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RP Name: Falcon

Username: Jakspeed

Falcon was once one of the leaders (not exactly one of the major leaders) of Madjasterxyz's Thunderclan. He became a popular rogue from certain massacres, murders and actions. He is majorly known for the downfall of Ashstar and Wolfstar the first (R.I.P. ASHSTAR AND WOLFSTAR). He also killed many other 'leaders' and deputies etc. He also is (AJ roleplay) siblings with Spider (wolfgirl880) and Pompeii (puppyheart98505). Many people hate him due to his murders in TC, especially the times when he kills leaders. People claim that he kills the people in TC for reputation and fame, which is not exactly true for a fact. He kills the people in TC for two reasons:

Best served cold REVENGE and 'Order'.

His objective is to bring down TC but it is taking a while. Once he finishes his objective its either officially exterminate TC (somehow) or take over and restore order and peace after he slaughters the three remaining major leaders, Wolfstar, Firestar and Finchstar (along with any deputies). Some people admire him for his work on trying to finally put an end to TC but TC itself hates him.

He is sort of like the lone-wolf sort of guy (which basically means he doesn't like joining packs or clans). Whenever he raids he does it himself or gets a few friends or fellow rogues to drop in on the fun. Now a lot of people say "He says he wants order but killing TC doesn't seem orderly". Well, He'll try to kill the major leaders and either himself or others will take over and restore order to TC FOR ONCE. His objective still lingers for completion but it takes time for it to all work out. His mission will be complete one day.


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