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Ruins(A ruined castle)




Fades-tar, Fade


Higher than average, soft, echo-y

Theme Song:

This Little Girl(Nightcore)

Bonus: Name Typos/Autocorrect:

Fadesteo, Fade prep, Fax step, Fades, Fade stop, Fadesrep



Name & Relation Crowstream Koisong Moonkit
Appearance A black tom with blue eyes A silver shecat A silvery, grey-blue shekit
Trust Percent 60% 85% 100%
Thoughts "Crowstream was harsh, cold and distant, but he was the deputy and had a lot of things on his mind. He did care for us truly."
"Koisong was very caring and motherly. I knew I could trust her with almost anything.
"Moonkit was my best friend, she was always there and I could trust her with EVERYTHING. I wish I could go back and warn her."




Fadestep has a pitch black pelt with short fur.


Fade is a small, lean cat. She's also.... short. :T


Her left eye is a honey golden and her right is a clear cyan.


Her scent is minty and fresh, like water, with a slight smell of honey. 




Fade is a very intelligent cat. She picks up hidden messages in sentences, talks in riddles, and never lets anything slip past her sharp brain. She can solve puzzles quickly.


Fade has always been sarcastic, even as a kit. She has a comeback for everything and this can sometimes lead to disrespect, but she doesn't mean it. She has a tendancy to make snarky remarks about the cat's abilities in battle.

("Temper, temper, you should really work on that..." "Sloppy pounce, I could see it coming a mile away!")


Fade is content staying hidden for hours waiting for an ambush, talking with an enemy as a spy, or pretty much anything that involves waiting.


Fade can be very.... strange at times. She sometimes jokes about her scarred past, makes creepy remarks, and just refuses to trust people. She's very socially awkward and doesn't like cats in general.


Gaining her trust is a very hard feat, but once you've broken past her impenetrable shield of sarcasm and hate, Fade is an extremely loyal friend who always has your back and will risk her life for you.



Loud noises startle her.

She also hates large cats(that she doesn't know)

She doesn't like being out in a huge space that she doesn't know, preferring to stay close to trees instead of clearings; sort of like the opposite of claustrophobia. 

She doesn't like when people point out that she's short.  



1-3 is low, 4-7 is average,(the skills a normal cat posesses) and 8-10 is high(10 doesn't mean she's perfect but it just means she's high above average on this particular subject)

Top Stats

Agility: 8/10

Fade is a very small and light cat who is naturally just very agile and fast. Training improved this.

Stalking/Stealth: 10/10

A black cat specially trained to be stealthy, she's a master at this.

Cleverness: 8/10

She's quite intelligent and shady as mentioned before.

Loyalty: 7/10

Again, as mentioned, she will risk her neck for you. 

Speed: 10/10

Fade is small and light, one of the fastest cats.

Reflexes: 8/10

She's very quick.

Medium Stats

Hunting: 7/10

Due to her inability to scent she sometimes loses/doesn't find her prey, but usually manages to hear/see it before it gets away.

Leadership: 5/10

Fade is more of a beta, managing from the shadow of the alpha, but can take charge if need be.

Accuracy: 6-7/10

She's speedy but does sometimes miss her strike

Combat: 5-4/10

She is very good at dodging and escaping but flat-out fighting is harder for her.

Low Stats:

Social Skills: 3/10

No explanation needed.

Tracking Skills: 3/10

No scent makes it hard to track, but her ears help.

Mentoring Skills: 5/10

She isn't a great mentor.




Rain and water - she feels calm in water, this is tied to an event in her past.

Fog and mist - she can hide easily in it and since it's all around her she feels secure. 

Music - soft music and singing she adores, Ashfoot would sing melodies to her as a kit and to this day she will even go so far as to walk up to twolegs playing instruments on the street and sit and listen.


Cats who can't handle a joke or take sarcasm the wrong way.


It annoys her to no end if you point out that she's short.

Heat - she can't handle the heat and will stay in the shade and lie around all day when it's hot out. Feeling too vulnerable



"Why couldn't this moment just last forever?"

Fadekit and Moonkit ran across the WindClan meadow, laughing.

They were contrasts to each other. The skinny, short-pelted black kit and the slightly pudgy, fluffy white one, grinning together and chatting.

And they weren't just sisters, they were the best of friends.

Fadekit spotted the dawn patrol out on the horizon and ducked into the tall grass, giggling. "Moonkit, hide from the dawn patrol!"</p>

"Hi... dad."

"Why? We're right here." A serious voice sounded behind them. "And you two are in trouble."

The two kits turned to see Crowstream, their father and the deputy. "Get back to camp, both of you. Koisong is worried."

Moonkit nodded meekly, but Fadekit tipped her head. "What you're saying is that there are two patrols out?"

Crowstream sighed. "Where do you get your sarcasm from? Honestly, Fadekit, there is only one patrol out--"

"Then who's THAT?" she jerked her head towards the horizon and the group of cats.

"Oh StarClan..." His eyes widened. "Moonkit, Fadekit, get back to camp. NOW. Voleclaw, get reinforcements."

Voleclaw and the two kits sprinted back to camp.

"Just my pounding heartbeat"

Koisong and the kits hid in the nursery along with the other queens and kits. Too frightened to make conversation.

Moonkit trembled beside Fadekit.

The tension was almost unbearable.

Koisong looked at her kits. "We need to run. Follow me VERY carefully, do you understand?"


The Story of a Normal Day

Fadestep woke up, eyes wide. "Moonh--"


It was here and now.

Fadestep padded outside, glancing around. Thirsty, she padded towards the pool which divided into a stream that ran through the ruins. She stared at her reflection, at her eyes. 

You ran away. You're a coward. You left them. 

The black shecat unsheathed her claws, tense. She bowed her head and took a long refreshing drink, then shook her short fur and walked away.

She softly hummed to herself as she did the checkups on her territory.


She spun.

A large white tom stood behind her, a gentle smile on his face.

"ROWAN!" She glared, but then her expression softened. "Heh.. I'm glad you're here, Rowan."



p style="text-align:center;">"What do YOU know about promises?!"</p>

-Fadestep to Nightstrike (a clan cat)

"I'm capable of much more than you think, Eclipsestar. Don't underestimate me."

-Fadestep to Eclipsestar

I'm THIS close to ripping your ears from your head. Tell me why you're here!"

-Fadestep to Huntress (a loner)

"You really have no idea who I am, do you? Heh. Guess you'll learn your lesson. It's DON'T INTRUDE ON FADESTEP'S TERRITORY."

-Fadestep to a rogue

"Rowan, you IDIOT. Just-no! Stop trying to fix this---OhforStarClan'ssake...I hate you Rowan"

-Fadestep to Rowan

"I hate gatherings. Leaders, strangers, too many cats-wait. I changed my mind. I hate cats."

-Fadestep to the world in general



-She's afraid/more wary of larger cats (Rowan and cats that she knows are an acception)

-If Moonkit had survived she would have stayed in WindClan and have probably been kind and motherly. (Writing an AU)

-She's more dangerous when she's scared

-She has a crush on a cat named Duskway, which she denies.(Rowan hates Duskway XD)

-She doesn't mind twolegs and knows a lot about them

-She likes watching birds and dreams about flying(when she isn't dreaming about Moonkit)

-no snakes thank you no sir nope fadestep out bye



  • Fadestep By Akurle
  • Fadestep in AJ
  • By Cityli
  • By Patchfeather14


Coding credits go to PurrfectIceleaf, DiamondKittyHero, and Fadestep AJ.