The tundra glistened with a new blanket of powdery snow. A scent whispered with the rustling of dead leaves fallen from trees close to where you stood, onlooking the start of the frozen landscape as it flooded all the way to the horizon. The sun rose silently and warmth-less giving false hope to any creatures dying for the rays to melt the unceasing ice. It did not. A lone Bengal Tiger roamed the icy plains, hunting and enjoying the isolation, yet yearning for company. The Bengal had no name, family, or place to call home. The horizon and stars guided her to where her paws longed to go, civilization. She was Nameless and thoughtless, relying on instincts alone. A rebel wind blew hard in her face spaying scents and dusty snow in her direction. The Tigris lifted her head. She sniffed the air hopefully and found what she had been inadvertently searching for. Big cats like her, and a faint whisper of those like her, Bengals. Bounding forward, she quickly came across two Bengals, one male, the other female. They spotted her and roared in greeting, "Young one, who might you be?" The youthful, Nameless tiger stopped, puzzled. A voice stirred deep in the back of her mind hissing, "Frost." She shook her head and found her herself speaking in an ethereal tone, "I have traveled far, not knowing myself or my past, I am Frost of the tundra."

Many days past, the two other Tigers were loners, searching for a home, just like her. They banded together and were soon joined by a mismatched band of recruits. Domestic cats, a puma, a lion, and many other homeless felines. Frost heard of the First Clans, Lionclan, Tigerclan, and Leopardclan, admiring their ways, she adopted their style, putting her own twist into it. Frost's clan was not fully "good" one would say, she took joy into showing her clans strength, she dominated with honor. Frost rightfully took up her new name, Froststar, and named her band Tundraclan for the icy home they thrived in.



Fasty, Fasty the Snowwoman, Frost, Frosty, and Froststar.


Risingxx, Sprinkles9999, Abstractics, Bobidity, Crimsonflame, Sumotiger256, Vitalizing, Whitefeather, Jinx, and Haze.







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