolf. His eyes fixed on you, as you turn to look up at him.

''And who might you be?'' his masculine voice echoed through your ears.

You tucked your tail between your legs. Cowering, you squeak out your name. The other forms come closer to you, their eyes still fixed on you. ''Quite a unique name, '' the wolf who had tried to attack you earlier, was now complimenting you.

''Uh... Thanks. I guess,'' Your body now easing, you lift your shaking body straight.

''Follow me if you don't want to die from the weather,'' the grey wolf said.

The four wolves walked forward, their muscles rippling through their broad bodies. You decided to follow them. The snow seemed to ease down and the wind and snow were being blocked by the wolves in front of you. Progressing, a large rock wall appeared. You're now wondering why they would be breaching it. ''There are just rocks... '' your voice trembling, you proceed with the group.

The wolves squeeze through the entrance of the big rock, while your rather thin body entering like nothing was ever in the way. Now entering to what seems to be a whole cave covered in large icicles, you looked around the wide cavern, grey and rocky like any other cave, but seemed to be a lot lighter and brighter than any other cave you've seen. You look up and see thick ice covering the top with stone bits, water was shifting quietly in the background.

Water was dripping down from what was most likely a small hole and sound of it seemed to make you at ease. As you entered another wide room with icicles shining down the walls and small gold pieces speckling the walls, you smiled. As you observed the room you saw three small pups playing around on a small mossy pit that wasn't all that deep as it looked.

Above them was ice, plastered across a large hole in the roof and the light from the moon shining down onto the ice made a light beam into the cavern. Around the room were many wolves, socializing and eating. Soon their conversations stopped and turned to look at you and the group, eyes gleaming at you. A familiar voice spoke,

''I am Reksai, the alpha male and this is the alpha female, Lucifer. Welcome to the Pack of the Guardians Of Ethereal Light.''

Family Tree Edit

In this pack, we are all about family! =D Protecting, supporiting, everything! so I decided to do a family tree Edit

Kaen ( daughter ) thundercloudz

Cross ( daughter ) icefire345

kitanta ( daughter ) animesing

echo ( mate ) echoingvoices

Dread ( grandma ) tanglecat22

mulous ( gr8 grandma ) theemulouscat

tacet ( sister ) blossom2026

Sin ( aunt ) slugslinger55

Silent ( mum ) silentxdreaming

Swoosh ( dad ) swoosh51641

Joker ( sister ) blackrose11

Hawkstar ( gr8 gr8 grandpabby ) communicating

Ally ( aunt ) allycat4774

Maddie240 ( not entirely sure, but we're related =D ) maddie240

( and a lot others I cannot name because I haven't met them :D )

Dress Code!!!! Edit

We're not super strict about our dress code like some other packs, but there is some expectation. Really, you can wear anything you want, as long as it's pack related, but no pink and purply colors, like some of the players in jamaa, but if you can coordinate pink that looks good, that's totally fine :) Edit

what is permitted is a lot of items, such as:

elf bracelets

spike collars

spartan armor

elf armor

legend gloves

skull helmets


pirate swords

jamaaliday bows

jamaaliday scarfs

fox hats sometimes


Rules! Edit

Every pack has rules, so here is the list of ours :D!

ALWAYS listen and OBEY what the alpha's say

respect one another

obey the higher rankers

no doubleclanning

About double clanning! Edit

We do not tolerate double clanning what so ever, if you happened to be DC, you will be exiled immediately.

More info about us =D! Edit

We are a light realmed pack.

We mostly accept alliance offers.

We have bronze tags.

We do like to keep it serious, but goofy at times.

Drama isn't tolerated.

We roleplay as a pack a lot.

We love the snow! =D

Each alpha has a beta.

Ranks! Edit

Alpha: there are two alpha's, alpha male, and alpha female.

Betas: there are two betas, one for each of the alpha's.

Deltas: the deltas are the leader of the two groups, Combatants, and Hunters.

Combatants: the Combatants fight, spar, and protect the pack.

Hunters: the Hunters gather the food for the pack and do patrols.

The omega: the omega cleans the dens, eats last, and pretty much do nothing.

( in editing process )