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Written & Edited By: Filmcat/Perfecticy/Marta

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"If you trust me enough, would you jump off the cliff, knowing I'd jump after you?"


Prefix: Myth

Suffix: Pool

Rank: Warrior

Past Rank: Leader

Age: 36 Moons

Theme-Song: Sassy & The Hanging Tree

Status: Living & Inactive

Birth Season: Leaf-fall

Nicknames: Mitty & Mythie

Residence: N/A

Past Residence: BearClan & CeriseClan

Breed: Mixed

Sexuality: Bisexual

Voice: Suzanne Pleshette (her fully matured adult voice)


Mother: Rye

Father: Flint

Siblings: Lostspirit[m]

Adoptive Mother: Dapplestream

Adoptive Father: Coalfur

Aunt: Swanstar[deceased]

Cousins: Winter[f]

Adoptive Siblings: Cloud[f], Falcon[f], Cherryflight[f] & Suzume[f]

Mate: N/A

Past Mate: Petalfall[f] & Nightshade[m]

BFFs: Too many to list.

Enemies: Meh.

Kits: Coalkit[f], Quillkit[f], Tinykit[f], Dapplekit[f], Minkkit[f] & Silentkit[f] [all deceased]

Adopted Kits: Aurorasong[f]

Mentor: Rowanbreeze[f], formerly.

Apprentices: Shadowpaw[f] & Windpaw[f], both formerly.


Overall: Mythpool is an average sized warrior, with night black pelt, with striking dark gray stockings, tips of her ears, tip of her ear, splotch on her muzzle, and chest. She is very fluffy and is considered to be 50% Russian Blue, 10% Ragdoll cat, 15% Norwegian Forest Cat, 20% Siberian Cat and 5% Munchkin Cat. She has two different coloured eyes; a red eye which represents her fight for her faith and what she had to put up with and a blue eye, for her energetic and never ending characteristics, as she can appear anywhere and everywhere. One of her ears is permanently floppy due to an accident which she had as a kit and it can't function properly and sometimes it becomes a pain when she is instructed an order.

Scars: There is a faint scar on her nose, hardly visible. She has a large scar on her floppy ear due to an accident which occurred as a kit.

Size: Height: 22 cm, Mass: 3.2 kg & Length: 44 cm (without tail)

Breed: 50% Russian Blue, 10% Ragdoll Cat, 15% Norwegian Forest Cat, 20% Siberian Cat & 5% Munchkin Cat

Scent: Mythpool's fur scent varies. But her natural smell is a distinct soft mud tang. It is very faint, so don't be surprised if it hasn't caught your nose.



= [ Sassy ]

This varies in each situation, it either appears humorous or very annoying. However her sassiness has toned down through her aging, she can still can be tough to work with during this period.

+ [ Energetic ]

Despite her growing old, Mythpool is very energetic. And trust me, when I say very, I mean very. She loves to pitch in, helping her clanmates with anything possible. She likes to multi-task, which means that gets her chores/jobs done quicker.

- [ Stubborn ]

Mythpool likes to get it her own way, even if she is wrong. (Is she ever wrong?) She will fight for what she believes in even if it means being that one annoying cat which you want to straggle and say  "Please, stop."

= [ Dominant ]

Due to the fact that Mythpool was once leader, she has the natural instinct for her leadership and dominance around her clanmates. Of course, this trait can be positive thing in some situations, being she doesn't worry, she just instructs what to do. But it does have negative sides as it can get quite irritating.

+ [ Goofy ]

Mythpool is a very humorous cat! Although sometimes it can result in childish behaviour, she is a complete goof. She's either making a complete fool out of herself. However, this means in time of grief or sadness, she can easily cheer up her beloved ones.

- [ Sensitive ]

However, Mythpool is quite sensitive due to some major situations have had place in her life. Although her wounded scars have healed over time, it's best if they're never re-opened or else she will be corrupted again.


 "All I'm hearing is words, not seeing any actions.."

"Your own weakness is your own fear."

"You don't need it, you want it, which are completely different things, sweetie."

"No matter how tough the situation is, I'll always stand up tall, with my head high because I know I'll forget the non important memories when I grow up and realise how immature they were."

