This is a Made up religion that i made for my OC Crismon. It can be used for all packs but i wish to be given credit (if not i shall rage ):L) Enjoy!

Faith and Star Edit

Faith and Star are the creators of the World and Universe. These two wolf-like canines are The Leaders of the Great Hounds of the Horizon. They lead with harmony, love, and peace over all there subjects. There pelts are a starry white with warm light gray eyes and beautiful feathery wings. Unlike most dogs in The Horizon these animals dont have halo's over there heads. Faith is much taller than Star but these mates love each other the same. The Horizon is a endless world of forest, plains, and marshes alike. All canines are at peace here hunting in the stars.

  • Koiy
  • Sajsha
  • Leaf, Ruler of the Forest
  • Cream
  • Bouldjor
  • Rust
  • Faith
  • Star
  • Stream, Ruler of the Ocean
  • Magma, lack of halo because of being in the Dark Shadow.
  • Former Magma
  • Brush, Pearls identify that shes a pure.
  • River, Sister of Stream
  • Bright, Lack of wings symbolizes that shes a grounder.
  • Spinx
  • Verina
  • Jinx, Lack of halo symbolizes that hes a flight
  • Churn, lack of halo shows that hes a flight
  • Rosseta
  • Soul, Daughter of Faith and Star. Not yet earned wings and halo
  • Blaze
  • Solar Flare
 Even though all canines in the Horizon are equal some have higher ranks such as the rulers. These dogs make decisions for the packs below. In some ways they control what happens in the real world such as natural disasters. (Please dont make power plays saying that Ocean floods the entire camp or something, Its annoying) Rulers, such as Leaf and Ocean, Where born in The Horizon and have powers to control the water and forest. These canines are likely to have unnatural colors such as blue, green, and bright reds. Its not likely Rulers use there powers to benefit another pack or break up a battle. Only if extremely necessary will a Ruler use there powers to stop grave battles or help a dog on a journey. (Again, no powerplays) 

About the RulersEdit

Leaf: Edit

Leaf is a dark green German Shepard, terrier crossbreed with black flecks all over his body. His father is Bouldjor and His mother is named Brush. Leaf started practicing his ability to grow forests in minutes when he was around 5 moons old. By 27 moons he has mastered all but one subject, automatic heal. This subject is where if a plant has been trampled or is dying you are able to heal it back to a healthy stage. Leaf is now able to so the basics but is still struggling until this day

Stream: Edit

A dark turquoise female with white spots on her back and splotches all around her body. Sadly both of her parents where chased to the Dark World but she mastered her powers to control the Ocean at a very young age. She is know to be one of the greatest rulers in The Horizon. 


Magma is a rust brown male with red shades all over his body and black legs. Magma is the controller of Fire. He is able to create forest fires with just one bark. Because of this power he is known to be one of the more dangerous rulers. Sadly because of this his parents abandon him, not wanting to be the reason of a disastrous mutt. Thus turning Magma's heart cold. He cause a massive fire in there former packs camp killing most of them. Faith and Star chased him to the Dark World.


Blaze is a Bright red female with darker tiger-like stripes and black splotches all over her body. She is the brother of Magma and was the one there for him before he went "Dark" as Faith and Star call it. Blaze has been hated by many of The Great Hound in The Horizon but over time she has owned respect. Her power if very much like Magma's but she is able to control the heat of the sun. But she is not ready to use the power, for it is very dangerous if its too hot or cold. For now her mother Solar Flare does it for her while teaching Blaze how to.

Solar Flare: Former RulerEdit

Solar Flare is a Former Ruler. After giving birth to Magma and Blaze she retired from being Ruler of Fire, knowing her children would take up after her. She was depressed when Magma turned out to be dangerous, unwilling to control his powers. For the Safety of Blaze she had to abandon him. By the time Solar Flare returned to the bio where she had left Magma only to fine out that he had been chased off to the Dark Shadow. After a moon of mourning and feeling guilty for herself she started to train Blaze. The only part of her role as Former Ruler of Fire is to heat and cool the sun. Once Blaze has mastered the ability she will be fully retired, to rest in peace in The Horizon. 

What are Grounders?Edit

Grounders are Canines sent down to the solid world (another word that The Great Hound of the Horizon us for Earth) To guide a dog or wolf through there journey. These hounds usually stay hidden for them still keeping there halo. If you ever see these Dogs it will most likely be at night. 

Grounder Sign

              What are Flights?Edit

Flights are Dogs and/or wolves that only have there wings. Its possibly because they weren't born with halo's or they haven't earned them yet. Flights have a special ability to soar above  the main land (Again, another word for Earth) but its not often they will do this because they wish to not be seen.

Flight sign

Flight Sign

                 What are Pures?Edit

Pures are Hounds that have earned the at most trust of Faith, Star, and Soul (when shes old enough to chose them) Pures are basically the second in command and deserve close to as much respect as Faith and Star. Most of the time Pures offspring become pures as well or have a 85% chance of becoming Rulers.


Unlike most, The Horizon has two symbols. One is of Faith howling and the other symbolizes how every canine in The Horizon is one, always connected to one another.