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"We will grow like the sapling of a tree, but we will not be cut down by our flaws"
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You pad through the forest, hungry, starving even. You hadn't eaten in over 6 days, but then you suddenly scent a mouse and hear a rustle from the bush behind you. You quickly but silently turn around and spot the mouse, you get into your hunting stance and pounce at the right moment, but you're knocked out of the air by a she-cat "What're you doing in ConiferClan territory?" The dark pelted she cat asked in a calm voice. This must be one of those forest cat clans! You think to yourself "I... I didn't know this was your clans territory!" You reply trying to sound almost intimidating "Well, tell me your name." She said climbing off of you "My... name? It's... _____ " You replied hesitantly "I'm Stormstar, Leader.... new... leader of Coniferclan, you can calm yourself i'm not here to cause harm. We could use a few more members, you seem like potential... What if you joined our clan?" Your eyes widen in surprise "Wait... join... your clan? I thought..." Your voice trailed off "Would you like to, yes or no?" Stormstar said "Yes, I would." She motions for you to follow her, you run off after her. As she leads you past a stone field that they call 'The Stones of Training' or simply 'Training Stones' you start thinking about what'll happen and what it's like. You're shown around camp, all the dens, the prey pile and the surrounding area. Welcome to Coniferclan.
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Founding date June 1st 2017


Founder(s) Stormstar


Camp Moonhunter86's Den
Recruiting? Yes
Ally acceptance? Yes
Server/world Kootenay
Orientation/Realm Light
Species Felis Catus (Cat)
Season Greenleaf
Tag Brown w/ Earth (Leaf=Optional)
Member Count 24
Roleplay Type Basic

Please ---> Coniferclan GUIDE <--- Read

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1: Respecting and obeying the Leader

You must always respect the leader, for they have a higher rank than you and make decisions for the well being of the Clan. When the leader gives you an order you must not argue and must do as told.

2: Feeding the Clan first

After hunting you must put your caught prey on the fresh-kill pile, or bring it to the elders, kits and queens, or medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice. If you eat before feeding your Clan first, you will most likely be punished.

3: Staying Loyal to the clan

Cats of ConiferClan should be loyal to this clan only, for you may have friends in another Clan but your heart and loyalty must remain here. If you choose to ignore this rule an Exile will be placed. This includes Double-clanning, Having mates/kits in another Clan.

4: Choosing one world

As a member of ConiferClan you must choose to either leave the clan and live the soft kittypet life, or remain loyal and work hard in the clan, you cannot have a paw in each world. If you are caught in both worlds punishments and possibly exile may be a consequence.

5: Drama

Of course everyone loves a little drama to make Roleplay interesting, right? But some take it too far, for they seem to thrive on attention. Please keep the drama to a fair limit, (Be serious in roleplay when asked, stop doing something annoying when asked) If you don't you could get on a Clanmates nerves and only make matters worse.

6: Mates

Most love the company and affection of a mate, but like before keep drama to a limit. If you have more than one mate you will have to pick one no matter the consequences. The hatred of the other "Mate" you didn't choose is probably enough of a punishment. You cant have a mate in another clan either

9: There are borders for a reason

Don't cross over the territory of another Clan, you have your own territory here in ConiferClan. You may wonder past the border while chasing prey. But if you are seen crossing there will be a minor punishment.

10: Battles

A very common rule, and a very good one. Warriors or any cat who is fighting for their clan in a battle does not need to kill a cat to win it. Of course you need to survive, so don't take this the wrong way, but, if the opponent is really trying to wound on a murderous level or kill you, you have unspoken permission to do whatever it takes you to keep yourself breathing

11: Roleplaying/Seriousness

Issues can commonly happen due to the lack of seriousness people choose to use while in roleplay. You'll be given 4 warnings before a minor punishment is placed. If a rank higher than you such as (Elite) Warrior, Deputy, or Leader tells you to roleplay you must.

12: Leaving

You have 3 chances, if you leave more than 3 times you wont be welcome back into the Clan, if you do something that contributes greatly and largely to the Clan then you might be given one last chance, your 4th strike. No more after that.

