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You're trotting happily along the forest, a few of your friends following. One of you're friend's meows "Umm... Did you guys just see that?" You stop and look at the cat,"See what?" Now, you're whole group of friends stopped. Out of nowhere, the starry outline of a tabby-tom appeared infront of you're group. "Why, hello young ones. What are you doing this deep in the forest at night?" He asked. "H-Hello.. W-We-e where j-just taking a wa-lk." You stammer, staring in awe at the StarClan tom. The tom smiled, his glowing green eyes soft. "Anyways, my name's Firestar, but you can call me Firefoot, or my Kittypet name, Blaze." The tom dipped his head to you and you're friends.


Current Name: Firestar

Past Names: Firefoot, Firepaw, Blaze.

Sexuality: Straight/Hetrosexual

Gender: Male 

Apperance: Firestar is a tall, starry ginger tabby tom. He is lithe yet broad-shouldered. He has glowing green eyes, his left ear is shredded compleatly, he has a tear in his right ear, a scar on his shoulder, as well as two claw marks on his muzzle, with a scar going acrossed his right eye.

Personality: Firestar USED to be a giant grump. But now, he's calm, yet he's still rebellious. He enjoy's talking to his fellow StarClan Clanmates.

Current Clan: Starclan: Forest of Honorable Souls

Past Clans: ShadowClan

Current Rank: Warrior

Past Ranks: Co- Leader, Deputy, Warrior, Apprentice, Kittypet.

Extra: Firestar lingers around ShadowClan as a spirit, as well as the spirits of a Falcon, Wolf (Adimar), Cougar (Bruno), Lion (Dante), Fox (Everest), and a Fox-Dragon (Cyan).


Mother: Silverr

Father: Wildstar

Sister(s): Dusktail, Flower.

Brother(s): Aspendawn, Crow, Breeze.

Mate: Nightscar <3

Son(s): Fernblaze, Smallkit (Descesed), Otterpaw(???), Ferretpaw(???)

Daughters: Fallenstreak, Redpaw (Descesed), Silverkit (Descesed), Duskkit(Descesed)


Past Crushes: Flametail, Nightwing, Rainysight,Northernbreeze, Fallenpetal,Willowtail.

Current Crush: Nightscar

Future Crush: Hopefully none..

Past Mates: Flametail,Nightwing,Rainysight.

Current Mate: Nightscar <3

Future Mates: Hopefully None...


Main Theme Song:


