Lineart by Bunnys-butts, Colored by Darkstar

I stare into the Abyss, to which there is the response of silence.


Made by Le ScarletWitch

Character Information
Nicknames Fade, Fadey
Born Mid-Newleaf (April of 2014)
Age 38 moons (3 years and 2 months old)
Species Felis Catus
Breed Egyptian Mau American Shorthair Mix
Gender She-cat
Orientation Heterosexual/Straight
Mate Darkstar (fox0107)
Current Clan AbyssClan
Current Rank Border Patrol Leader (temporarily in charge)
Previous Clans ShadowClan, WindClan, ThunderClan, StreamClan, and StormClan
Previous Ranks Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, Senior Warrior, Deputy and Leader
Religious Belief StarClan
Roleplay Preferably Traditional
Status Alive & Active
Mentor Fallingstar (Deceased)
Current Apprentice Bramblepaw
Previous Apprentices Dawnpaw, Vortex, Maplepaw
Creator Information
Creator Seacseal/seacseal


M = Male, F = Female


Unknown (Deceased)


Fallingstar-M (Deceased) and Shadowstar-F (Deceased)


Darkheart-M (Deceased) and Shadow-M (Deceased)




Shadowstream-F (Deceased) and Frostheart-M (Deceased)

Other Siblings

Fallingshadow-M (Deceased) and Honeysong-M


Squirrelkit-F (Deceased), Bella-F, Kitty-M, Silversight-M, and Tigerblade-M


Aquastar-F (Inactive but Alive)

First Cousins Once Removed

Cheetah-M (Deceased), Aquastorm-M (Deceased), and Leopardsong-F






Silentmelody-M, Tinyclaw-M, Echoflight-F, Shadestar-M, Fawnfeather-F, Leopardberry-F, and Pumpkinberry-F


Coalkit-M (Deceased), Lavenderpaw-F, & Kestrelfeather-M

Adopted Children

Murai-F (Deceased), Reina-F (Deceased), Makia-F (Deceased), Finch-F, Akira-F, Inkkit-M, Owlkit-F, Orangekit-M, & Rosekit-F


Oakheart-F (Deceased)

Screenshot Taken By Darkstar










•Warm Weather

Lineart by SummerBKT, Colored by Lavenderpaw




•Mouse Bile




•Sticky Fur



•Wet Moss Bedding



The Shadow SquadEdit

Eri (Venturous)

Leopardsong (Infinitywolfess)

Jajaja SquadEdit

Rhine (Irradiated)

Chill BeansEdit

Eri (Irradiated)

Eri (Venturous)

Leopardsong (Infinitywolfess)

Lavenderpaw (tangerinepress)

Fawnfeather (xxcatsxx38)


Silentmelody (Shadowstarsreturn)

Pumpkinberry (xxsoulenxx)

Tinyclaw (strum)

Cinderherb (strongwarrior1)

Snowstar (Reflectinglight)

Thornfrost (Eucalyptusx)

Echoflight (joyjoy94)


Ones I'd rather leave anonymous for the mind to wonder.


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tumblr static summer forest night













•Considered nice


•Losing loved ones/friends

•Being trapped
Femalew kitty template by reaper neko-0

Lineart by flightfootwarrior2010


❝ Can you hear those leaves rustling? Can you feel the air rushing by, or the rain drops falling from the sky? Can you see the dark clouds over our heads? Can you feel the pain, the sadness, or the anger any of us have felt? Just because you're older does not mean you're superior to the rest of us, nor anymore wiser. ❞

-Fadefall to Anonymous

❝ I've never feared death and I never will. There's no point in fearing something that will inevitably happen. ❞


❝ There is always light, even in the darkest of moments. ❞


❝ Darker than the shadows we may be, but remember that every dark side has a light side to it, for there could be no darkness if there wasn't light. ❞

-Fadefall describing AbyssClan

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

•Fur Color: Fadefall's fur is tawny in color and consists of black spots with a light taupe underbelly.

•Fur Type: Short and Silky.

•Eyes: Her eyes are a light taupe color, however, they include more grey than brown.

•Nose: Her nose is all black.

•Face: One black spot covers half of Fadefall's face, while the other half remains tawny.

•Body: Multiple black spots dot Fadefall's tawny back and sides. Light taupe fur covers her underbelly.

•Legs: The front left leg is entirely black. The other legs are tawny with black spots.

•Paws: Both left paws are black and the right paws are tawny.

•Tail: Her tail is tawny with a couple of black spots and a light taupe tip.

•Height: 1 foot

•Build: Lean, nimble, and muscular

•Scars: There are a few scars along her side from her past fights. There is also one on her muzzle.
FadeFall - Side View -Transparent-

Drawn By Venturous

Back StoryEdit

I was born into ShadowClan with the name Fadekit. I had a sister, Shadowkit, and a brother, Frostkit. We grew up alongside each other as kits and apprentices in ShadowClan. Shadowpaw became Shadowstream, Frostpaw became Frostheart, and I became known as Fadedall. Both Shadowstream and Frostheart died in ShadowClan but somehow I did not. My grandfather and my uncle have attempted to kill me twice but Leopardsong, my cousin, killed both of them in order to protect others. ShadowClan eventually fell and we went our seperate ways.

After ShadowClan fell, I, along with other clanmates from ShadowClan, joined a ThunderClan and WindClan but we were only in those clans briefly. We eventually joined a clan named StreamClan. StreamClan was a decent clan but had an overwhelming amount of attacks from badgers and dogs which contributed to its fall.

