This page describes battle moves that the Warrior Cat Clans use in the Warriors books by Erin Hunter. I hope this is helpful, & I hope you enjoy!

*Thunder clan* Edit

  • Back Kick ~ Explosive surprise move to catch your opponent from behind. Judge opponent's distance from you carefully, then lash out with your hind legs taking all weight on front paws.
  • Belly Rake ~ A fight stopper! Slice with unsheathed claws against the soft flesh of your opponent's belly. If you're pinned down, the belly rake quickly puts you back in control.
  • Front Paw Blow ~ Frontal attack. Slice downward with your front paw on opponent's head, claws sheathed.
  • Front Paw Strike/Forepaw Slash ~ Frontal attack. Slice downward with your front paw at the face or body of your opponent.
  • Killing Bite ~ A death blow to the back of the neck. Used quickly and silently, and sometimes considered dishonorable. Used only at last resort.
  • Leap-And-Hold ~ Ideal for a small cat facing a larger opponent. Spring onto opponent's back, and grip with unsheathed claws. Now you are beyond the range of the opponent's paws, and in position to inflict severe body wounds. A group of apprentices can defeat a much stronger warrior in this way. Watch out for the drop-and-roll counter move, and try to jump before you get squashed.
  • Partner Fighting ~ Warriors who have trained and fought together will often fall instinctively into a defensive position, each protecting each others back while fending off an opponent on either side. Slashing, clawing, and leaping together, battle pairs can be a whirlwind of danger for attackers.
  • Play Dead ~ Effective in a tight situation, such as when you're pinned. Stop struggling and go limp. When the opponent loosens his/her grip, thinking you are defeated, push yourself up explosively. This will throw off an unwary opponent, and put you back into defensive position.
  • Scruff Shake ~ Secure a strong teeth grip in the scruff of your opponent's neck; shake violently until he/she is to rattled to fight back. Most effective against rats, who are small enough to fling away. A strong throw will stun, or even kill them.
  • Tail Yank ~ Grab your opponent's tail, and yank it with such force, knocking your opponent off balance.
  • Teeth Grip ~ Target your opponent's extremities- the legs, tail, scruff, or ears- and sink in your teeth and hold. This move is slightly like the leap-and-hold move, except your claws remain free to fight.
  • Upright Lock ~ Final, crushing move on already weakened opponent. Rear up on hind legs and bring full weight down on opponent. If opponent does the same, wrestle and flip him/her under you. This makes you vulnerable to the belly rake, so it takes great strength and speed.
  • Half-Turn Belly Rake ~ Turn onto your side, slip under opponents belly, rake it with your claws, then swiftly turn back onto all fours out from under your opponent.
  • Badger Defense ~ Leap over opponent, turn on your hind legs and bite opponent's leg. Used only when attacking badgers.
  • Duck And Twist ~ Simple defensive move. The cat ducks then twists around, rolling over onto his/her back, then springs to their paws.
  • Jump And Pin ~ Complicated move. Leap backwards, bounce off the wall. With precise accuracy, land on the cat.

^Dark Forest Techniques^ Edit

This is a list of fighting techniques taught by cats residing in The Place Of No Stars, also known as the Dark Forest. Most of the names of these fighting techniques were unknown to most Clan Cats.
  • Underbelly Slash ~ Dart under your enemy's underbelly, slashing at the back of there forepaws. When they twist, expecting you to emerge on the other side, back quickly out of the way you came. Hook your claws into the enemy's fur, dragging them to the ground.
  • Badger Defense (Advanced) ~ An "advanced" badger defense. Leap over opponent, turn on your hind legs, and, while turning, rake your claws on opponent's back. Then, sink your teeth into opponent's leg. Used only when fighting badgers.
  • Spin Hind Kick ~ Flick your hind legs into the air while spinning on your forepaws, then rear up, rake at the enemy with your claws before tucking your head down, and performing a forward roll.
  • Hold And Enemy Collapse ~ Leap onto enemy's back, and hold there head with your forepaws, and use your hindpaws to knock there hindlegs out from under them, thus making them collapse to the ground

! Unique Techniques ! Edit

These are each of the clans unique battle skills.

