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Backstory: Edit

Finchshade first arrived in Thunderclan (Led by Disbanded 2 yearz ago./Sunstar). Where she had the name, Finchkit. Her mother was called Cinder.A former rogue. A few days after she was born,Finchkit asked where her dad was.Cinder said he was in another clan. Finchkit then ran away to search for her father. She went to Lionclans camp(Led by Tristyn77/Lionstar). To search there, since Thunderclan and Lionclan where close allies.Cinder caught up with her,and Sunstar wanted Finchkit back. Finchkit denied,and then stayed in Lionclan. Where she joined with her mother, Cinder. Cinder then told Finchkit that her father was dead. Finchkit cried for a moon. Until a few moons later, she was apprenticed. Her mentor was Leopardclaw, the deputy of Lionclan. Soon after she turned a apprentice,Lionclan disbanded.And so did thunderclan. Thunderclan then turned into Snowclan,which she is in today.Finchpaw got Blizzardstar as a mentor. Along with Sandpaw and Crystalpaw. Two other apprentices. Sandpaw and Crystalpaw then turned warriors, Called Sandstorm and Crystalclaw. And Finchpaw became envy of them. After a while of training, Finchpaw earns her warrior name. Called Finchshade. Crystalclaw and Sandstorm both like each other, making Finchshade more envy. Since Finchshade secretly loved Sandstorm. But didnt admit it. After that, her life is unknown.

Personality: Edit

Finchshade is mostly a envy person.Can get annoyed easily and is hotheaded.Hates peope ignoring her.But is a kind and gently she-cat.Will do everything to protect her family/clan.

Appearance: Edit

Finchshade is a beige she cat,with a white underbelly and aqua blue eyes.

Past Clans and Current Clan: Edit

Pastclans:Thunderclan and Lionclan


Family: Edit







Uncles and Aunts-None

Granmas and Granpas-None

Great Granmas and Great Granpas-None

Great Great Granmas and Great Great Granpas-None

Rank: Edit

Finchshades rank so far is a warrior.But may turn into a deputy.

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