If you're planning to join FinchClan, please be sure to actually read the page instead of filling out an application because it "looks cool." It would not make sense to apply for a rank and you're unfamiliar with its purposes and functions.

FinchClan has existed for

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~ FinchClan ~

“ The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly. „

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Founder ~ Doestar
Founded ~ 01.07.18
Status ~ Accepting All
Species ~ Feline
Location ~ Washington D.C
M. Count ~ 1/30
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Recent Events

18/09/01~ We are open for recruitment.

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Rules and Consequence


Respect is a crucial rule while a member or visitor of FinchClan. Disrespect in the group will immediately lead to punishment. The Leaders and Deputies must always be obeyed, for they symbolize our group. 


Double-grouping is a serious issue to us. Being in 2+ groups while being in FinchClan will result in immediate exile if no reasonable explanation is provided. The other pack/clan/group will be notified of your actions as well. 


A requirement during roleplay is being serious. If you are unable to adapt to this rule, you will be asked to step out of the den or chat we are roleplaying in. Continuous behavior of this will result in punishment.


FinchClan is not a hotel, you may not check in and out as you please. Once you have left, you will only be welcome back once. We can understand if you are having problems within the group, but leaving for no particular reason isn't acceptable. 


Try to be active in FinchClan. We understand if you are unable to be active for particular reasons, but 2 weeks without activity will result in exile. If you have left on vacation or anything related to that, tell one of the high ranks and we will preserve your rank.


Drama in FinchClan is not acceptable in anyway-shape-or form. If its required for your OC or would be relevant to the setting of the pack at that time please privately contact the Leader.


If punished by the Leader or Deputy of FinchClan, do not use the following as an excuse to get out of the situation:


• Friend wants me for something

• Someone is bothering me

If you have an excuse you'll be given a greater punishment. 

Assorted Rules For Apprentices

• Apprentices must have had at least 6 training sessions before they are a full-fledged warrior, and must have approval from their mentor.

• Apprentices must have completed each move in the Training Guidelines before becoming a warrior.

• Apprentices may not have mates, crushes are acceptable

• Apprentices are expected to respect their mentor, and higher ranks

Assorted Rules For Kits

• Kits may not go on hunting/border patrols

• Kits may not leave camp

• Kits may not participate in battles/spars

Assorted Rules For Punishable

• Punishable may not spar

• Punishable are expected to obey all orders of ranks above apprentices

• Punishable do not have the privilege to participate in gatherings or activities


• If you have a High Rank OC, such as Deputy, and you decide to step down you are not allowed to regain your position unless a Leader chooses you again. This rule has been put here because it is unfair for other members.

• You MUST have an OC for at least 1 FULL month before injuring/killing off your OC.

• You MUST have a leader or medicine cat's permission to injure/kill your OC.

• Give your OC some types of personalities/flaws. No cat can be perfect.

• Please do not rush your OC's life, you will soon be bored and want to kill off your OCs frequently.

OC age timing:

Kits: 1 moon = 1 day

All else: 1 moon = 5 days

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Roleplay Information


Roleplay~ Traditional

Tag Color~ Brown

Tag Symbol~Wing


Den to RP in~ N/A

Server~ Calle

Territory~ Sarepia Forest and Temple of Zios

Dress Code

Pelt Colors~
Pelt Colors
Eye Colors~
Eye color ec
code: yesiknowthebannerisasparrow2
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Rank Listing

Leader x1/1
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The Leader of FinchClan is the leader, their role in the clan is to lead FinchClan. They have control over every little thing done in the clan, they regularly meet with the dead in dreams. This rank cannot be chosen and must be earned.


Deputies x0/2
Feather-2781343 960 720
The Deputies of FinchClan are second in command, they organize patrols and share events regularly and reports with the Leader. This rank cannot be chosen and must be earned.


Med. Cats x0/4
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The Medicine Cats of FinchClan are the healers of the clan, they are gifted in the ways of medicine and spiritual healing. They regularly meet with the dead in dreams, where prophecies can be received. This rank requires a test of herbal knowledge, cheating will result in denial.


Warriors x0/18
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The Warriors of FinchClan are the combat forces, they fight and hunt for their clan to protect their Leader and Deputy. They are required to know basic combat moves, the Warriors are unique in each of their individual attacks.


Elite. Warriors x0/5
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Elite Warriors are the wise and trusting of FinchClan, they have the same rights as a normal warrior but are more advanced in combat and thinking skills to outsmart foes. This rank cannot be chosen and must be earned.


Apprentices x0/7
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The Apprentices of FinchClan are training to become either a Warrior or Medicine Cat dependent on their skills of each requirement. Apprentices may also participate in battle and hunting parties.


Kits x0/5
Feather-2781343 960 720
The Kits of FinchClan are the youngest of the clan, they are to not participate in any battles or hunting groups. They stay within camp and wait until siz moons old to become an Apprentice.


Elders x0/3
Feather-2781343 960 720
The Elders of FinchClan are the eldest and wise, they have retired from their duties and seek peace within their life as they once were newborn kittens. This rank can only be chosen by Warriors and Deputies and not in selection for joining FinchClan.
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