ThunderClan Edit

Forest Attack Edit

Move silently and communicate with tail signals. Cracking twigs, startled birds, or rustling bracken will tell the enemy exactly where you are.
  1. Keep downwind of the trespassers so that you don't give your scent away.
  2. Look for freshly broken twigs, overturned leaves, remains of prey, or a clump of fur caught on a bramble. Any animal that passes by leaves at least one of these signs. Signs like these can lead you to the invader.
  3. Keep your mouth open, so you can search strongly for any unusual scents. Be careful. If there is not a breeze to carry a very fresh/strong scent through the forest, that means your enemy is very close by.
  4. Light-colored pelts are easily seen in the green vegetation of the forest. If your pelt is light-colored, hide in the deepest parts of undergrowth. Keep low, the enemy will be looking for any signs of cat.
  5. Never miss an opportunity to practice your tracking ability. In the nursery, kits sneak up on there mothers and pounce on them with moss soft paws. Apprentices leap out at each other from bushes, or trees. These are not just games, one day these skills might save your life, and your own clan.

Lighting Strike Edit

  1. Crouch behind your enemy with your patrol unseen.
  2. Wait for the leader of the patrol to give the attack tail signal.
  3. Spring squarely on top of the enemy, aiming for the ears, as they will bleed easily; caught by surprise, they should be easy targets.
  4. As fast as you attack, retreat back into the undergrowth.
  5. As the enemy lets it's guard down, attack from the opposite angle; do this over and over until the enemy thinks they are outnumbered, and retreats.

ShadowClan Edit

Night Ambush Edit

Hide in the shadows of the night, with your patrol hidden, and enemy spotted.
  1. Make sure your scent isn't drifting toward the attackers.
  2. Wait for the leader of the patrol to give the attack tail signal.
  3. Strike your enemy fast and hard; your enemy will be caught of guard with a battle at night.
  4. Cut off all your enemy's escape routes, encircling them with your patrol.
  5. If they try to attack, battle again, if not, let them through with a warning.

RiverClan Edit

Water Combat Edit

Water Combat Battle Moves

Double-Front-Paw Slap-Down

  1. Splash water into the enemy's face, temporarily blinding them.

Underwater Leg Sweep (Front Or Hind)

  1. Crouch underwater, holding your breath
  2. Sweep the legs from under your enemy as there head is raised above water-level; They struggle for breath, as other clan cats naturally panic underwater.

Push-Down And Release

  1. Wrestle your enemy underwater.
  2. Keep there head below water-level until they surrender, as other clan cats don't know how to hold there breath underwater.

Underwater Clinch

  1. Use your enemy's weight to hold them underwater.
  2. With a firm grip, raise them to the air so they can breath, then send them under again. Do this over and over until the enemy gives up.

Tail Splash

  1. Similar to the double-front-paw slap-down, splash the water in opponent's eyes with your tail, temporarily blinding them.

Underwater Push-Off

  1. Holding your breath, crouch below water-level.
  2. Aim an accurate pounce to the warrior on the water's edge, knocking them off-balance; the element of surprise should win you this battle.

Rushpaw Splash

  1. Flick a splash of water at a distance to create a decoy for the enemy, leaving room for a surprise attack.

WindClan Edit

Speed And Agility Edit

Speed And Agility Battle Moves

Gray Wing created many battle techniques, mostly for his clan, WindClan. He came up with these tactics using small stones, and claw scratches on the floor of his den.

Approach From Above Your Enemy

  1. Gain high ground.
  2. Wait for the leader of the patrol to give the attack tail signal.
  3. Charge down your high ground; your enemy will be weakened by having to fight uphill.

Know Where The Wind Is Coming From

  1. If there is a strong wind, it should blow from behind you; That should hold your enemy back and blur there vision with dust. However, with stalking, make sure the wind is blowing toward you, as it could give away your scent if blowing toward your enemy.

Conceal The Size Of Your Force

  1. Have your attackers in sight from a distance.
  2. There are two options; either you can group your warriors tightly, making you seem like a small attacking force. Your enemy may become overconfident, which is likely to lead them to make poor strategic decisions. Or, if your warriors spread out single-file, it will seem impossible to pass advancing enemy warriors, and may intimidate them.
  3. Attack the enemy.

