• Blacktail (IRL)
  • Blacktail (AJ)
  • Refrence Picture (minus flank scars)

Name: Blacktail

Sex: Male

Appearance: A very tiny black and white tom with a lightning bolt shape on his chest and mint green eyes. Is missing his tail.

Clan: Shadowclan (Rosepaw16)

Rank: Warrior

Status: Active/Alive


  • Tinyclaw (IRL)

Name: Tinyclaw

Sex: Female

Appearance: A lightbrown shecat with darker brown spots and a white underbelly. She has purplish gray eyes and is missing a back leg.

Clan: Shadowclan (Rosepaw16)

Rank: Elder

Status: Active/Alive


  • Gilbert (IRL)

Name: Gilbert

Sex: Male

Appearance: A fubsy long haired orange tabby tom with little parts of white.He has amber eyes and a messy pelt.

Group: Housepets of Shadowlane (Shadowclan Rosepaw16)

Rank: Kittypet

Status: Active/Alive