After StreamClan's fall, I decided to make my own clan which I named ShadowClan. A cat who was previously a member of the StreamClan that fell decided to try to remake that StreamClan. They asked my ShadowClan to assist them in battle against StormClam led by Darkstar to which I accepted. My clan and StreamClan fought against StormClan but StreamClan retreated twice in the middle of battle. Darkstar and I decided to stop the battle after StreamClan had retreated for the second time. We were not enemies and fighting would've been pointless for the both of us. We decided to form an alliance after the battle had stopped. 

Eventually, AbyssClan was formed out of the members of the second ShadowClan. AbyssClan continued to grow for several months. The StormClan became our closest ally as we were growing and AbyssClan aided StormClan in multiple battles. AbyssClan disbanded towards the end of leaf-bare. 

After AbyssClan disbanded, I decided to join StormClan. Only a few days after I joined, Darkstar asked me to be his mate. StormClan felt different from the others clans I had joined in the past. StormClan felt like a family. A family that sticks together through tough times and will be their for each other. Despite this sense of family, several cats left a week after I joined, claiming lies about us. I still do not understand how we were "bullies" to them. A cat by the name of Snowstorm took over the position of deputy after the deputy left and Snowstorm became Snowstar. I chose to leave after hearing about the desicions he would make along with Dark. 

Many cats followed Dark after he left StormClan and we became known as AbyssClan. Darkstar led AbyssClan and Tinyclaw was his deputy. I adopted a couple of kits and trained an apprentice while Darkstar was leading. Darkstar had left on a journey (didn't have wifi). Tinyclaw took over the position of leader and became Tinystar. I was chosen as the deputy. About a moon later, I had a kit named Lavenderkit and Tinystar stepped down from leading AbyssClan. I became the leader of AbyssClan and I chose Silvermoon as my deputy. 

Darkshadow returned from his journey and became leader once again, choosing Silvermoon as his deputy. I adopted three kits, Akira, Makia, and Reina. During Leaffall, I had another kit named Kestrelkit and adopted two more kits, Inkkit and Finch. Lavender, Kestrel, Akira, Finch, and Ink are apprentices now. 

Untitled drawing by oakstormftw-dangqqe

Lineart by Sparkylovescupcakes, Colored by Lavenderpaw



•This is my first OC

•The first OC to have "Fade" in its name

•In the past, Fadestar's uncle (Darkheart) and grandfather have almost killed her (such family love ♡)

•Darkheart, Frostheart, and Fadefall's grandfather all ended up in the Dark Forest

•Leopardsong is older than Fadefall

•Fadefall knows herbs

•The ship name is Dade


(2/7/16) Fadefall has joined StormClan!

(2/10/16) Darkstar and Fadefall become mates!

(3/7/16) Fadefall has left StormClan and returned back to AbyssClan!

(3/19/16) Fadefall and Darkstar have adopted Murai!

(3/20/16) Fadefall has become Vortex's mentor!

•(3/26/16) Fadefall has won the Festival of Combat with a record time of 6 minutes and 23 seconds!

•(3/26/16) It has been discovered that Aquastar is still alive!

(4/9/16) Fadefall and Darkstar adopt Sandkit!

(4/18/16) Murai becomes a warrior!

(5/1/16) Fadefall goes to AbyssClan's prom with Darkstar!

(6/1/16) Tinyclaw has became leader of AbyssClan and is now known as Tinystar! Fadefall has became the deputy of AbyssClan!

•(7/4/16) Fadefall has given birth to one kit, Lavenderkit.

(7/8/16) Fadefall has taken over leadership of AbyssClan and is now known as Fadestar. A new deputy will be appointed soon.

(7/8/16) Fadestar has chosen Silvermoon as her deputy.

(7/15/16) Tigerblade is alive.

(7/18/16) Darkshadow proposes to Fadestar to which Fadestar said yes.

(8/21/16) Darkshadow has returned from his journey.

(8/27/16) Darkshadow becomes leader again and Fadestar returns back to being Fadefall.

(8/27/16) Fadefall and Darkstar adopt Akira and Reina.

(9/2/16) Darkstar and Fadefall got married.

(9/3/16) Fadefall and Darkstar adopt Makia.

(10/26/16) Fadefall has given birth to one kit, Kestrelkit and adopted two kits, Inkkit and Finch.

•(11/14/16) Darkstar goes on a journey

•(11/30/16) Fadefall is in charge of AbyssClan

•(12/26/16) Maplepaw becomes Fadefall's Apprentice

(1/2/17) Fadefall adopts Iriskit

(6/5/17) Fadefall returns from a journey

(6/9/17) Fadefall and Darkstar adopt Orangekit, Rosekit, and Owlkit

(6/16/17) Bramblepaw becomes Fadefall's apprentice


  • Dark x Fade, Lineart By Bunnys-butts
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  • Dark x Fade, Lineart By felixsnix
  • Fadefall by Darkstar, Lineart By LineArt-girl
  • Fadefall
  • Fadefall, Lineart by flightfootwarrior2010
  • Fadefall, Lineart From Cliparts.coGo to
  • Fadefall, Lineart By TheZues
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  • Fadefall by Le ScarletWitch
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  • Bae Squad
  • First Festival of Combat, Taken By Darkstar
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 Photos of Fadefall

"The Abyss holds treasures

unknown to many cats

only to be found

when needed."

by Fadefall,

An AbyssClan Warrior


I'd like to say thank you to my bae, Mooneh, for helping me with fixing the grammar.

Thank you Mooneh ♡