The first thing you come to notice was the humid air grazing over the tips of your ears and the warm leaf littered floor that warmed the pads of your paws, which were already beginning to tear. It wasn't very becoming to the journey in which you were to make. As far as you knew, this stretch of terrain is what separated you from the noble Clan...

Or so you had been told. However, it was no horrible place to stay. The land was luxurious and prey munificent. But then again, this is what you were told. Blotches of sunlight reached the forest floor you traveled on, it lighting the somewhat dim forest around you. You pushed your way up a small bramble inlet, being faced with the choice of several more paths in which you would select a more dense, comfortable channel... It was comfortable enough, for now.

You weren't alone.

   Growing curious of a strange, feral scent that tingles your senses, you run after it with new found energy bundled inside you, the discovery willing you to take off in a sprint through the thriving forest. Not knowing the area well, you stumble a few times, but as your pace quickens your stability starts to rise.As you meandered up a ravine, you come to find your footing upon a strong, thick root that led to the overhang on the other side where a slender, heavily muscled cougar sat, as if he had been there this whole time. The unfamiliar feline remained still for a moment and narrowed his eyes to cautiously look you over, determining whether you were a friend or foe. His jaw parts to address you as his charcoal-colored lips crease into a smile. "Welcome, newcomer." He moves up the gulch, gives you a good sniff, then flicks his tail to gesture for you to come along."Follow me."

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Founded Date 4/17/16
Member Count 19 Member(s)
Tag Color & Badge Green & Leaf Badge
Orientation Neutral
Belief Any Belief
Forecast Hot & Humid
Season New-Growth
Prey Status Fair
Territory TBA
Species Allowed Large cats only
Den Owner Skulltulio
Roleplay Style


Descriptive Traditional

Basic Vocabulary

Theme Song Mountains

None to be alerted of currently, see about this later!


I) Leader(s) Word Is Law.

Under no circumstances should you go against your superiors words, nor should you argue with them. If such dishonorable behavior reoccurs after at least three warnings, severe punishment will follow.

II) Follow The Warrior Code.

Though we may not believe in Starclan, you are expected to follow the warrior code. If you can't remember the code, you can find it here. Punishment depends on the rule you have broken.

III) Double-Clanning/Tribing/Packing Is Not Allowed.

Double-clanning in any way, shape or form is a sign of disloyalty, and you will be exiled promptly.

IV) Power-Playing Is Not Tolerated.

'NN, NM, ND' etc. is considered powerplaying. Also, using unrealistic moves or actions count as well. After three reminders, you will be punished.

V) Once You Leave, You Can't Return.

It's simple, once you leave, you can no longer rejoin unless invited back by one of the leader(s). If you leave after your invitation, you will remain stuck on our neutral list.

VI) Please Be Serious.

Unless the leader is messing around, you are expected to be serious. It gets quite annoying having to constantly remind people to be serious. If you are constantly reminded, you will have to leave the clan so someone else may join. This also goes for lack of roleplay and not knowing 'what to do' This is a roleplay, if you cant roleplay without a given plot or event, then you need some imagination.

VII) Avoid Drama.

Obviously, drama is what makes up a lot of warrior cat roleplay. But, if everyone is dealing with drama, it is really annoying to the leaders and the rest of the clan. If the clan is having conflict(s) with someone or something else, we could really do without your EX: 'Random Fox Attack.' If you are constantly creating drama, you'll be given a warning to tone it down. If this behavior consists after the warning, you'll be asked to leave to clan.

VIII) Correct Animal Or Character At All Times.

If you're using the wrong type of animal, you'll obviously be confused for a rank that you're really not, and nobody likes that. [ Warriors, Elders, Queens, Leaders: NM WOLVES. Apprentices: Fox, or if non-member, a rabbit. Kits: Rabbit. ]

IX) Complaining About Boredom.

You are here in this clan, it is a privilege and not a right. If you constant complain about boredom, you obviously don't really know what roleplay means. Complaining that you are bored bothers the leaders and everyone around you.

XIV) Jam-A-Gram Inbox Being 'Full'.

