Description Edit

Foampaw is a Russian Blue with oddly sea foam eyes. He has a cut around his neck from abuse as a kittypet. He has one "naturally" blind eye, located on his right.

Loyalty Edit

Foampaw is devoted to ThunderClan with his life. He would do anything for ThunderClan, even if it meant certain death. Half of why he is so devoted is because of his kittypet past.

Personality Edit

Foampaw is very loyal, easily scared, ambitious, clever, and very anxious.

He is also double-minded. Sometimes he stutters, and shrinks down smaller than he already is.

Backstory Edit

As a kit, Foampaw was tossed around. He was half-kittypet half-rogue. His father was a rogue named Steel. His mother told him and his kin stories about Steel. Most involved death, blood, and envy. His mother's name was Cinder. Cinder was sweet, but never realized the torture his brothers and sister put him through. He had two brothers and one sister. One of his brother's names was Murk. Murk was the one who plotted against Foampaw. His other brother's name was Charcoal. Charcoal supported Murk through everything. His sister's name was Smoky. At a young age, Foampaw was taken away to another Twoleg den. There were no other cats there, and it almost seemed lifeless in some areas. Foampaw received a tight collar that never came off, it didn't even stretch. As he grew, it rubbed against his fur. The collar was red, and it had darker spots where he had bled. He was rescued by a loner who had the same marking. The collar was torn off by the loner, and Foampaw followed the tough looking She-Cat. By following her, he discovered Clans, and the outdoor life. He eventually found ThunderClan, and begged for mercy to be let in. The leaders answered to him, and he joined eventually. Scarring his left eye is a foggy memory.

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Heritage and Family Edit

Mother: Cinder | Unknown

Father: Steel | Unknown

Sister(s): Smoky | Unknown, N/A

Brother(s): Murk | Unknown, Charcoal | Unknown, N/A

Grandmother(s): Glory | Dead, N/A

Grandfather(s): Owl | Dead, N/A

Brother-in-law(s): N/A

Sister-in-law(s): N/A

Mate: Too young.

Ex-Mate(s): Too young.

Kit(s): Too young.

Crush(es): None Currently.

Friend(s): Teal | Dead, Quillpaw/Tranquilll(kang107)| Alive, N/A

Extra Edit

Foampaw is mentored by

Foampaw is eight moons old.