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Firestar was one of the leaders picked by Madjasterxyz.(one of the four.) He is a well-known cat in TC. He was an official leader, and would do anything to protect his clan. His nicknames are Fifi, Carrot, and Carrotstar. He is now 38 moons, and formerly lead the the reformed ThunderClan of Madjasterxyz.

Fifi the amazing carrot

Firestar Edit

starting fresh


Oakpaw Edit

Father: Dusksky

Mother: Amberstone

Brothers: Nightkit

Sisters: Stormlight, Berrykit, Shard, Moonkit, Sagepaw, Dustkit

Sunflare Edit

Father: Stonestar

Mother: Maplefall

Brothers: Coyotetail, Canyonfall

Sisters: Sepiapool, Pepperstar, Aspenfall, Snowstar, Palepaw

Mate: Ryeleaf

Copperkit Edit

Father: Dust

Mother: Sepiapool

Grandmothers: Maplefall and Bellastar

(will update later)

Krylo Edit

Father: Daiki

Mother: (unknown)

Brothers: Pinestar, and Quailstar

Sisters: Summit, Jax, Kurai


Output kLzKaG

Amazing animation of Fifi laughing at Scourge