"It's time to look into the future, battle the next hurdle in your path to victory. Forget the past, learn to forgive and forget."


- She doesn't like mouse meat.

- She considers herself as an elder.

- She would give her life for all her kits to live again.

- She is more daddy's girl B3

- She doesn't know her biological Parents

- The reason why her voice is more mature than it should be, it's because she was forced to develop a much more mature status because of depression and anxiety she went through, along with stress



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"It's either you play the game, or end it. Simple as that. I choose to play it."


Prefix: Splash

Suffix: Kit

Rank: Kit

Past Rank: Newborn

Age: 3 Moons

Theme-Song: Stronger(What Doesn't Kill You)

Status: Deceased & Inactive

Birth Season: Green-leaf

Nicknames: Splash, Spam & Splashy

Residence: BearClan

Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix X Snowshoe

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Possible Warrior Names: Splashlight, Splashfall, Splashraven & Splashleaf

Voice: The Lion King 2, Kiara

Cause Of Death: Died of choking.


Mother: Crystalstream

Father: Shadepool

Siblings: Sandkit[f] & Daykit[f]

Crush: Wouldn't tell you in a million years. (doesn't have one, cri, forever alone)

BFFs: As of right now, she likes everyone.

Mentor: N/A

Enemies: Nope.

Mate: N/A


Overall: Splashkit is a pale coal gray, Domestic Shorthair, Snowshoe Mix. She has black splotches of fur, belly, muzzle, legs and some on her back. Her fur texture is rather a soft, short fluffy which constantly looked wet and spikey, giving her the name Splashkit. She has light green ghostly eyes, which are like the moss which grows on trees, nearby the water. She has more rounded ears, than most cats, more smooth than sharp. She has a slightly pinched face at some angles, but overall she is quite chubby. However, her bones are visible due to a severe and deadly sickness she has.

Scars: Too young.

Size: Average size for kit, a bit smaller than most of her littermates.

Breed: 30% Domestic Shorthair Mix & 70% Snowshoe Cat

Special Features: Unusually, she has a very short tail, it is often mistaken to be studded or torn off.

Scent: Splashkit's scent is quite misty and foggy which can clog up your nose, sort of like a heavy rain shower and then there is fog. It is quite also a sleepy fragrance which lingers in the air.



+ [ Cheerful ]

Splashkit is very cheerful, even more than most kits. She often likes to bound about or do anything to cheer up her clanmates. She loves smiling and is happy for the life she was given.

+ [ Obedient ]

She is also very obedient! This means when she has to take her kit nap, as her mother says to her, she will happily go and sleep.

- [ Depressed ]

However, sometimes for unknown causes Splashkit tends to be depressed. Her sickness may have affected this trait to develop over time.

*Note, as she is just a kit, her traits will develop over time.


- She suffers from Weakened Immune System

- She has Philophobia [ phobia of falling in love, it will develop later on in life ]

- She is destined to be a medicine cat, well forced into being it

- She doesn't favor any of her parents, she loves them equally <3



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"Grace in she-cats has more effect than beauty."


Prefix: Small

Suffix: Whisker

Rank: Warrior

Past Rank: Apprentice

Age: 16 Moons

Theme-Song: Faded

Status: Dead & Inactive

Birth Season: Leaf-Bare

Nicknames: Smol, Smallie, Bawl & Smalbeb

Residence: StarClan

Past Residence: ScarClan

Breed: Domestic Longhair

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Voice: Sabrina Carpenter

Cause Of Death: Drowned in flood


Mother: Lilacheart

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Snowdawn[f[ & Lilytail[f]

Mate/Crush: Pinepaw[m]

Kits: None.

Mentor: Minkflight[f] & Strikeclaw[f], formerly.

BFFs: Ravensong/star, Snarkypaw/bear, Snowdawn, Lilytail, Strikeclaw, Pinepaw, Dewkit, Minkflight and many more.

Enemies: Not that I'm aware of...


Overall: She is a petit bodied she-cat, with a huge and fluffy tail. She has long strands of each fur which make her fur look silky and well combed, however can go dirty if goes un-groomed. It also has scruffy patches of fur which make her look a bit cute. She has icy blue eyes, glinting with mischief and troublesome. She is a very beautiful and graceful she-cat despite her very little size. She is pale ginger, with darker red splotches and clean white undercoat.

