The Faded Wolves Religion

Feel free to use this religion as your own, it's based off Survivors and StarClan. Faded Wolves are wolves that have died and now rest peacefully or at forever war in their after life. They either get to live with the Yoi Wolves or Warui Wolves. (Credit to the Spirit Dogs for some of the introduction)

Yoi Wolves Edit

  • Kawa, Alpha of the Yoi Wolves
  • Yoru, the Night-Wolf
  • Rei, the Sun-Wolf
  • Stream, the Water-Wolf
The Yoi Wolves are the peaceful and kind wolves who did good deeds on earth, they live in the sky and watch their fellow wolves, if they see a wolf doing wrong they will try to help correct them but if they fail they mark the wolf evil and they shall be sent to the Warui Wolves after death.

They live in a forest with few meadows and never ending prey, it's always bright either by the sun or moon. In the many rivers and lakes, fish, frogs and otters swim and play.

If a Yoi Wolf does one wrong deed, even a small lie, they're sent to the Warui Wolves.

Warui Wolves Edit

  • Shi, Alpha of the Warui Wolves
  • Fedo, the Sin-Wolf
  • Trick, the wolf of fooling (White wolf is Trick)

The Warui wolves are the forever fighting and cruel wolves who did wrong deeds and evil on earth, they're the neighbors of the Yoi Wolves, they whisper to their living friends, trying to convince them to do wrong in other words they're kinda like a voice in your head. If a Yoi Wolf spoils their plans they grow enraged but don't quit trying, they only go for the strong wolves.

Unlike the Yoi Wolves they live in a dark swamp, no light other then the dim moon and have little to no prey. They have one or two clean streams with only small frogs.

If a Warui Wolf does many good deeds, even after being attacked for punishment, they shall be sent to the Yoi Wolves and cleansed of their crimes.

Side note: Trick likes to pretend to be a Yoi Wolf to make wolves do wrong

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The Fallen Angels

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