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Gender: Female

Status: Alive and Active

Age: 37 Moons

Date of Birth: August 27

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Rank: Senior Warrior

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Voice:Phillipa Soo

Breed: American Wirehair

Height: 13 Inches

Weight: 7 Pounds

Summary: Ferretskip is a beautiful, fluffy, brown tabby she-cat with icy blue eyes. She is smaller than average, yet is a very tall and slender and is very agile and swift in her movements.



    = Base

    = Underbelly

    = Patterns


    = Sclera

    = Pupil

    = Iris



Positive Traits


Ferretskip is extremely mature and responsible when it comes to managing stressful situations. She'll take control and make sure everything is going well.


If any cat is in need of help or just needs someone to talk to, Ferretskip is probably already on her way. She loves to make other cats happy and be there for them.


She can brighten anyone's day with a little bit of optimism. Ferretskip is full of hope and optimism for the future and what it has in store for her.

Negative Traits


If someone disagrees with her or begins to threaten her, she can easily become sassy and snap back at them. This can make her impulsive and go out of control.


In a serious situation, she may usually do something without thinking and put her and others lives in danger.


Ferretskip is very overconfident and oftenly thinks that others may be below her in terms of skill level. She thinks that her decisions and viewpoints are the best and disregards other cats.


Neutral Traits


In tough times, she is always determined to break through it and climb back up from a rough situation. She never gives up and always believes that you can come back from a hard time.


She is carefree and lively and believes that she should live life to the fullest. Ferretskip believes that you shouldn't waste time worrying and sitting around doing nothing.


Ferretskip is social and loves to make new friends. She'll hold up a conversation and you can end up talking to her for a long time and never run out of things to say.


If it comes down to it, she has no problem guiding others and being there for cats. She doesn't like to follow a set path and likes to do her own thing.




Go Die.


I wish you were still around. You would have been proud of the cat that I've become today.


You deserve a happy life. I know you're somewhere out there, living life to the fullest. I wish we can meet again one day.


I wish I got to know you better. I'm upset that you died so young and I'm so sorry that I couldn't do anything to help you. I will see you in Starclan in the future.

One Unknown Sibling|Rogue|??

I don't particularly remember you. I'm sure you were a great cat.


She's an incredibly reliable, wonderful leader and I'm so happy to be a senior warrior with her and the rest of the authorities.


He's an amazing deputy, and I'd like to believe that we're friends. I'm glad to be working alongside him with the others.

Eagleflight|Friend|Senior Warrior|80%

Eagleflight is a very friendly and outgoing senior warrior, and I hope to become better friends.


He's Eagleflight's mate, and a past senior warrior. He's definitely earned my respect and recognition.

Nimblejaw|Friend|Senior Warrior|80%

I don't know her too well, but she's a great senior warrior and she seems very polite and nice.

Silkfur|Mate and Best Friend|Warrior|100%

She's the best mate I could have asked for. We're best friends and I always know that she will be there to comfort me and support me and I would never give our relationship up for anything. I love her and hope to spend the rest of our lives together.



Season: Spring

Weather: Sunny, Breezy, and Slightly Cold

Color: Yellow

Activity: Talking, Hunting, Fishing, and Gatherings

Location: Marshlands

Scent: Honeysuckle

Food: Birds and Fish

Plant: Snapdragons


Season: Winter

Weather: Humid, Really Hot/Cold, and Cloudy

Color: Pink

Activity: Hunting and Swimming

Location: Anywhere Cold and Snowy

Scent: Dragon Lily

Food: Vole

Plant: Pine Trees



Small: Allows her to fit in small spaces

Agile: Lets her easily dodge around enemies

Optimistic: Recovers quickly from bad situations


Small: Can be easily overpowered

Fiery: Becomes harsh and snappy

Impulsive: Makes decisions without thinking

Optimistic: Gets let down whenever something goes wrong

Short hair: Easily gets cold in the winter.


-Being alone

-Not doing good enough

-Leaving family



 -Continue to be the best at what she does.

-Assist every cat that needs help.

-Be a good senior warrior.


Leadership: 8/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Climbing: 4/10


Hunting: 9/10

Defense: 3/10

Offense: 8/10

Agility: 10/10

Stealth: 8/10

Socializing: 9/10

Herbs: 4/10


"Make sure to have fun. Nobody wants to look back on their life and regret never doing anything."


"We've been getting closer over these past few moons, and.."

-ferretskip to silkfur



Sexual Orientation: Biromantic

Mate: Silkfur

Past Mates: None

Crushes: Silkfur

Cats Attracted To Ferretskip: Silkfur

Summary: Ferretskip is biromantic, and she has a wonderful mate named Silkfur. She is happy to be with her and would not trade it for anything.


Name Break-Down:

Ferret: For her almost ferret-colored fur and her optimism and energy.

Skip: For her swift movements and happy attitude.

Former Names: Lance, Ferretpaw

Nicknames: Lance, Ferret, Skip

Apprentice(s): Leafnose

Personality Type: ENFP

Thoughts On Clan: I'm so lucky to have joined them. They're the nicest group of cats I've ever seen and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Family Tree



    = Alive Male

    = Alive Female

    = Dead Male

    = Dead Female

    = Unknown Male

    = Unknown Female



Residence: Rogue

Living: In Twolegplace

Age: 0-8 Moons

Cats Met: Eclipse, Kira, Felix, Hareleap, and One Unknown Sibling

From 0-8 moons old, Ferretskip was named Ferret, living with her parents, Eclipse and Kira, her older brother, Felix, her twin brother, Hareleap, and one unknown younger sibling. She was born in the alleys of twolegplace and grew up there learning how to hunt rats and mice and defend herself from any dogs, other rogues, or various enemies. When she witnessed the murder of her father at her mother's paws, she and her brother Hareleap fled into the forest, leaving their family behind. At 8 moons old, they found Sageclan.


Residence: Sageclan

Living: With Sageclan

Rank: Apprentice

Age: 8-13 Moons

Cats Met: All of Sageclan

From 8-13 moons old, Ferretskip trained as Ferretpaw in Sageclan. She got along well with the other cats due to her happy attitude and optimism and completely pushed aside her past life in Twolegplace. By training with them, she discovered that Sageclan was her true home and she couldn't have made a better decision. At 13 moons old, after her training was complete, she became a warrior and was awarded with the name Ferretskip.

Being a Warrior:

Residence: Sageclan

Living: With Sageclan

Rank: Warrior

Age: 13-30 Moons

Cats Met: All of Sageclan

When she became 13 moons old, she was awarded with the name Ferretskip and began to be a warrior. After the death of her brother, Hareleap, due to an unknown disease, she became determined to fully serve Sageclan. Ferretskip began to devote herself to Sageclan and volunteered to help with anything possible. When she reached 30 moons old, she was promoted to the rank of senior warrior.

Being a Senior Warrior:

Residence: Sageclan

Living: With Sageclan

Rank: Senior Warrior

Age: 30 Moons-Present

Cats Met: All of Sageclan

After being promoted to senior warrior at 30 moons old, Ferretskip mellowed out and became more mature and responsible. She now feels that she is fully part of the clan, and is determined to continue serving in any way that she can. At the age of 36 moons old, she became mates with Silkfur.


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