"Sometimes… I just wish I could make everything okay for everyone…"


-=+=- Appearance -=+=- Edit



Gin is a female Blue Merle Shetland Sheepdog, a pure-blood. She has scintillating sharp cobalt blue eyes, her coat tainted dark grey with inky ebony spots here and there, except for the pure alabaster fluff around her neck. Her underbelly and frontpaws are a neat and lucid white, while her hindlegs and her snout have a soft shade of mahogany brown.

-=+=- Personality -=+=- Edit

Gin is reticent and shy, being secretive most of the time. She enjoys hunting alone, and despises being observed while hunting, for she feels awkward and self-conscious. Gin prefers to stay away from others, hiding in the shadows, away from the bloody battles between canines and felines. She has a very kind heart, and is very playful with the foster pups and kittens she encounters when she travels around the forest, as a lone hound. Although her fighting skills are brutal and fierce, she avoids arguments and fights as much as possible.

-=+=- Her Story -=+=- Edit

Gin Pup

Gin, as a pup

"My past has disappeared with the wind… I left it behind."