Scars: One of her neck due to the water she swallowed and she has a massive lump on her stomach.

Size: Compared to an average cat, she looks like an apprentice.

Breed: Domestic Longhair

Special Features: She has very tiny paws, but that doesn't make her soft, she can easily slide into small, tight spaces to save someone of get a lost herb/item.

Scent: Smallwhisker has a dazzling, quite seductive fragrance. She smells of roses but it will make your mind whirl with questions as it smells very nicely.



= [ Flirtatious ]

Smallwhisker is very flirty towards most toms, it is her natural nature. It can be soothing and appealing but can cause jealousy among other she-cats.

- [ Cocky / Feisty ]

Although this nature has died down within her, it can sometimes still snap if you're not careful. Better not awake the dragon!

+ [ Nurturing ]

She is very nurturing and caring towards her clanmates. However, at the start she showed no sympathy at all, now she has a very motherly nature towards anyway, as long as you play by her rules.

+ [ Patient ]

Smallwhisker is very patient, disbelieving fact if you only knew her in her kit/apprentice-hood. But yes, she actually was always patient but it was most of the time very hard to tell.

= [ Over-Confident ]

This can lead to either positive or negative things. She can be a bit over the top and confident when she's saying it, even if it's wrong, it makes it sound sense and that it isn't wrong. However, sometimes it's best if she'd just shut up.


"Our last goodbye is the hardest to say, but never forget that I love you, Pinepaw."

"Growing up isn't the problem - forgetting is, never forget ScarClan, even though it has disbanded, never forget it, it will always live on in our hearts."


- She was made apprentice earlier as ScarClan was running short on warriors. She should have been an apprentice for 5 or 6 moons more.

- She sacrificed herself for her love, Pinepaw to live during the flood.

- Her foster mother, while she was a rogue was Silhouette, but she soon was mysteriously murdered.

- Her personality switched from cocky and brutal to soft and sweet once she met Pinepaw.

- She wanted to have kits named: Forestkit, Quiverkit & Oakkit.

- She also hoped to be leader one day or at least deputy.



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"I'm not afraid of meeting death. I'm afraid you will miss me too much it tears."


Prefix: Dream

Suffix: Star

Rank: Leader

Past Rank: Deputy

Past Names: Dreamwish

Age: 27 Moons

Theme-Song: Don't You Worry Child

Status: Dead & Inactive

Birth Season: Newleaf

Nicknames: Dreamy, Dream, Dreambb

Residence: StarClan

Past Residence: OrbitClan

Breed: American Shorthair X Bengal Cat

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Voice: Amy Walker

Cause Of Death: Died by sliding off cliff saving her daughter


Mother: Jaggedrose

Father: Zen

Mate/Crush: N/A

Kits: N/A

Adoptive Kits: Spruceleaf

Mentor: Zen

Apprentice: Honeypaw & Featherpaw

BFFs: Brightpaw, Sunstream, Featherpaw & Cherrypool

Enemies: Bluestar[male]


Overall: TBA

Scars: TBA

Size: TBA

Breed: TBA

Special Features:TBA












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"I forgive a lot, but I never forget what's said and done."


Prefix: Lost

Suffix: Spirit

Rank: Warrior

Past Rank: Rogue

Age: 36 Moons


Status: Living & Inactive

Birth Season: Leaf-fall

Nicknames: Lost, Losty

Residence: BearClan

Past Residence: Loner

Breed: Mixed

Sexuality: Bisexual





"A half moon, it has a dark half and a bright half, just like me…" ~Yuno Gasai (Mirai Nikki)


'Prefix: 'Wren

'Suffix: 'Kit

'Rank: 'Kit

' Past Rank: Newborn'

'Age: '1 or 2 moonish?