If your Jam-A-Gram inbox is full, we cannot contact you. It would be really helpful if you just deleted your 'jags', thank you.

All in all, don't be a dweeb, be classy. ;) Note provided from: Sagestar. <3


The Council

The council is made up by four cats who are willing to serve their clan at the cost of their life. They decide as a group who the Clan will ally with, plan battles, and set both hunting and border patrols. They are the highest rank of the clan, and demand to be respected. Break their laws, and you will have punishments. These cats are commonly the strongest of the clan.

The Medicine Cats

The medicine cats are the cats with ranks who heal using natural resources and herbs. They may partake in some decisions, but they personally have to be invited into such a occasion by a Council Member. They are very respected, remember this cat could be saving your life one day.

Deputy/Co Deputy

Second in command, they are in charge of the Clan when no leaders are on, they accept people into the Clan, and overall take some stress off the leaders.

The Elites

Clever or sharp thinking; scheming, smart warriors who are chosen by the leaders who think they are worthy of the spot, Elite Warriors are to be respected and treated as such.  Being chosen as an elite is a great honor, as you are expected to be the role model to warriors and apprentices alike.

The Warriors

The Warriors make up the main body of the clan. They are respectful and loyal cats, who would risk everything to protect their clan at all costs. They follow every word the leader says, and they show great respect to the cats ranked higher than them.

The Apprentices

The Apprentices are cats of the age six to eight moons. They train to become a warrior in the future, and are mentored by the current Warriors or Medicine Cats that are available. They are very hard-working, and strive to become the best they can.

The Queens

When a female warrior is expecting kits or has recently given birth to a litter of kits, they move to the nursery. When she-cats become queens, they give up their title and duties as a warrior, however, they become a warrior again once their kits have been apprenticed. Some cats, though, prefer to stay in the nursery even after their kits have become apprentices.

The Kits

The kits are the youngest cats of the clan. They consist of cats whom are newborn to six moons old, and are cared for by the Queens. They are to remain in the camp at all times until apprenticed.

The Elders

Retired Warriors who have served their clan well. Must be respected and taken well care off. Apprentices are in charge of seeing to their needs.

The Captives

These cats are here wither taken away from their clan being held as bait, or other cats under other uncertain crimes. This rank also hold those being punished or awaiting a trial.


The Council (4x4) Edit

Name Username Breed Gender Mate
Sagestar Skulltulio African Lion Male Everest
Fatalstar brocat Snow Leopard Male Kia
Hollystar insanewaffle African Lion Female N/A
Autumn Jammer001836 African Lion k Adder

The Medicine Cats (2x3) Edit

Name Username Breed Gender Apprentice
Terrin tigergirls27 Caracal Female Unknown
Fern Caracal14 Panther Female Unknown


The Elites (2x5) Edit

Name Username Breed Gender Mate
Corrupt Thundacookie Panther Male N/A
Everest Versinity Snow Leopard Female Sagestar

The Warriors (6x34)

Name Username Breed Gender Mate
Cama Phenoix24406 African Lion Female Unknown
Feathermist Odbeast1 Snow Leopard Female Uknown
Frost liondog29 Snow Leopard Female Unknown
Thorn Alphq Masai Lion Male Unknown
Amber bogey00 Panther Female Corrupt
Dream i1237 Panther Female Lark

The Apprentices (1x25)

Name Username Breed Gender Mentor
Lunarpaw wolfspirit2323 Snow Leopard Female Corrupt

The Queens (3x4)

Name Username Breed Gender Mate
Everest Versinity Snow Leopard Female Sagestar
Autumn Jammer001836 African Lion Female Alder
Kia ginjer55 Snow Leopard Female Fatalstar

The Kits (4x15)

Name Username Breed Gender Caregiver
Maplekit Articfoxlover55 Tiger Female Clan
Kage Xxbrokenn African Lion/ Snow Leopard Male Everest
Rainkit Bling string Cougar/Lion Mix Female Hollystar

The Elders (0x5)

Name Username Breed Gender Mate

The Captives (0x5)

Name Username Clan Orgin


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  • Hollystar
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  • Everest
  • BurningPaw
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