Blaze! Come inside! It's time to eat.  Called the Twoleg. The small ginger tom sighed and muttered, But i don't  want to.  Reluctantly he turned around, making his collar jingle around. Once he was on his way inside, a rough voice came from behind him. Blaze? What are you doing, i thought we were going to explore! Blaze sighed and turned around, Listen, Cloud ive ignored my Twoleg enough, and she's been threating to take me to the Cutter. Cloud's eyes widen, Blaze, just go inside, eat, then sneak out when she's asleep! Meet me here then. Blaze nodded and raced into the Twoloeg nest. A moment later he returned to find that Cloud had been waaiting for a while. Ready? Cloud meowed. Blaze nodded  As i'll ever be.  The two toms lept over the fence and into the forest. Do we split up? Blaze asked. Sure. Cloud meowed.  How about, we meet back here at sunrise?. Cloud nodded Okay, Blaze. ShadowClan. Blaze walked through the forest, wondering how Cloud's doing. At a suddon moment, a large grey tom, about his age lept snarling out of the Shadow's. Blaze  following his  insticnt, crouched and unsheathed his claws. Both toms were crouched, hissing. Blaze lept at the Grey tom, making his collar jingle with the impact. After awhile of  fighting, growling, and snarling, they grey tom  won, just barely.  After the battle, the grey tom meowed, Wow, you fought pretty good, being a Kittypet. Blaze, panting hardly meowed, T-thanks. You were good to. The grey tom meowed, I'm Stoneclaw/flight/cant remember, and i'm deputy to  ShadowClan. Would you like to join us? Blaze thought, He's a forest cat!. Hesitating Blaze replied, Sure! I would love to join your Clan. Oh, and im Blaze.  Once they got into ShadowClan's camp, cats all around them were hissing. Stonestar pulled off Blaze's Collar, then lept onto the highrock. Blaze quickly lept up after him. Stonestar  started  to talk I found this Kittypet on our territory. And i think he will cope well with the Clan. Blaze, from this moment forward, until you recive your warrior name, you will be, Firepaw. Firepaw then thought, Cool!. Stonestar meowed Echostrike, you will mentor Firepaw. Thunderbolt let out a hiss, as Firepaw came down and bounded over. When do we start training? he asked eagerly.Echostrike replied, Never, i'm not training a Kittypet. Firepaws tail drooped. And he padded toward the apprentice den. Darkpaw(Shadow) looked at him, hissing. Warrior and Getting a Mate. Stonestar had chosen Firepaw and a few other cats along with him to go hunting. Rainypaw ( The newest apprentice/ Stonestar's daughter), Had also been chosen. Almost imedietly, Firepaw scented Rabbit. He dropped to a crouch. Slowly prowling forward. Once he was close, he sprang at the rabbit, snapping it's neck  quickly. He buried the rabbit for later, and went on searching for more Prey. A few minutes later, addition to the Rabbit, he cough: Two sparrows, anther Rabbit, a Fish, and a mouse. Padding back to camp was a strugle since he was carrying all his prey. When Stonestar saw what the tom had brought in, he called a clan meeting. Cats of ShadowClan! An apprentice is old enough to become a full warrior of this Clan. Since Darkpaw was older, he was boasting that he would be the new warrior. Firepaw. Please, step forward. Firepaw padded forward. Firepaw, do you promise to protect your Clan, even at the cost of your life?

The Death

The old ginger tom trotted along with Willowtail.The two where talking lowly and softly as they walked around the forest. "Do.. Do you smell that?" The tom asked, his green gaze flickering to Willowtail. The russet she-cat nodded, "Yeah, it smells li-" She couldn't finish her sentance, due to it being cut off by barking. Soon enough, two large dogs lept out infront of them. "GO!" Firefoot/star yowled. The two lept off, heading toward the river. One of the dogs lept infront of Willowtail, blocking her path. "KEEP GOING!" She yowled. Firefoot stopped, then turned around. He ran towards the dog, springing onto it's back. He sunk his claws into it's spine, yowling "RUN, WILLOWTAIL! I'LL CATCH UP!" The she-cat hesitated, before doing as the elder tom said. The dog flung him off, but he landed on his paws. He lept off towards the river, the two dogs following him. Dogs are stupid, the'll follow me in the river, he thought. Before he jumped into the river, he looked behind him, took a breath, then lept into the water. Two more giant splashes followed him under water. A few minutes later, the dogs lept back out of the water. Willowtail noticing Firefoot/star hadn't went back, she ran towards the river. She gasped as she saw two RiverClan cats hauling a ginger lump of fur out of the water. "FIREFOOT!!" She yowled, racing over. The ginger tom coughed, weakly looking at the russet she-cat. "W-Willowt-tail.. Tell... Tell the Clan i said Goodbye.. I-I've served ShadowClan for many many Moons... It's.. It's my time.." The tom took one last breath, before he went limp. "N-NO!!" Willowtail yowled. The she-cat crouched down, burying her face into the old tom's fur. Sniffling, Willowtail looked up to see the starry outline of the ginger tom. The spirit caused Firefoot to look younger, his green gaze full of sadness. "Tell the Clan im honored to have served ShadowClan all those years. Though my body is gone, my spirit remain's with ShadowClan. All i ask, is that all of you don't forget me. Can you promise me that?" The deep -voiced spirit asked. Willowtail nodded, blinking away the tears. "I-I promise." The spirit stepped forward, setting his muzzle on the she-cats head. He then stepped back, seeming to fade into the dark night.



