You search through the forest,Scared for your life. You see a light, and bump someone, falling onto a Crimson-Colored Female cat. She looks down at you and her facial expressions were serious. "Who Might You be?" She questioned. "I'm a Loner, some Dark Forest cats were chasing me... I lost them." You answer, out of breath.She Nodded, smiling. "Follow me." She whispered. You paw at some vines and discover A whole place full of cats, some gossiping, some kittens chasing each other, and apprentices talking about herbs. "Go Talk to them, I will gather everyone." You slowly pad towards a group of warrior female cats, and become comfortable after awhile. The cat you bumped into slowly sighed and reclined into the throne. She had yowled, "May every cat come below HighLedge! We have a new warrior. Welcome to Grassclan." You smile at her and she smiles back at you.


Leader- Crimsonstar (babyjosister)

Deputy- Yet to be determined

Medicine cat- None at the moment.

Warriors- Matthew18722 :3

Youth (Kittens)-

Apprentices-Flamepaw (alow0056) Is the medic apprentice

Elders- None at the moment.

Allies- To be announced shortly.

Enemies- Dark Forest, Bloodclan, Fallenclan


Head- Fox hat, Head Flower, Skull, Feather Earring or nothing.

Neck- Spike, jamaliday scarf, or nothing.

Back- Any type of sword or nothing

Paws- Elf bracelets, Leg armor, or nothing.

Tail- Tail Armor, or nothing.


-Refilling the moss piles for each den.

-Eating from the pile last.

-An ear is torn.

-Both ears are torn.

-You are blinded for life.

-Banned from camp and its territories.

-Not allowed to leave den for a moon.

- All of the above.

- You are killed from the clan warriors or CrimsonStar Personally.


-Mates can be from other clans, but they might be discouraged by others. Edit

-Please, plan drama! its highly annoying when someone all of a sudden dies in the middle of no where! Edit

-Last but not least, Enjoy the clan. This clan was made for fun, not to be bored by. Edit