13: Names

No names can have 'Moon', 'Soul' or 'Spirit' out of respect. Kits/Apprentices have their own Suffix according to rank. Only leaders may have Star in their name

Weekdays Weekends
10:00 AM-10:00 PM 10:00 AM-12:00 AM
^General roleplay times^ (Pacific)
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Leaders [1/1]

Rank Username Name Gender Apprentice Mate Moons
Leader MoonHunter86 Stormstar Female Lilypaw None 29

Deputies [1/1]

Rank Username Name Gender Apprentice Mate Moons
Deputy RustyBuddy3256 Thunderfang Female None None 21

Elite warriors [0/6]

Rank Username Name Gender Apprentice Mate Moons Special skill
Elite Fighting
Elite Fighting
Elite Tracking
Elite Tracking
Elite Hunting
Elite Hunting

Warriors [5/Unlimited]

Rank Username Name Gender Apprentice Mate Moons
Warrior DJNinjasecond100 Silvertuft Male N/A
Warrior Clevermonky Eclipsepelt Female 16
Warrior Bravewolf817 Thunderclaw Male HazelDawn 19
Warrior Aleson1234 Graywhisker Female Barkkit 18
Warrior Socr4lyf Duskbreeze Female 12

Apprentices [5/Unlimited] We are not accepting anymore apprentices.

Rank Username Name Gender Moons Mentor
Apprentice JuniperTinyLily Lilypaw Female 8 Stormstar
Apprentice Dodo4874 Silverpaw Male 8 TBA
Apprentice Ghost447 Ghostpaw Female 6 TBA
Apple >-< JoinTheClubPeople Juniperpaw Female 7 TBA
Apprentice Noo030 Blackpaw Female 7 Tba
Apprentice DabMyChickenz Barkpaw Male 6 Graywhisker

Medicine cats [2/2]

Rank Username Name Gender Moons
Med cat Specklepelt4 Specklepelt Female 15
Med Cat Glodia Berrylight Female 15

Kits [7/50]

Rank Username Name Gender Moons Parents Kin
Kit Shadekit Jackruslll Male 5 ? ?
Kit PanicTwentyOneDiscos Greykit Female 3 Rainwind None
Kit Designer121 Willowkit Female 4 ? ?
Kit DabMyChickenz Barkkit Male 2 ? ?
Kit Jammer55gf9 Autumnkit Female 1 ? ?
Kit SnowySpirit0 Featherkit Female 3 ?
Kit RubyGloom5656 ArcticKit Male 5 1/2 ? ?
Kit He3377 Maplekit Female 1 ? ?

Queens [2/15]

Rank Name Username Gender Mate Moons Kits
Queen Rainwind Epsikat Female ? 14 Greykit
Queen Hazeldawn Mmmoon Female ThunderClaw 15 None
Queen Fluffmale
Queen Female

Elder [0/50]

Rank Name Username Gender Moons Prev rank

Relations (Allies, enemies, Etc)

Group name Group species Leader(s) name Relation
WindClan (Uncomplicated/Maj777) Feline (Cat) Wrenstar/Whisperstar Ally
The Owls of Ga'Hoole Strigiformes (Owls) Hour Ally
Adrenaline Big dogs Treacheryy and Ally

Group name Species Leader(s) Name Relation

Name Username Reason for ban

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Apprentices are not being accepted right now.
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__OC name__






__Moons old__


__Requested rank__


__Roleplay Example (At least 4+ sentences, use grammar)__


__About how many books have your read?__


__Loyalty oath__


__Additional notes (Optional)__

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__Leader(s) Name and Username__


__Deputy/Second in command(s) Name and username__


__Member count__


__Species/type of group__


__Why would you like to ally?__
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__Date of Plot__

July 24, 2017

__People Included__

Everybody, but mainly greywhisker,

barkpaw, berrylight, and Thunderclaw.

__What happens?__

Basicaly, the darkforest is using greywhisker and thunderclaw,

and starclan for berrylight and barkpaw. The darkforest

Turn greywhisker and thunderclaw evil. And mapleshade,

Along with others return, causing a war.

__Reason for Plot__


__Where will it take place?__