Attack Both Ends Of The Enemy Line First

  1. Attack both ends of your enemy's line, leaving the middle cats to fend on two fronts; this will leave them outflanked, vulnerable, and in disarray.
  2. Attack the rest of the enemy's until they run/flee.

Keep Fresh Warriors In Reserve

  1. Always keep strong, fit warriors to replace injured ones.

Feigned Retreat And Ambush

  1. A group of strong cats screech, and attack the enemy line.
  2. The group of fit cats retreat, repeat this until the enemy line breaks.
  3. Other warriors, usually tunnelers, jump out of rabbit holes and dips in the ground on the other side of the attackers.
  4. Attack from both fronts until the enemy surrenders/flees.

SkyClan Edit

Aboveground Combat Edit

Aboveground Combat Battle Moves

The Sky Crusher

  1. Balance on a thin branch; make no sound.
  2. Land squarely on the enemy, claws unsheathed.

The Flick-Over

  1. Balance on a thin branch; make no sound.
  2. Land with all four paws outstretched on your enemy.
  3. Knock the opponent's legs out from under them.
  4. Flip the enemy over to their belly, and pin them down until they surrender.

The Kick

  1. Balance on a thin branch; make no sound.
  2. Kick the enemy as you near the ground.
  3. Use the momentum of the fall to spring backward before the enemy has time to attack.

The Slice

  1. Balance on a thin branch; make no sound.
  2. Drop with claws unsheathed for maximum injury.

The Branch Swing

  1. Hold onto a branch with your front claws as your hind claws rake the enemy's face.

The Reverse Branch Swing

  1. Hold onto a branch with your hind claws as your front paws rake the enemy's face.

The Trunk Spring

  1. Balance on a thin branch; make no sound.
  2. Slide down the trunk of your tree.
  3. Spring off the trunk with your hind legs at head height to clear an enemy (good if tree surrounded).

The Reverse Climb

  1. Pace backward as the enemy advances.
  2. Climb backward up the trunk to escape your enemy; often followed by the trunk spring.

Tail Signals Edit

Tail signals are very important. These signals were created in ShadowClan, and, over the moons, got passed onto the other clans.

Signals ----Meaning

Tail Held Erect---- Stop

Tail Rippling---- Move forward slowly- With care

Tail held erect & sweeping slowly from side to side---- Retreat silently

Tail pointing low, parallel to the ground & sweeping---- Spread out

Tail Hooked---- Danger

Tail Bobbing---- Enemy spotted

Tail Flattened---- Get down

Tail Pointed Sharply---- Go that way

Tail held erect & waving from side to side---- Stay behind me

Tail kinked over back---- Follow me

Tail flicking over back---- Leave, but be careful

Tail tip facing other way---- Attack

Kink tail---- Attack

Environmental Strategies Edit

A wise and clever warrior can also use the nature around him/her to defend themselves.

Stick/Branch Edit

  • Stab your opponent in the throat with a stick/branch. This should give him/her enough surprise for you to attack them strongly again.

Bramble Bush Edit

  • You can back your enemy into a bramble bush or thorn bush. This will make it more hard for your enemy to attack, and you can quickly defeat them in this way.

Collar Edit

  • If you are attacking a vicious kittypet/rouge wearing a collar, you can bite down on the collar, shaking them violently. This is like the scruff shake, but you're using something that your opponent has no control of.

Good Clan Camps Edit

You might ask, "What does this have to do with fighting?" Well, a lot of things. Strong, easy to defend clan camps are what you need. Enemy's can ambush your camp at anytime, and this will help you defend your clan when times like these happen.


(ThunderClan & ShadowClan)

  • If you have a clan that lives in the forest, a barrier made out of brambles or thorns is perfect for you. The enemy will be confused, or less confident because of the thorns or brambles encircling your camp. Sleek forest pelts won't get snagged on the barrier, but other pelts will.


  • Brambles and thorns won't work for these slick, oily pelts, but thick/tall grass, roots, bark, or shells will work! You can weave these very tightly to make a barrier. Your enemy might get over confident, seeing that it's just vegetation, but they will soon be proved wrong. Shells poking them, and being stuck in a whirlwind of tightly woven vegetation will soon have them fleeing.