Desired Rank: Warrior

'Theme-Song: Nightcore - Numb (Dubstep) & Nightcore - Smoke & Mirrors

'Status: 'Alive & Active

'Birth Season:' Green-leaf

'Nicknames: 'Wrennie, Wren & Wrennyyandere

'Residence: 'WisteriaClan OFFICIAL

'Breed: 'Norwegian Forest Cat X Maine Coon X Bengal

'Sexuality: 'Heterosexual (she's still developing as a kit)

'Possible Warrior Names: 'Wrencall, Wrenfeather, Wrenwing

'Voice: 'Lion King 2, Vitani


'Mother: 'Larkstar

'Father: 'Mothscar

'Siblings: 'Owlkit[m]

Aunts: Minkfur

'Crush: 'None. (Probs in the future, who knows)

' BFFs: 'Driftpaw, Rainpaw, Owlkit, Mothscar & Larkstar(this is how the OC feels)

'Mentor: 'N/A

'Enemies: 'Anyone who hurts my boo! ):O

'Mate: 'N/A


'Overall: 'Wrenkit looks innocent enough, with big bold, pale, half blind eyes. Despite resembling mostly her father, Wrenkit appears to be a darker shade of brown than her mother. Her every individual strand of her fur makes her look like she has feathers, and yes, as if you guessed, it is extremely soft! She has lynx like ears, and petit paws (however, do not be fooled, if they could, they'd claw straight through your face)! Wrenkit is a good mix of both of her parents, which grants her own unique look.

'Scars: 'Too young.

'Size: 'Average size for a kit, slightly bigger because of her fluffiness.

'Breed: '30% Norwegian Forest Cat, 30% Maine Coon & 40% Bengal Cat

'Special Features: 'Wrenkit unusually always have a frown upon her face even when she's happy, but that's only because the way her fur texture laid itself. It's a pretty unique feature and she really doesn't mind what others think.

'Scent: 'Wrenkit's fragrance is pretty neutral but has a birdy tang to it.


A big major part of Wrenkit's personality is that she is a yandere, meaning: "Yandere is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu, meaning to be sick, and deredere, which is defined as strongly and deeply exhausted, infatuated, moonstruck, head-over-heels, or lovestruck, but in this case used for "lovestruck."


+ [ Manipulative ]

To gets what she wants is easier thought for her than it'll ever be for you. She can outsmart a fox if she'd want to. She is pretty sly with her techniques, and sometimes, you won't even realize when you've been tricked.

- [ Possessive ]

This mainly relates with her being a yandere. Once she's found that one and only, she will treat them like and object even if they may not like her back. (She can also be like this to things she claimed like a moss bed, etc) "If I can't have him, no one can."

- [ Jealous ]

Ah, bet you saw this one coming; but yes, Wrenkit is a very jealous cat. Especially when her one and only is talking to another she-cat. "Now that's crossing the line isn't it? I mean, what does he see in her?"

+ [ Caring]

Despite there being many negatives about lil Wrenkit, she actually does care even though she may not know how to exactly show her true feelings. She really cares for her family and friends (of course, mostly for her one and only)!


"I am be crazy, but I would do anything for my love, even if he doesn't like me. Even if it's going against StarClan."


- Wrenkit, when she's older will visit her father as she will become curious of him

- She doesn't really fear anything in particular, but she has Thantophobia (fear of losing someone) and overtime the fear as developed into her becoming yandere (that's all I could think of right now X3)







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*Lamby actually has golden eyes, not brown*


"Basically, I'm a she-cat with the personality of a tom."


'Prefix: 'Lamb

'Suffix: 'Kit

'Rank: 'Unborn

' Past Rank: 'None

'Age: 'Unborn

'Desired Rank: 'Warrior


'Status: 'Unborn & Inactive

'Birth Season: 'N/A

'Nicknames: 'Lamby, Lamb & Lamp

'Residence: 'N/A

'Breed: 'Devon Rex X LaPerm X Turkish Angora

'Sexuality: 'Bisexual

'Possible Warrior Names: 'Lambfur, Lambtail, Lambtear

'Voice: 'TBA


Mother: TBA

Father: TBA

Siblings: Sheepkit[m]

Aunts: TBA

Crush: 'None.

BFFs: Sheepkit and TBA

Mentor: N/A

Enemies: Anyone who hurts Sheepkit. Literally.

Mate: N/A




'Size: '


'Special Features:'



How she looks like In-Game.