Nightscar/Female/1,0000,0000 %








♔F I R E F L Y♔

Fireflies by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu 4
I don't care! This isn't right, so what if you're a higher rank?!


♔General Information♔


Current Name: Firepaw

Reason: Fire- His earning of becoming Firestar's reincarnation/ Kit- His rank.

Past Names: Firekit

Future Names: Firefly, Firestar?

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Hetrosexual/Straight

Status: Alive & Inactive

Menotr: Lightningstar

Personality: Firekit is a little grump, much like the former Firestar. He loves to annoy his mentor, by not doing what he's told. He has a rather snappy attitude at most times, and even though he's still a growing kit, he rebel's against older cat's words.

Appearance: Due to Firekit still growing, he is a very small ginger tabby tom. He has a dark ginger topcoat with lighter stripes going along his pelt. He has a lighter underbelly aswell, lighter marks under his eyes, and tipped ears. He has a rather long tail, and long fur. He already has slightly broad shoulders, but remains lithe. He has glowing green eyes, and unusually soft fur.





Mother: Lockedheart (ShadowClan/Rouge)

Adoptive Mother: N/A

Father: Brightsight (WindClan)

Adoptive Father: N/A

Sister(s): Willowkit/paw/leaf, Cinderkit (Died at birth)

Adoptive Sister: N/A

Brother(s): N/A

Adoptive Brother: N/A




Past Crush: None.

Current Crush: None

Future Crush: None

Past Mate: None

Current Mate: None

Future Mate: None




Shadowclan: %50 (Mother)

Thunderclan: %0

Riverclan: %25 (Father)

Windclan: %25 (Father)

Skyclan: %0

Bloodclan: %0

Tribe: %0

Loner/Rouge: %50

Kittypet: %0







A dark russet she-cat hauled herself to the shelter of a large pine tree. The she-cat grunted as she layed down after scooping a small place out of the snow, her grey striped tail flicking. A few minutes later, a ginger tom with glowing green eyes was sitting beside her. "You can do this, Lockedheart." The former medicine cat mewed soothingly. "B-Brightsight..." Lockedheart stammered, before letting out a loud yowl. "Bite this." Brightsight commanded, pushing a stick towards her. Lockedheart bit into the stick squeezing her eyes shut. Not long after, a small ginger bundle of fur slid out onto the cold ground. Brightsight immedietly started to warm up the young cat. Seconds later, a second bundle of fur, but this one a deep russet, slid out. Brightsight nuzzled the two kits closer to Lockedheart, who wrapped her tail around them. "We must name them.." Brightsight smiled. "I was thinking.. Firekit for the ginger one." Lockedheart grinned,"Wonderfull. And Willowkit for the she-kit." Brightsight sighed, his tail flicking. "We can't keep them... You know this.." Lockedheart looked up at her mate, her eyes filled with sorrow. "I know.. After ShadowClan kicked me out.. If they found out they where my kits.. They would harm them.. And if you're clan found out that their medicine cat had a mate and kits.." She broke off, sighing. "Then we wont tell them." Brightsight declared. Lockedheart huffed and stood up, gently picking up Willowkit. Beside her, Brightsight bent his head to grasp Firekit's scruff, and with a flick of his tail, he trotted through the snow. The two hauled themselves through the snow, until they reached ShadowClan camp. Brightsight and Lockedheart set the two kits down beside eachother, as Lockedheart let out a loud yowl to alert the Clan. Once they heard the sounds of pawsteps, they nuzzled their kits one last time before leaping off.


♔Theme Songs♔



♔Trust Rates♔


Willowkit/paw/leaf - 100%

Puzzlepaw/piece - 100%

Lightningstar/Mentor - 100%




  • Lockedheart
  • Gadget
  • Puzzlepaw