  • Barriers for WindClan are exactly like ThunderClan and ShadowClan barriers, except you will be using gorse, heather, rocks, or even grass. Weave these tight, and your enemy will see it's not so easy to attack you after all.

Order Of Dens

  • The order of the dens in your camp is very important. Enemy's could ambush you at any time, and it is important for the weaker cats to be protected at all times. You should have warriors or apprentices by the nursery or elders den. When an enemy does attack the camp, these fit, strong cats can defend the weakest cats easily without having to go a long way. Often badgers/foxes strike the weakest cats first, so be prepared.

Strong Dens

(ThunderClan & ShadowClan)

  • Strong dens are very important. Making a strong den takes practice, and skillful warriors/apprentices. Weaving dens out of thorns, brambles, sticks, or even fallen logs/trees will be a strong, and easy to defend den.


  • Make these dens out of the same things you would make your barrier, but make them out of bushes, reed beds, or even logs/fallen trees. Weaving these dens out of sticks, tall grass, reeds, shells, roots, or even bark will be a strong, easy to defend den.


  • Weave these strong dens out of the same thing you would as your barrier. Grass, roots, bark, rocks, or gorse. You can always weave these dens into dips in the ground, tunnels, or even tall rocks.


(ThunderClan & ShadowClan)

  • Tunnels are important, because it is a passage leading exactly into your camp. Make these tunnels out of thorns or brambles, and make them narrow, so your clan can only get through, not the enemy. When the enemy tries to enter, brambles or thorns will snag there pelts, making them easy to defeat.


  • Make these tunnels narrow, and tight. Weave grass stems, bark, or roots poking out purposely, so only your clan will know when to swerve left or right to avoid them. This will leave the enemy vulnerable, and willing to turn back.


  • Underground tunnels are best out on the open moorland. With a barrier full of gorse, etc. this will help trick the enemy. Since the barrier will go over the underground tunnel, the enemy will be confused, looking for a way to get into the camp without going through the barrier. By the time they realize it's underground, your warriors will already be in a defensive position.

Made Up Moves Edit

These are moves that people have suggested in the comments, and that are made up. The Hold And Kick (Misayuki Of CrescentClan)
  1. Leap at your enemy.
  2. Rear and wrap your paws around your opponent's head, securing it to your chest.
  3. Fall onto your back and kick upwards at the opponent's belly, still keeping secure of your opponent's head.

The Side Rake (StateOfLoveAndTrust)

  1. Catch your opponent off guard.
  2. Knock them on there belly, and pin them in the position.
  3. Rake your claws down your opponent's side.
  4. Do this over and over, until the opponent surrenders.

In And Out (Tala Of POSP)

  1. Dart in out and out of your opponent's legs over and over, to confuse them.
  2. Once your opponent is thoroughly confused, lash out at one of there legs to make them fall to the ground. Make sure to get out of the way first!
  3. Often followed by the side rake, belly rake, or the leap-and-hold.

Jump And Rake (Meadowrunner Of WindClan-Page Founder)

  1. Jump near shoulder-level of your opponent at them, into the air.
  2. Tricking your opponent, go downwards under there belly, and rake it with claws unsheathed. Make sure to get out from under your opponent's belly!
  3. Often followed by the leap-and-hold, side rake, or the hold and kick.

The Water Roll-Over (Meadowrunner Of WindClan-Founder Of Page)

  1. Go underwater, holding your breath.
  2. Dart under opponent's belly, and arch your back.
  3. Using your opponent's weight to your advantage, roll over, flipping them under you.
  4. Once your opponent is underwater under you, swim upwards.
  5. Often followed by the underwater clinch, or push-down and release.

The Whirlwind (Meadowrunner Of WindClan-Founder Of Page)

  1. Gain high ground on the open moor.
  2. Get a glimpse of your enemy from a distance.
  3. Send four-six cats of your patrol down at the enemy.
  4. One or two cats of that group, separate the enemy patrol; making them into groups by running in circles around them quickly, kicking up dust.
  5. If the enemy gives chase, keep running in the circle, then race away up your high ground.
  6. The other cat that remains running in the circle, race away up your high ground also.
  7. The enemy will be weakened, having to fight uphill. Have another warrior patrol with you up your high ground, so you can defeat the enemy with a flurry of blows.