Flare star she was known as Blazing heart before animal jam made blazing a word that people without free chat can't use it anymore.

She is three sizes bigger then a normal sized cat

She has pure black fur with a orange under belly, and light red flames, she also has a scar that goes down her right eye to her chest (A little gift from dad... )(ouch... she clawed me good. Well looks like you guys won't know how she got blind Btw if she said that she was born blind to you then she lied about it. Ouch!) She was clawed by her father losing her eye sight, and has a sixth sense now you could say. She has a slight limp on one of her back legs from a fight with her dad from trying to save someone. She is a optimistic cat. She is not one for unjust blood shed. (Due to certain reasons... ) She in a way has a evil side that does not come out a lot (Due to no unjust blood shed... ) She is half wolf for the heads up.

Moons: 123 (I know old ) Deceased, resting under a tree, from a peaceful sleep.

Family relations

Father: Dark soul (Alive...(sadly) Warriorcats13ever)

Mother: Flaming soul Breed: Light wolf (Deceased Uknown user )

Sisters: Rose thorn (Deceased adopted sister ), Moon heart (Deceased adopted sister also Unknown user ), Quiet rain (deceased Phoenixcat124 ), Eagle wing, (Phoenixcat124 ), Dark heart (Deceased Backstory), Feather mist, (Deceased backstory) Fallen Heart (Deceased by a Unkown sickness. His third litter! Half sisters with her! XP Her sis in life lol (Shares account with her cuz might be getting a member ship)

Brothers: Crow feather (Blazewildfire123 ), Dancing paw (Deceased backstory)

Aunts: Unknown

Uncles: Unknown

Grandfathers: Uknown

Grandmothers: Uknown

Nieces: Greypelt (Deceased Warriorcats1999 ), Petal breeze ( Alive? Zxcvbnm51379 ), Daisy/wind storm (Deceased? Phoenixcat1245 ) Silver kit (Alive? Lionblaze89164) )

Nephews: Spring kit (Alive? Woalf12345) )

Deceased Mates: Quietmoon (Deceased Backstory/unknown user) Dawning tides of the falling moon/ Red dust of the falling moon Breed: Dark moon wolf (Deceased Warriorcats4ever13 )

Mates: None

Daughters: Flaming kit (Deceased backstroy), Dark kit (Deceased back story),Nightmare (Deceased? Nightmarethesilent back story), Quietmoon (Deceased Back story/Unknown user), Blackkit, (Alive, and adopted)

Sons: Stone kit (Deceased Back story), Dancing kit (Deceased Back story)

Son in laws: Ark (Deceased Starfire5000)

Daughter in laws: None that I know of...

Great Nieces: Dewkit (Alive? Starfire500)

Great Nephews: None that I know of...

Her strengths

She has been known to act faster if a cat in her clan is in danger

She can adapt rather quickly

She has a kind heart, she can be a grouchy cat sometimes though

She was born a natural leader


She can be very quiet when stressed out, and ignore clan members sometimes when that happens

When things are too annoying she does have a bad habit of walking out of camp to cool down at mt shiveer

She has been to darkforest, and does go there sometimes ( not by her free will though )

When someone she knows, and loves is threatened she might try kill that cat... so be warned...

When someone in her clan goes to a locked den be warned she might lash out by slamming u down into the ground quickly then padding off to mt shiveer.

Favorite cats in the clan Edit

Mistheart, She reminds me so much of my younger brother, Dancingpaw, She is like him in more ways then one.

Darkclaw, he was a very loyal deputy, and my best friend... I miss you Darkclaw.

Karma, despite her past, and her flaws I trust her more than anyone, For I know how she felt, not fully, but I truly know how she felt...

Redtail, despite being grumpy, and mean at times she is who she is. No one can change that, and I trust her...

Raven, she reminds me of my long lost daughter, in more ways then one....

Blackkit, she is spirited and I would die for her... For weather she is adopted or not... She is my kitten, and I love her very much. She reminds me of Rosethorn... In so many ways I can't name them all...

Fave sayings

"No way in starclan are you going alone..." Not used a lot...

"I made a promise... and I'm goin to keep it!" Used sometimes

"Oh. Come. On!" Used quiet often....

"For starclan's say in things will you stop that?!" Used a lot

"Oh for crying out loud..." Used a lot also...

The most used one of all

"..." lol joke

"Oh Joy..." The one that is used the most!!!

Theme songs:

Bad mood/worried mood/ fighting mode: I feel like a monster by Skillet

Good mood: Innocence by Avril lavigne and A new day has come by ???

Her fave song: Once upon a December by Deana carter

Her main theme songs are: You can be king again by (???)

Oh yes if you do think that you are somehow related to me then just put a comment below -Flare star.

yay, and that's all so far I will update this when I draw a picture of her... bye now!