For dear Fadestep


For Fadestep

  "Stand behind me, I'll protect you. Stand beside me, I'll respect you.

But stand against me, I will kill you."

For dear Fadestep




Felis Catus/Uknown






Ruins(A ruined castle)




Fades-tar, Fade




December 22

Theme song:

This Little Girl(Nightcore)

Hilarious typos:

Fadesteo, Fade prep, Fax step, Fades, Fade stop, Fadesrep

For dear Fadestep



"I hardly know half my family and I don't give a damn."

Crowsplash|Father|Dead|"He was... harsh. But he was the deputy. He was busy. I'm sorry he's gone.

Koisong|Mother|Alive|"Koisong is a great mother. There was nothing she could do for Moonkit, but as soon as she realised I was in serious danger, she told me to get out. Always calm and sensible.

Moonkit|Sister|Dead|"Moonkit was a great sister. She was my best friend. I'm so glad I get to see her in dreams, at least."

Spiderpaw|Brother|Unknown|"Spiderkit was always off doing stuff outside of territory. Before the battle, he left and didn't come back. I don't really... know him that well?"


"Friends? Please. I only have allies, and those foolish enough to be enemies."

Gingerpelt|Saviour|Unknown|"Gingerpelt saved me from danger and trained me up to be better. I'd be gone without her. Sometimes I wonder where she is in life now."

Bee|Trainer/Mentor|Alive|"Bee was strict and, quite frankly, verging on insane, but she basically taught me everything I know - how to survive, hunt and fight."

Wolfstar|Friend/Ally|Unknown|"He was kind and dependable, but I haven't seen him in a long while..."

Clarity|Aquaintence|Alive|"That kittypet is hardly I'd call an ally, yet he's intelligent enough to talk to, and pleasant enough. Strange, for a house-dweller."

Huntress|Friend|Alive|"Huntress is sweet, if a bit annoying, and pathetic. She's quite determined and I see potential in her - if she wasn't so self-doubtful she could become quite the warrior, even with her leg.

For dear Fadestep



Fadestep has a pitch black pelt with short fur.


Fade is a small, lean cat.(SHE A SHORTIE)


Fadestep has heterochromia, meaning her eyes are two different colours. Her left is a honey golden/amber hue, and her right is light blue. 


Her scent is minty and fresh, like water, with a slight smell of honey. (not that she'd know haha)


Fadestep has no scars and she is fairly healthy. She was born with a lack of a sense of smell (Anosmia), but she has large and quite sensitive ears to make up for it - she can hear the smallest of sounds that a regular cat wouldn't be able to detect, but her anosmia makes hunting more of a challenge. Her tail is also quite longer than an average cat's.

Overall Description

Fadestep is a small, lean black cat with large ears and a long tail. She has heterochromia and is a shorthair. 

For dear Fadestep



Fade is a very intelligent cat. She picks up hidden messages in sentences, talks in riddles, and never lets anything slip past her sharp brain. She can solve puzzles quickly.


Fade has always been sarcastic, even as a kit. She has a comeback for everything and this can sometimes lead to disrespect, but she doesn't mean it. She has a tendancy to make snarky remarks about the cat's abilities in battle.

("Temper, temper, you should really work on that..." "Sloppy pounce, I could see it coming a mile away!")


Fade is content staying hidden for hours waiting for an ambush, talking with an enemy as a spy, or pretty much anything that involves waiting.


Fade can be very.... strange at times. She sometimes jokes about her scarred past, makes creepy remarks, and just refuses to trust people. She's very socially awkward and doesn't like cats in general.


Gaining her trust is a very hard feat, but once you've broken past her impenetrable shield of sarcasm and hate, Fade is an extremely loyal friend who always has your back and will risk her life for you.

For dear Fadestep


Loud noises startle her.

She also hates large cats(that she doesn't know)

She doesn't like being out in a huge space that she doesn't know, preferring to stay close to trees instead of clearings; sort of like the opposite of claustrophobia. 

She doesn't like when people point out that she's short  

You're more likely to be attacked by her if you make a fuss and shout.

For dear Fadestep



Rain and water - she feels calm in water and it's almost like she's flying.

Fog and mist - she can hide easily in it and since it's all around her she feels secure. 

Music - soft music and singing she adores, Ashfoot would sing melodies to her as a kit and to this day she will even go so far as to walk up to twolegs playing instruments on the street and sit and listen.

Intelligent conversations.

Sparring partners that can actually provide a challenge.


Cats who can't handle a joke or take sarcasm the wrong way.


It annoys her to no end if you point out that she's short.

Heat - she can't handle the heat and will stay in the shade and lie around all day when it's hot out.

Feeling too vulnerable.

Making promises or not being able to fufill them.

For dear Fadestep


When Fadestep was Fadekit, she lived in WindClan. SnakeClan invaded, and Eclipsestar killed Moonkit. Koisong told her to run and promise to stay safe. Fadekit promised and ran.

Later, as Fade, she was trained by Bee, a partially insane rogue, to embrace her strengths and become stealthy and fast.

When she left, she chose the suffix Step for herself to honor her clan, even though she had no intentions of returning, she still wanted have a 'full' name.

She now lives in the ruins of a human structure, waiting for her time to come.

The day where she fufilled her promise to her family and the day she can return to them.

For dear Fadestep


"What do YOU know about promises?!"

-Fadestep to Nightstrike (a clan cat)

"I'm capable of much more than you think, Eclipsestar. Don't underestimate me."

-Fadestep to Eclipsestar

I'm THIS close to ripping your ears from your head. Tell me why you're here!"

-Fadestep to Huntress (a loner)

"You really have no idea who I am, do you? Heh. Guess you'll learn your lesson. It's DON'T INTRUDE ON FADESTEP'S TERRITORY."

-Fadestep to a rogue

"Rowan, you IDIOT. Just-no! Stop trying to fix this---OhforStarClan'ssake...I hate you Rowan"

-Fadestep to Rowan

"I hate gatherings. Leaders, strangers, too many cats-wait. I changed my mind. I hate cats."

-Fadestep to the world in general

"You're pretty smart for a kittypet."

-Fadestep to Clarity

For dear Fadestep


  • -She's afraid/more wary of larger cats (Rowan and cats that she knows are an acception)

  • -If Moonkit had survived she would have stayed in StreamClan and have probably been kind and motherly.

  • -She's more dangerous when she's scared

  • -She doesn't mind twolegs and knows a lot about them

  • -She likes watching birds and dreams about flying(when she isn't dreaming about Moonkit)

  • -no snakes thank you no sir nope fadestep out bye

  • If she hadn't made that promise to Koisong, she likely would have committed suicide at a particularly low point in her life.

For dear Fadestep


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For Fadestep

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For dear Fadestep